May 10, 2017

The key to Divine Realization

No matter how we approach this speech, the goal is always the same: to verify this Reality. The real meaning of this pronoun we all always use, the pronoun "I", what is the real meaning of it? This is the first pronoun we learn as a child, but despite being the first we learn, we do not actually learn what the real meaning of it is. What is the meaning of this pronoun "I"? When you refer to yourself, you say "I" or "me," "myself," or "this is for me." But what is the meaning of this pronoun? What is the meaning of this "I"? What is the meaning of this "me"?

No matter how we approach this subject in these meetings. The main subject here is this "I", that "me". As a child, we begin to use this "I", this "me"; after that first pronoun, the others appear. We spend our whole lives using it, without understanding the real meaning of this "me", of this "I". You never, or almost never, have a real interest in understanding the meaning of this "I", of this "me". When, for example, a thought happens there, you hardly ask yourself: who is this thought for? To whom is it happening? When a feeling happens there, you hardly ask yourself: what does this feeling in "me", in this "I" represent? What is this feeling for "me"? What is this feeling for "myself"? What is the meaning of this?

We care about our thoughts or our feelings, we identify with them, but we never ask ourselves what that "me" is, what is this "I"? Whom do these thoughts or feelings occur to? And here is the key to this liberation, to this realization of God, to this Divine Realization. Realize "this thing" clearly! So when the feeling appears, you do not question yourself; when thought appears, you do not question yourself, you do not ask yourself that question. I want to recommend you to work this. Ramana Maharshi's job was this. That is his legacy, that is what He left.

When thoughts come to you, simply ask yourself: "who are these thoughts to? Who is it who these thoughts are being directed to or are happening to? "Either you do this, or you ask the question in another way, with the same result:" Where do these thoughts come from? What is the origin? Where are these thoughts coming from, these feelings?" Then, you have the opportunity to follow a trail, a clue. It's like a clue a detective follows: one track leads to another, that leads to another ... and he's going to have signs to find the source of the crime, the basis of that crime, where he ends up getting to the criminal.

He starts connecting the pieces, the clues. You will also follow a clue. The clue is: "Whom does this occur to? To me! This thought / feeling occurs to me. And what is this "me" to whom these thoughts / feelings are happening? "Then you return to the Source, you find the origin of the thoughts, the origin of the feelings! The origin can only be Here, in this thing that we denominate, we put a pronoun to define ... "this thing called I".

Your interest is no longer in thought. None of them matter, they all have the same quality ... good thoughts, bad thoughts, seemingly true or false, they are just thoughts. Your interest is now in the "place" where it happens, it is in the Source! So, if you look from the Source, thought loses importance, feeling loses importance. This is the beginning of the investigation. Here, simultaneously, you get all the clues, all the signals. Where crime happens and who is the criminal, who is to blame. Then you find the Source! You followed all this line: Who am I? What is this Source? Where does it come from? The sadness is here. No matter what can be said about sadness, but "whom is sadness happening to”?

"Where is the sadness happening?” Not the history of sadness, the history of sadness is a very large volume of thoughts. You have a feeling ... You value the story of a feeling, be it a nice, good, happy feeling, or a bad, unpleasant, unhappy feeling. There is a huge amount of thoughts to give a story to the feeling, and I am telling you: abandon the story, do not care about the story, because when you care about the story, you move away from the Source!

The Source is only one, the feelings are diverse, they are good, bad, positive, negative, sad, joyful ... The Source is only one, but the feelings are different. The Source is only one, but the thoughts about those feelings are different, or the thoughts about anything are all different. But the Source is only one then, you return to the Source.

Every thought, every feeling, every emotion, every sensation is "linked", it has a link to the Source, but it is not the Source! Appears on the Source! You are here interested in discover or return to the Source. Discovering this is something amazing, extraordinary, wonderful! Then, when you return to the Source you discover that this "I" does not exist! When you find the crime scene and find the criminal, you find out that both disappear! Both the place of the crime and the criminal.

Both the crime story, that are thoughts, and the crime scene that is the idea of ​​an entity present here and the criminal that is this sense of the "I", the "me". Everything disappears, everything dissolves in this realization. Then everything ends! Thoughts end, the prison to the feeling ends, because the prisoner is finished. Then the story of feeling ends, the prison of feeling ends, and that "I" ends. Then you find out you do not exist.

