June 5, 2017

Meditation is Being

I am not what you are not! Therefore, I am not the Guru and you are not the disciple. I know it is not comfortable ... There is something in you that does not want the Happiness you seek. I will repeat this: you are seeking Peace, but there is something in you that does not want Peace; You are seeking Freedom, but there is something in you that does not want Freedom; You are seeking Happiness, but there is something in you that does not want Happiness; You are seeking Real Love, but there is something in you that does not want Real Love.

You want substitute and transient things such as this “happiness”, or this egoic fulfillment present in the satisfaction of doing something or seeing things happen, because "you" are there being "someone" in that doing. This is so and there is no way out of this labyrinth, because it is an illusion. This "someone" within this labyrinth is also an illusion.

Do not try to find a solution for what has no solution. Relax and allow yourself to assume the Truth that you are not the body, are not the mind, are not the agent, are not “someone”, because while this illusion is still there, in some moments you will be fulfilled by something, in other moments, will not.

Thus, you will always live in this duality between pleasure and pain, between joy and sadness. The personal interest will always be present in this fulfillment of being someone for some others and "making a difference" in their lives... It is always the idea of ​​someone present, and this is not Love, it is not Freedom, it is not Happiness, it is not Truth, it is not Real Joy.

Realizing what you are is not to lose your life. It is to assume Life with all that represents, with all the completeness that Love and Wisdom represent.

I am inviting you to Meditation, which is the absence of the "sense of me" in any given experience, whatever it is, being the most sublime or the most insignificant. I am inviting you to Meditation, which is the absence of the mind in this chaotic and unsatisfactory movement of time, in this movement of knowledge and experience. So, Meditation is Being! It is not a practice where you have moments of the Self, but soon the mind returns, and, with it, culture and knowledge; The "person" with his or her story comes back, and; then, the conflict appears, because THAT cannot be obtained, accomplished or conquered by a practice. But the mind wants to conquer enlightenment, wants to obtain it in order to become its acquisition.

People  come to me and want THAT, but they want It in their time, because they do not want to give themselves time to go beyond time. They do not want to provide themselves - patiently, consciously, lovingly - time to go beyond time. This is not something to be solved in a workshop, in a 48-hour lesson plan; THAT is for your life! You have to put your life in this! You were born to realize THAT; You have this "your" life to realize THAT! We have something paradoxical here, because THAT is not going to be realized in this life. It is now that, in your Real Nature, THAT will be realized, learned or understood, because IT is not in time. It is the body that is in time, that imposes limits, that has a certain period to expire... The body is marked like a sand hourglass, and there will be the time when "the last grain of sand will fall" and it will stop. That is determined! Your body has a time, but your Life has not.

There is no this matter of Guru and disciple. We just sit together as only One, investigating a Thing that is common to both. THAT is not, in fact, strange to you, because it is your Real Nature. THAT does not make you "somebody" right or the only one right. There is no anyone! There is no certainty of anything! There is only one certainty, and this certainty is not what I am, it is what You ARE!

The only certainty you have is that You Are when nothing else is. For example: now, where is your home? I say "home" and then you remember of it. Where is your son? I say "son", so you remember of him. Where is your story? I say "history," so you remember of it. When I say, you remember it and the mind searches for the story. They are images, memories, thoughts, imaginations. However, the only real certainty is that You ARE, when there is no more world. Everything is only in your head, playing as if it were "reality." 

Listen to this clearly: your Self is the only Reality; It has no history! History is on the surface, not in Depth, in the Center, in Reality, in the Core... In the Heart, You Are What I Am. Concerns, afflictions, desires, fears and conflicts are on this border, on the surface.

In this contact with you, what I always say to one, I say to everyone, because I do not deal with people, but, yes, with the egoic mind. Curiously, paradoxically, I have nothing to do with the egoic mind ... I deal with you. So, what I say is valid for everyone here! You have this life to realize THAT, and that means that your surrender is not negotiable. I will not negotiate with you! You are here to realize what You are and to do this you have maybe 40, 50, 60 years more, or two months more, or two weeks, or two hours, or twenty minutes more to stop fighting with yourself and to assume the Truth of your Real Nature, in order to dump all this junk. I call as garbage all this structure of beliefs, opinions, conclusions, theories.

What society gave you is trash. Look at the "wonderful person" you have become with all that society has given you, is not it? Is not it true? There is no conflict, there is no suffering, there is no... So, are you relaxed, resting? Do not  you have to live trying to do, to accomplish and to obtain? Society gave it to him. Look at for everything it has given to you… See how this is precious!

Society has taught you to "love," to be "happy", hasn’t it? It has taught you everything, hasn’t it? Look at how you are happy, aren’t you?

When you are young, they ask you what you would like to be when you grow up. Then, someone says to you, "Study for you to become a person!" Look at you ... Now you are a “person!” Everyone said that you would be happy after college, and now look at you... with postgraduate degree... How happy you are! Look how everything that culture has given you has made you "relax" into your "inner happiness." Look at this! Isn’t it? So, what did society give you? So, my invitation is for you to let it go, to go back inside and to see your Divine Nature. This is the end of the illusion. The collapse of illusion!

* Part of a talk transcribed from a meeting in the city of Fortaleza on October, 2016.

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