June 13, 2017

Dive in your own Being

In Satsang, you have an encounter with Reality, with Truth, with God. In this encounter, only one can prevail, remain and be Real. Therefore, this encounter is something definitive. How important is for you to be here? What is the importance of standing before this Grace, this Presence, the Guru? We can talk a little bit about this in this meeting.

After all, what does being in Satsang mean? In the mind, there is a tremendous confusion about this. There are those who put the figure of the Guru, the Master very far away, as an object, something separate, as a figure of authority. We need a real approach to this. We need to find out what means being in Satsang, which is nothing other than standing before this Presence, this Grace, which is the Presence and the Grace of the Guru!

What is the Guru?

The mind, in its confusion, places the Guru as a figure of authority, as a separate element, one more separate "person". We have been talking about it a few times. The Satguru, the Real Guru is not a “guru”. In India, the word “guru” defines that one who teaches, presents, shows something. It is a term used for teachers as well. So, the Satguru, or the Real Guru, who is this Presence, this Consciousness, is not a "guru”, not a teacher. He is who I AM. He is this "I Am" that I am, the same as My Being. This is the sense of the Presence of the Guru. When you go to the Guru and stand before His Grace, His Presence, you stand before Yourself - before this Consciousness, before the Truth, before the Reality, before God, before Who You Are. This is the Real meaning of a Satguru, a Master.

Does everyone follow this?

In that sense, there is no separation between you and this Reality, between you and this Consciousness, between you and this Presence. There is no separation between you and God, because the Guru is God. We are speaking of Him, the one who expresses this Consciousness as his True Nature; not theoretically, not verbally, not as a belief or as a teacher does. Then, before the Guru, you stand before God, before this Presence, and you can not substitute this for anything else. The Real Guru will not teach you. He will awaken you! He will not show you anything. He will reveal to you your own Self. The Guru is the same as "I Am". This is the sense of the Presence of the Guru.

When you honor Him, you bow before Him, touch his feet, bring presents and flowers, it is a tribute that you pay to Yourself, your own Being. There is only One – The Self - and we are this Self. You are the Self! You are the Guru! You are the Master! You are the Presence! You are the Consciousness! So, honoring the Guru is honoring Yourself.

There is no other than You, who are Consciousness, Presence, Reality, God! So, there is no separation (this illusion) between the disciple and the Guru. There is only the Guru. Confusion arises when the mind appears, creating separation, division and this illusory figure of authority, as if the Guru were one and you another. As if you were the disciple and the Guru the teacher. The Real Guru is not a teacher. The Real Guru is this Consciousness, this inner Presence that takes the external form in the figure of the Guru, but this figure is not separate from that Consciousness, because there is no separation in the Consciousness. In your experience of the world - in the mind - there is a multiplicity, a variety of things, places and people, but in this Presence, in this Consciousness, which is the Heart, there is no separation.

Darshan is this vision of Consciousness. It is Consciousness contemplating Itself, seeing Itself, without any separation. Therefore, it is not the Guru being worshiped or earning homage, because He is not an external element. You do not bow to an external element. God, as Consciousness, as Truth is your own Being – It is You being You; It is You as You.

The Self, God, the Guru is this "I Am" that You Are. I am not referring to the sense of separation, to the sense of "I", of "me", of ego. It is the ego that creates this separation between you and God, between you and this Consciousness, between you and this Reality. When you are in Satsang, this Reality, this Consciousness, this Presence is talking about Itself. It is to This that you, as Consciousness, as Truth render worship and homage to, before the One you bow and touch the feet. Is it clear?

We must completely leave this illusion of separation between the Guru and the disciple. This is an invention of thought. There is only this Presence, Consciousness, Truth, this Reality that is You! You are the Guru! I do not speak about your “I”, your ego and this sense of an “I” present in this experience of the body, the world and the mind. Therefore, surrendering to the Guru means surrendering this sense of separation; it is just that. God, the Guru and the Self IS! Therefore, I recommend you bow before your Being! Love and revere your Self! Surrender to your Self!

