June 28, 2017

In this place, Love is recognized.

What the mind conceives, theorizes, idealizes, imagines is still part of it. The old idea of someone present, living something, earning something, having something to show... This is not real. In fact, when you are deeply happy, no one is interested in you. Do you want to be the center of attention? Be unhappy! Being happy, you are not the center of attention. You make no fuss, no impression. Now, when you are unhappy, you become quite interesting to people.

Participant: Is that why the ego appreciate [being unhappy]?

Master: Yes. The ego sniffs out suffering. It has no nose for Joy, for Freedom, for Love, for Peace... That is why it is fascinating, so beautiful to stand before a Self Realized Master, because He does not have that perfume so attractive, since Happiness does not smell. The misery does. The ego's sensitivity is for sniffing out misery. It is like giving a piece of clothing for a dog to sniff. The dog searches whose that piece is, because it has a very accurate sniff.

The ego is a kind of dog that sniffs accurately everything that can feed itself. Just as the dog sniffs the clothes and finds his owner, the ego sniffs out what can fill itself, fulfill itself, feed itself at the most. So, ego smells from far away the smell of conflict, tension, stress, anxiety, nervousness, desire, fear. Freedom, Love and Truth do not smell.

In Self-realization, you do not look attractive. As Being, you are fascinating, but for the egoic mind, you are completely uninteresting.

Your fascination with being in Satsang, your joy of being in Satsang, your relaxation in Satsang is not a thing that is happening in the egoic mind, it is something that is happening to You. It is not happening to this "person" who, for a long time, you believed to be, to this "person" who is in the imagination of other people. Because they see themselves as people, they see you as a person, and as a person, you are very interesting to them. As Consciousness, you do not arouse their interest. You cause strangeness, no interest.

When people write to me or are with me in person, the first thing they present is this deep interest in sustaining the old smell - the smell of conflict, the smell of suffering. Before a living Master, you stand before this Unknown, and He is the only one who deals with you. Everyone around you deals with the idea they make of you, based on the idea of themselves. They do not deal with you.

Love is the only one that is interested in only one thing; Love only has one interest. The interest of Love is Love. So, the Unknown, the Presence, the Consciousness, the Guru only has one interest: You, because You are Love; The Love that He is. It is Love interested in Itself. Everyone around you can not see you, because there is no Love. There is no Love without Truth, and there is no Truth in the mind. If there is no Truth, there can be no Love. A living Master is the Truth. Then, Love is present, and Love recognizes Itself. He is the only one who deals with you as you, in fact, Are. Why do you feel so relaxed in his Presence? So carefree? So fulfilled? Because you know He is not ignoring you! And here, it is not an appreciation or a view centered on a personality. The ego also has an interest in the ego, but its interest is to provide food for itself, which I have now called to sniff out, to smell suffering, pain.

To stand before this Presence is to stand before Yourself; The only Space where You are seen. Your Being, your Real Nature comes back home before the Truth, the Love that is the Guru, which is Consciousness, which is You. Why do you love staying in Satsang? Because there is no other place outside of Satsang. Another place outside of Satsang is a place that the mind has imagined for a supposed entity, and this supposed entity is the idea of being someone, the illusion you make of yourself. There, in this "other place", it is always uncomfortable. The "smell" there does not make you relax. It is a smell of tension, nervousness, stress, conflict, fear, suffering.

This Space is the only "place" in which the mind cannot be. It does not enter this "place" because it cannot imagine it. In this "place", Love recognizes Itself. Then, Guru and disciple, Master and disciple, in this Space, in this "place", disappear, just as the knowledge, the experimenter, the thinker, the resistance, the sense of separation disappears. No one can see you. They have no eyes for it; The mind, no!

It is like you on the midst of crowd, where everyone is wearing a blue shirt, and someone screams, "That guy is out there!" Then you say, "Who? Which one?" They say, "The one with blue shirt!" Then you look and say, "Be specific!" And they say, "Exactly the one with the blue shirt! Are you seeing?"

No, because you are just one more with blue shirt. That is why there is no understanding. Understanding is only possible when there is Freedom. Freedom is only possible when there is Consciousness. Consciousness is only possible when there is Intelligence; And this Intelligence is present when that Space called Truth is present.

You are no longer with a blue shirt among the crowd when God finds you. Only God can see God! Only Truth recognizes Itself in the Truth! And people come to me and talk about Enlightenment, as if people could recognize This. "Person" is the obstacle! "Person" is the crowd with blue shirt, in a space that is not a real place, in an imaginary space, where the smell is not pleasant.

Do you think your father understands you? Do you expect him to understand you? What about your boyfriend, your husband, your children, your circle of relationships? There is only Understanding when there is no "person", because Understanding is Intelligence. It is not anyone’s understanding, it is just Understanding. It is like Intelligence: there is no one in it; It is like Truth: there is no one in it; It is like Love: there is no one in it; It is not personal. Notice that Love is not a verb, not an action, it has no subject in it. Is Freedom a verb? There is no subject in Freedom; It is not a verb. You can not conjugate Freedom, whether in that first person, in that second or in the third. Truth is not a verb either. God is not a verb. You can not conjugate God. You will not find the first or second person to conjugate God.

Understanding is present when there is no the subject. So, it is not "my understanding" which says, "I understand you". It is not like this. This is the beauty of Enlightenment! This is beauty, which is not a verb either. I am enlightened, you, enlightened, He, enlightened ... It is not like this.

People want an impossible thing! They want to be enlightened, they want to understand... I mean Understanding; I do not mean “you understanding”. I am talking about Intelligence, not about one within this. I speak of Love, of Truth, of Enlightenment. I do not speak of anyone in This. I speak of "the place”, I do not speak of anyone there. The Place is also not a verb. So, when you come to enlighten, you are projecting an imagination, a belief... one more belief. It is like finding God; You can not! It's like finding Truth, Understanding, Freedom, Love; You can not!

My interest is in you, not the character with the blue shirt. The beauty in this Natural State is that you have eyes. You are not interested in an imaginary place, where you have crowd of blue shirts, where you smell very strong. I have just spoken about that smell; I have already clarified what this "blue shirt" is; I have already put it to you clearly that there is no such place, it is only imaginary. I am not interested in that; not here! Now, there can only be THIS, here.

Notice that it is when you go toward the imaginary world of thought that you meet the imagination of people, all with a name. But, you do not know who you are dealing with, because they are all basically the same: they carry the same fears, the same conflicts, the same dilemmas, dramas, problems, yearnings, fears, desires, fears ... So, who are You in the midst of this crowd, if you are not found by the look of God? Do you understand it? If you are not found by the look of God, you are one among the crowd, in this illusion of being such-and-such's son, grandson of such-and-such, such-and-such's father, such-and-such's husband...

* Transcribed from a talk in the meeting of the city of João Pessoa, Brazil, on November, 2016.

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