May 19, 2017

Just wake up from that dream

Happiness lies in remaining disidentified from the experience. There is no happiness in the experience when there is an experimenter. Remaining disidentified from the experience is happiness. In the experience, whatever it is, the present experimenter separates from what happens; if it separates from what happens it is a present entity. Then, there are two: he and the thing, he and the event, he, the experimenter, and the experience; in this division, the conflict. When there is conflict there is no happiness, there is no peace.

The basis of all the war conflicts in the world is the idea of "the I and the other": "my country and your country", "my interests and your interests", "I want one thing and you want something else" , "My God is stronger than your God", "my country is more beautiful than yours, it is richer, it is more powerful, it has more guns, it has more bombs and I can destroy you because I am stronger." This division... conflict. Where there is conflict, there is no Love, there is no Peace, there is no Happiness. If you sitting here on this stone do not separate your butt from the stone, there is no conflict. In God there is no division, in God there is no war!

All I want to show you is Life as it is. In It everything happens without division: prosperity, wealth, abundance, as well as poverty, lack, scarcity, everything... without division. Some are poor, some are rich, some are healthy, others are sick, but there is no division. The division lies in the interpretation of thought about what is presented, about this experience, about that experience, about what is here, about what is happening. Abandon the mind, then the conflicts end, because the divisions end.

Is not that simple? Why do you make it so complicated? Why do you want to change everything? Why do you want to alter everything? This is God's plan. God is playing with contrasts, with hunger and with satiety. When I am hungry, I eat. There is no division between eating and hunger. It is a wedding, a game, a divine game... the food is for a hungry stomach. There is no problem in being hungry, the body needs hunger, this is a problem of the body. When thought enters, it complains about hunger, but hunger has its place, everything has its place. Hunger is not misery, lack is not misery, poverty is not misery, scarcity is not misery, lack of something is not misery. It is the thought about it, and about what should not be so, that creates conflict, creates suffering. The mind revolts and says: It could not be so. There could not be that, that is wrong! There should be no hunger, there should be no poverty, there should be no disease, death is a wrong thing. My father is dying..., but you forget that your grandfather has already died too, your great-grandfather has already died too. Everybody dies! Whoever is born, dies! It is the game of life. You have nothing to do with it. 

So do not meddle, do not intrude in it, do not interfere! Let everything there as you have found, just wake up from that dream, from that dream where the food is to the stomach, the death to the living ones. Let it all there, let everything as you have found. Millions have died and you do not miss them, because it is a dream. What is the problem? It is all very funny, very amusing because there is no suffering, there is no interpretation. This is wisdom... to see things as they are!

You are here to find God! But you cannot find God... you are fighting with life. You want to change things. You want to own His things; you want to control God's business. You are also part, your body, your experiences, the events related to that shape, every time you perceive your mind generating conflict, observe... you are separating from what is happening, you are demanding, you are charging, you are imposing your person on that situation, this is ego. Ego is conflict.

I want to show you how it is possible to live without ego, naturally. Paying tuk-tuk, walking, drinking water, eating, smiling, even crying, there is no problem in crying, if the ego is not behind that tearful face. Having a tearful ego is ugly. Crying is a beautiful thing. If the ego is there, even a smile becomes ugly, but if there is no ego and there are tears rolling down the face, it is very beautiful. It is God crying, God is smiling. God loves it!

God is very good-humored. You will never find a bad-humored sage. You will never find yourself as wise if you continue to carry that burden, the weight of conflict, the weight of separation, the belief that you are one and what is happening is something else. All that is happening is a divine game, you are within that context, just one piece, just a little thing, inside a larger context, bigger than this one you believe you to be.

Sometimes I ask myself: what do I have to say to you? Everything is so natural. You force me out of the silence and then complain that I talk too much. You do not know how to be silent and blame me. You blame me because I say. Speaking, you do not pay attention; you do not give attention to that. If you cannot listen to my speech, how will you listen to my silence? It is not lack of maturity to speak; lack of maturity is to listen when there is no hear; immaturity lies in not listen to the silence.

What is today's lesson? Do not think! Do not draw conclusions... about nothing, absolutely nothing!

*Excerpt from a speech during the retreat in India in the city of Tiruvannamalai on September 2016

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