Until nowadays, your surrender has been being to this illusion of separateness, which is your own ego, this sense of an "I", this “me”. When you come to Satsang, you receive a new invitation: to surrender to the Guru, to the Consciousness, to your Being! Surrender to That, this Absolute Reality, which we are speaking at this meeting. Thus, there will be no conflict. It is when the blossoming of Awakening appears, manifests - That which is already present is revealed!

Therefore, our invitation in Satsang is: give up your personal life! Abandon the sense of "person", which is the sense of the control of this present identity and the illusion of separation. This is the surrender to the Guru, to the Consciousness, to the Presence... This is the surrender to your own Being, to your own True Nature, which is this Silence, this Freedom! This is the real meaning of Satsang: the encounter with this Presence! You do not think about it, because if you do it, you move away from Reality. Thinking means having ideas, taking conclusions, pondering about This; agreeing or disagreeing. Here, you jump to out of mind, out of the sense of an “I”, and; then, this Consciousness, which is the Guru, reveals itself... It reveals itself as this Presence, as the absence of separateness! This is the end of suffering, of fear and illusion. It is the end of this "me", this "I", that ego, that "person".

When I speak about your Being, I am not referring to your ego. There is something there about you that you are not yet aware of, because you are deeply identified with the mind, with thoughts, with beliefs, with concepts and ideas, with body-mind-world experience. You are so identified with this, and that is the whole problem! Therefore, realize what You ARE! Fell Love for Yourself! Stand up, wake up, become free! Take on that Freedom! Go beyond that "me”! This means touching the feet of the Guru, surrendering to the Guru! This is Real Devotion, it is Real Adoration, it is Real Surrender!

Do you follow this?

This is not for rational and intelligent people. This is for Devotees! Rational and intelligent people do not enter this room, or they do not stay here listening to me for more than three minutes. There is nothing intelligent about this talk, because it is coming from non-separateness, non-duality, and it is addressing this non-separation, this non-duality. It is not arising from the mind to the mind, but it is in that Consciousness to that Consciousness. This is something very objective, direct, real, true, but not intelligent (in the sense that mind knows). So, you can not get anything out of it. This will not add anything to you! This means this "death", which is the death of the "person"; the death of the illusion of this present entity, with all its ability, capability, perspicacity, that is, with everything that ego is very proud of.

We are speaking about surrender, about abandoning ourselves to the feet of this Grace, about this Presence; about giving up control, about being aware that there is no "one" there able to control anything. Therefore, although it is not intelligent, it is wise! The Truth is Wise, is the Wisdom! So, listen by your Heart and not by your head! Throw out your head! Do not try to analyze it. Do not think about it, because it would be like taking concepts in order to have new concepts, which the mind does very well with an "intelligent" ego, but it does not work for anthing here in this space called Satsang. Just allow yourself, and the Awakening of Wisdom happens in a direct and real way. This is Real Intelligence, but it is not for a smart one. God does not deal with intelligent people.

Somewhere in the Bible it is said that the intelligence of this world is foolishness to God and the Wisdom of God is foolishness to this world. That is what we are talking about. So be open, receptive, sensitive. It is necessary to start over, but not to start learning again. This new beginning means unlearning everything you have learned until this day! Thus, the blossoming of this Natural Intelligence happens without effort. This is the Awakening of the Guru, of that Guru who is You in your Real Nature; The Awakening of the Sage, who is You in your Real Nature, because that is what the Sage does: He reveals the Sage! The Guru reveals the Guru! The Master reveals the Master!

Therefore, forget this illusion completely: the illusion of separation between Guru and disciple, between the one who knows and the one who does not know. So, this is Meditation, Presence, Consciousness, and that is Being, is the Real Guru! So, be your own Self! Dive into your own Self! Realize, find out your own Self! In Reality, there is no ego, no "I" or "me"; no body, no mind, no world.

This is a very straightforward talk to you here. So, come to Satsang! Surrender your head to Satsang! Get rid of it! This is the meaning of the apparition of the Guru in your life. You can not run away from Him. You can not escape from Yourself.

* Transcribed from a talk of an online meeting on October 5, 2016 via Paltalk. Download the App and join us. Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm.

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