You have never existed! There has never been anyone there! It was just the feeling, it was just the thought, it was just the sensation. This had a valorization in the illusion of a present entity. That is no longer important. When that is no longer important, thought loses importance, feeling loses importance, emotion or sensation ... You realize your Real Nature, which is absolute Freedom! I do not know if you have ever heard something so clear, so direct! The illusion of the sense of "someone" is the illusion of a space where that person moves, where its story happens, where that someone has a name...

This someone is the "I", it is “me”. And all this is a tremendous illusion, a great illusion! That is all your trouble, all your suffering. I have made here a synthesis of all human misery in these few words. All that I have just put for you is maya, the illusion, the illusion grid. You confuse yourself with the feeling, you believe you are an entity that is in that feeling. You believe you are in love, for example. You believe you are hating, but in fact, if you observe that feeling, you will find that it has a story, it has a place going on, and there is "someone in it," that it is this "me", that is this “I”.

So, these three things appear together: the story, the place, and the supposed entity present in that experience. These three things set the illusion of an entity present in that experience, that experience of loving or hating, or liking or not liking - which is actually the same, because when one speaks of loving from the "I",  from an experimenter, this is also one more egoic experience! Love is not personal. Love is Consciousness. Love is the Presence. Love is the Truth of Being! And this is not from a person to a person or from a person to an object. That does not have a story.

I know this is discouraging because you love certain things and you do not love other ones. You love certain people and you do not love other ones. That is, your love is linked to thoughts, which are images, images of pleasure. If these same people mistreat you, soon you will find that this love will change, that this love will have a change, it may even end. The people you love are a projection of this illusion, this "person" you believe to be, on the desire to fulfill yourself in pleasure, in that relationship with yet another animated object, called "person." Because you also have a love for inanimate things, but they do not give you so much pleasure.

You also love your home, love your living room, love your sofa, but you love your dog a little more, your girlfriend a little more. Because these animated objects give you a little more pleasure. But any animated object that gives you a little more pleasure, if it starts to hurt you, you will find that it is not love what you feel for them; it is just pleasure, satisfaction, fulfillment. When your pleasure object - which you call "someone you love" - ​​departs (either because you have betrayed it, or because it has fled from you, or because it died), that feeling of love disappears and pain takes over... the pain of the lack, of loss, of wanting, of lack of the other. This is desire, this is pleasure, this is not love! I know it must be awful to hear that. That you do not love who you believe you do, or that "loving someone" can only be something in the ego. Love is not a verb. There can be no "somebody" in Love.

Love has no “somebody”. Not here, not even there. Neither this side nor on the other side. You are very serious! You seem worried or disappointed to me ... anyway what's going on? Maybe in your case it is different ... (laughs) If you want to discover the Reality of Love, you need to discover the Nature of Being, the Nature of Consciousness; You need to return to the Source, you must go beyond the experiencer, who is the illusion of this person present in the experience of love, or any feeling, or any sensation or any emotion. Only Consciousness, the Presence, your Real Nature knows what Love is! And this Love is in the absence of the sense of this illusory "I", of this "I" seeking something, or trying to get rid of something, or trying to substitute something for something else, or someone for someone else. It is necessary to discover what you are! Your True Nature! Your question is: So, is love emptiness, nothingness?

No! Love is the totality of Consciousness! And Consciousness in its totality includes everything! It is not to say that "conscience loves everything”, it is to say that Consciousness is this Reality present in everything, and this is Love! When Consciousness expresses itself with this Wholeness, this is Beauty! In Realization, which is this realization of your True nature which is Consciousness, everything is Love, everything is Joy, everything is Ananda. The word Ananda is an Indian word for Happiness. When this totality of the present Consciousness expresses itself, it expresses itself as Love, as Happiness, as pure Joy! So what we can call Totality is the absence of separation, the absence of distinctions. In this sense, here are all appearances, both sound and silence; both the whole and the emptiness! That moment, for example, now, here is your Real Nature, you are Consciousness, you are Love, you are the Whole!

You are the Void, you are Everything and you are Nothing!

*Transcribed from an online meeting at the night of October 24th, 2016 - Meetings Online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. via Paltalk Senses - Participate.

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