May 31, 2017

The difference between being smart and being wise

The Sage does not have the intelligence of an intelligent. The intelligence of the intelligent is ignorance, absolute ignorance! The Sage is not intelligent because he has the intelligence of the intelligent; the Wise is the Intelligence! Curiously, he is nothing, much less intelligent. If the Sage was intelligent, he would not be wise, because to be intelligent is not wise. To be smart is to be an expert, to know something, and that limits the intelligent in time. The Wise is the Intelligence, he is not limited to time. He cannot be so stupid to be intelligent, as the intelligent does, who does not want to give up being stupid to be someone... someone in time.

Wisdom is Intelligence. Knowledge is intelligent, but knowledge is in time. As it is in time, it is something that can always grow more and more, and therefore, it is something always limited. Wisdom is not limited because it is not in time. It is not personal, it is not individual, it is not private, it is not someone’s; it is the Intelligence! The Sage is not someone, he is not a person. The Sage is the Impersonal Intelligence, which is Wisdom; which is not in time; which cannot be increased or decreased; which cannot be known or deepened, as knowledge.

Did you understand the difference, now, between being intelligent and being Wise? The Sage is out of time, because he has no mind. The intelligent, in the mind, is in time. His knowledge can always expand, improve, because it is limited. Knowledge is always limited, because you can always know more, go deeper. This is the proof of the limitation of knowledge, which is only possible for the person... for the intelligent person. Therefore, the Sage can be unlettered, uncultured. The clever one, does not! The intelligent is very limited by knowledge - he needs knowledge to be intelligent. The Sage does not need knowledge. He is the Consciousness, he needs nothing, absolutely nothing! That is why he is ready, he is complete, he is not limited, he has nothing to acquire, nothing to lose... This is Wisdom!

When you go to a Sage, you are going to the Truth in the form. When you go to the cultured, intelligent man, you are encountering the limitation. The smart one has someone to compete with. The Wise, does not. The intelligent has someone to learn with. As a matter of fact, he is only intelligent, because he is learning. If he were simpler, he would be a Sage, but he is very complex. He transforms his complexity into knowledge. The Sage is in the opposite direction. While the intelligent is going, the Wise has already come back! The Sage has already returned and the smart one is going... he does not stop going! If he stops going, he stops being intelligent.

Intelligence is always at risk, it is always threatened by ignorance, because it is limited. It always has to be added, deepened, investigated. So, it is an endless walk in this limitation. This "no end of" is the limitation, and when there is no limitation there is no beginning. How can there be an end to what has no beginning? It is Wisdom!
Is not it?

Truth manifests the Wise! Knowledge manifests fear... the fear of not being; and to be, you have to seek more and more knowledge. So, while Truth manifests the Wise, knowledge manifests fear.

This is simple, is not it?

The desire to know is fear, pure fear... fear of not being. Not being is not ignorance; seeking to be is ignorance, because seeking to be is fear! Not being is: I do not know! There is no fear in the "I do not know," which is the Wise's statement. "But I want to know..." Here comes the fear, which is the affirmation of the intelligent. This smart is a fool, which is complex. If he were simple, he would not say, "I want to know." He would be relaxed on "I do not know". It has no weight on "I do not know". However, "I want to know"... See how heavy it is!? This is fear! Stuff of the foolish, stuff of the smart. So the intelligent is not the Intelligence; the intelligent is only intelligent. He is foolish enough to be smart. As the Sage relaxes on "not knowing", he is Intelligence!

What is the purpose of Awakening? The end of the intelligent; the end of knowledge; the end of "I want to know", because it is the end of fear! What is the question about this? Do you want to know? It is a pity! It seems you did not pay attention to the speech.

Arrogance is not to be Intelligence; arrogance is to consider yourself smart. When you compare yourself, you are arrogant; and you only compare yourself when you know. This is only possible when we consider being intelligent. When there is Intelligence, there is no comparison. When there is no comparison, the intelligent does not appear. When there is no comparison, there is only the intelligence, which is only Being, and this is not arrogance, this is natural. Being is natural, Intelligence is natural.

Intelligence is the nature of Being, which is the nature of Love. Arrogance is violent. Arrogance is presumption, it is vanity. Love is not vanity, it is not conceit, it is not arrogance. Love is the joy of freedom of Being... and this is Intelligence! There is Happiness only in the Intelligence. This is your Real and True Nature, different from the intelligence of the intelligent, which can be learned, accumulated, deepened, presented. Intelligence is natural, it is the nature of God, it is the nature of Truth, of Wisdom, of Love, of Happiness, of timelessness, of That which is neither born nor dies. It is so, and so it remains! Immutable! Immutable!

* Transcribed from a speech on September 2016, at the Retreat in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India

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