May 16, 2017

How to live in the world without being of the world?

Thought created illusion and sustains it. It is the nature of thought to work with forms, and they are, by nature, separate. All shapes are unique. All forms, without exception, are created by thought. Thought is the basis of separation because it is the basis of forms. You do not have to fight with the thought; you have to recognize what thought is: the creator of forms. All you need to do is let the thought be what it is. Only then you can remain what You are.

You do not remain what You are, because you are fighting with the thought, stirring with it, getting involved, getting confused with it. Any thought that goes on there, you assume it to be yours, as being you. You get confused with it. Everything that appears only does so because it has form, which is created by thought. The world is mental. That in which the world appears is not thought, but it is the basis of the appearance of thought, which is the basis of forms.

The art of Liberation is the art of Happiness. This art is the ability to remain in the Source, in its True Nature. This is Meditation; this is Happiness; this is Release; this is the Realization of God! Only then the sense of separateness ends. The ego is only a concept within this sense of separateness, as well as suffering and desire.

This is a misunderstanding. It is just a mess. Something that is there because of the lack of a deep, honest, dedicated, serious investigation. You are not willing to do this, because that ends with "you", so you run away to philosophy, to art, to science, to religion, to music ... You keep yourself as someone. You just get better, but you do not disappear. You become a better person and stand out from others. You become wiser, more spiritual, more holy; special. They are sinners and you are a divine being. Then you are in the same trap created by thought. You are someone virtuous, full of virtues... Everything in the ego, of course. Only the ego can be virtuous, but the sense of the "I", the "me", the experiencer, is there.

People come to me, come to Satsang, but they are not willing to pay attention where I am pointing to. I am pointing to Silence, and in Silence there is no one. I do not want to argue with them, but they come and want to understand that. There is nothing to be understood, there is no one to understand! It is just to stop thinking, drawing conclusions, seeking more and more knowledge, more and more information. This means a complete emptying of all this content. It is all so simple, because it has no information, no knowledge, no theories, no beliefs. There is none of this! There is not you! This is Satsang, the encounter with what is making everything possible.

That which IS - where what is present presents itself to disappear next moment - is Meditation, Presence, Consciousness, Being, God. It has nothing to do with shapes. It is not the shape. If the shape could affirm this, it would be an illusion, because this is not the form, this is where the form appears. So, when I come here and say, "I am God," I am talking about something that is what It IS. It is not the form.

When God appears to Moses at the burning bush in Horeb, He says: "Go to Pharaoh and say, 'I Am! I Am has sent me to you’." The bush has the form of fire, but it is a bush catching fire. It is curious, because it catches fire, but it does not consume itself. God says: "Go and tell Pharaoh, 'I Am!'" God is saying to Moses, "I am. There is no Moses. "It is not: "God sent me to you Pharaoh." God did not say that to him. IT said: "I Am sent me to you." God is saying: "There is no Moses, there is only I."

It has no form; it does not have the name. I am! You are here and I Am has sent me to you to get you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. "Land of slavery" is this illusion, the sense of separateness. This is your "Egypt." Your "Egypt" is the sense of separateness. I Am has sent me to you to get you out of there, with outstretched arms and strong hands. This is the meaning of the Guru; this is the meaning of I Am. It has nothing to do with Marcos Gualberto; it has nothing to do with Moses. There is no Moses, there is no Marcos Gualberto.

When my Guru appeared, he did not appear as an Indian, he appeared as God. I have never seen Bhagavan as an Indian. I have never seen my Guru as a person. It is a mistake to get here and think you have a teacher. A teacher is Moses, a shepherd, a person. The Guru is not a person. The Guru is I Am! That is the way it is. You cannot deal with this in this format: the teacher and his students. There is no teacher, there are no students, there is only I Am.

Then, when you return to the Source, you return to that I Am, but this I Am is not the "I am" that the thought imagines. It is the I Am that is beyond thought. If it is beyond thought, it is beyond forms beyond the body. There it is Bliss, there it is Nirvana, the Kingdom of Heaven, Liberation, the end of the "I", the end of the world.

There is so much going on in your story ... The day will come when you will not care. On that day, it will be something like a dream that you know is a dream. So you do not care. In the mind, identified with it, you are attaching much importance to it.

Questioner: How to live in the world without being of the world?

Master Gualberto: Living in the world without being of the world is to assume this: the truth that no matter what is happening. It is only happening because God wants it to happen; it is only happening because the author of this film, the director, the actors, the scenes, the audio operator, the videographer, determines that it is so. Living in this world is only difficult for you because you make a point of it.

Your real life is not in this world. Your unreal life is very difficult, because in your unreal life you make a point of being someone - someone who knows what is going on, who wants to change things, to do differently. You only need one thing to live in the world without being of the world: disidentify yourself from body and mind, from someone's history. You do this the moment that, in there, you accept that everything is the will of God. Then the world becomes God's, and this illusory life disappears. There, real life is present.

The difficulty of living in the world without being of the world is in this illusory life of yours, which is the life in which you are choosing, controlling, deciding, solving, trying to do, accepting some things and rejecting others. Seeking pleasure and trying to get away from the pain, or from what looks like it will not give you pleasure. You do this to find something that gives you pleasure.

Therefore, there is only one way of living in the world without being of the world: letting the world in peace; not meddling with the affairs of God; letting Him doing whatever He wants, without thinking that you can do better than Him, without trying to do better than Him. At that moment, there is a "relax" in His Will. There, your ego, your "me," your "I," that sense of somebody, is no longer important. When you assume this, it disappears. When it disappears, the world disappears. You have let the world in peace. This is Freedom, it is Happiness, it is the Realization of God.

So, the problem is not living in the world, but the illusion that there is "someone" there. The world is not the problem. The world is at peace when it is free from you. It is only a problem for you when you do not leave it alone. And it is just your problem! You were born to realize your Natural State. This does not make you a special being, a spiritual being, a superhuman being. Your Natural State only reveals the unique "Thing" that is real, amid all these phenomena that come and go. Your Natural State reveals that there is only God. Then, the world is a harmless apparition in God.

When you ask questions like this, you really want to get rid of the world. When you ask such things, it is not because you are dissatisfied with the world. In fact, you want to get rid of the pain that your ego experiences in the world. But your ego is the pain in this experience of the world. If you could live in the ego without the suffering of the world... that is what you would like to have.

The question is: where would the world be if you were not there? Would it be that problem? Would it be that suffering? They are saying no here. And why not? Everything that God is, is perfect. In other words, everything He does is good! It is not good because you think it is good. It is good because He does! Everything He does is good, because He only does what He decides to do. So, it is perfect. Therefore, the problem is not the world as it is. The problem is the illusion the mind produces there for this one who you believe to be, trying to have an impossible relationship with the world, a relation of that sense of separation, which is conflict, suffering, misery.

There is no one here, there is only Him, and, in Him, there is no separate world being seen. This separation is the illusion of this "you" here present. You did not choose to be born, and now you create the illusion that you can choose to live this or that way. Here is the conflict. If you did not choose to be born, you have no choice how to live and whether you continue to live or not. The conflict arises only because the idea of ​​"someone" arises there; the idea of ​​a person, an individual, someone present, this thing called personal life, human life, individual life.

It is like water, that an hour is steam, another time is liquid, another time is ice. As if it had a choice... In that choice, it conflicts with what it is, because if it is steam and chooses to be liquid, it is in conflict; if it is in liquid state and chooses to be vapor, it is in conflict; if it is like ice and chooses to be steam, it is in conflict. This idea of ​​being or having something different is conflict.

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