June 21, 2017

When you are free from friends and foes, everything is Love.

Being is something you do not learn; you wake up to This! Staying alone is fundamental! Being alone is not to stay isolated, but it is not to get lost in the experience, in the contact with the outside world. This contact is inevitable, but getting lost in it is preventable. Why am I, in this meeting, inviting you to be alone, what can it seem extreme? Do not talk, do not think... In fact, when I say "do not talk" and "do not think", I am saying, "Do not express your contact - that personal, individual contact of the ‘person’ that you believe to be - with the other, with the world outside”. Do not express words or express thoughts. If you do this, your attention is turned inward. You have no way to lose yourself when you look at the whole internal movement (what happens inside there), without identifying with it. There is no way for you to get lost.

You only lose yourself when you jump out to the outer world, going back, once again, to the same scheme, model, pattern, of that separate identity. When you do this, you begin to make the considerations of "one person" to "people." This is like a tree that has not yet grown. We put a railing around a tree that we want to protect from little animals that want to eat it, or in a place where there is a lot of wind, to protect it from a very strong wind, that could pull it out by the root. You give all the protection for that little plant to grow, protecting it from the wind, from too much cold, from the other animals... You give this little plant, this tree, the condition for it to grow.

When you observe the inner movement, what goes on inside; when you observe the thoughts, the inner responses to something; when you observe your inner reactions, this desire to talk to the other, to exchange ideas, to exchange experiences, to demand or to charge; when you just observe, the attention in this observation begins to reveal all this pattern and all this begins to come out, it begins to appear! You do not analyze it, just observe! You do not compare it; you do not say it is right or wrong, that it should not be like this, that it should be otherwise... You do not do it! You just observe that energy that was once in the expression and that is now in the observation. It was in the feeling before, now it is in the observation.

Thought comes and it is observed; the feeling comes and it is observed (bad mood, good humor, malaise, well-being, a little sadness, melancholy, resistance, a kind of revolt...). There is anger because "the cup is out of place"; "He did not wash his plate"; "She left that pile of dishes on the sink"; "She is 'my wife' ('my' - some right that 'I' have)”... So, this resistance is observed. You see all this inner movement arising, all this revolt, this contrariness, and look at it. This wants to get your body, your nervous system and you just observe. When you observe, this cannot express itself, it does not have the energy to express itself, because your energy of attention is all turned to that movement, which is the movement of "me", with "its" rights, "its" reasons, "its" feelings, "its" sensations and conclusions; with "its" story!

Do you follow this?

This is what we are going to do these days here: do not express! You go there and do it, if you can. If you cannot do it, there is only the desire that cannot be fulfilled, and you let go. For example, they left the light on. You get up, go there and turn it off; you do not remain internally in this story of charging. You do not identify yourself with the story of someone to blame. Do you understand what I mean? Can you follow that? "Who was that wretch who let the light on?"; "What a boring girl! She likes to leave the light on." Then, you stay in these stories: "I do not like her"; "She will see!" "What am I going to do tomorrow?"; "I am going to take revenge, I will find my way"... It is just the way it happens: story! This is a huge waste of energy, of this energy of Consciousness, of Presence, of attention!

I do not known this for a long time, because I do not take nonsense from anyone. I do not keep stories. You keep stories: "You will pay me"; "you will pay for it."... So, you live full of enemies and also full of friends, because you owe favors to those who do something good for you. I do not. You do me some good and, for me, you "die" the moment you just did it. I owe you nothing! There is no need to carry friends or enemies there inside. Is not it beautiful? Do you understand what I mean?

When you are free from friends and enemies, everything is Love. Your eyes scintillate that brightness, because there is no future and you did not promise revenge for yourself - the revenge of "someone." There is no past either, because no one has done anything to you, so that, now you do not owe anything to anyone. I am saying that you do not learn how To Be! You do not learn the art of Being! You work That, now, at this moment. You work this "thing" of living without image - the image of others as a good person or a bad person.

Do you understand? I am alone, always alone. No one can frustrate me, abandon me, become my enemy because it used to be my friend. Why? Because I am alone. I am not talking about myself. I am talking about you! Work this now, here; let everything in the place, do not mess with "people"! Do not mess with this "being a person", because doing so you mess with "people", and then you are in the illusion, in the prison of time.

This little tree cannot grow, if protection and care have not been given to it. This Presence, that is You, has to be welcomed in this Consciousness and in this Freedom of not getting identified, of not getting lost and of not mistaking yourself for things, places and people. So, You remain in your uniqueness, in your Freedom, in your Beauty. You do not learn how To Be! It is an acknowledgment that there is only You in the whole universe, among all shapes, all names, all things, people, places, objects... There is Only You!

Everything appears as in the dream. When you stop identifying yourself here in your waking state, at night, when you have dreams, you notice that you are also disidentified. It is directly proportional: the more identified in the waking state, the more identified in the dream. You already know what identification is - to be lost in the experience of the moment, as the experimenter, as the doer.

The other day, I have read something that I found simple, about Muruganar, who was a direct disciple of Ramana. He wrote, talking about Ramana: "Our beloved, our Lord, our Master, our Bhagavan, has freed us from the illusion that we are the authors of things, that we are the doers." This is extremely beautiful! The Guru, the Master, in his Grace, frees you from this illusion - the illusion of being "someone" in the world. You do it now! It is not an impossible thing! You do not learn how To Be; you assume To Be. It is not an impossible thing, but you have to unlearn how to be a "person". Did you hear that? You do not learn how To Be, but you unlearn to be a "person", and you do it now!

How do you unlearn to react (to be reactive), to live friendly with unconsciousness, acting within a conditioning, within an unconscious mechanical response, being inattentive? Start from observation. Notice how you look at people and what you feel when you look at them. Do you feel any bond? This bond is an image. Do you like this person? It is an image. Do not you like? It is an image. Is she boring? It is an image. Is she nice? It is an image. "I like her," or "she is horrible, I hate her"; image! "I do not want to hear from you", or "I want so much to stay with you "; image too!

This image is a crease. You are creased! Do you know what to be creased means? You pick up some clothes, you crease them and there is a mark on them. "I like her so much" ... When you remember someone and feel it, it is a crease. "Such a detestable person" is a crease. You can unlearn this, you see? You do not learn how to be, but you unlearn "being personal," “being a person”. To Be God is a Grace, but being a person is not a very good thing. However, you unlearn. You have to unlearn to be a "person." When does this work start? Now! There are no people in this room, there are no people here. Do you want to keep on the game? If you want to keep on the game, you will make many friends, and enemies as well; you will love being loved, you will detest being hated and you will hate in return. It is the game.

Do you want to keep on the game? Do you want to remain concerned about what they think about you, what they talk about you? Do you want to keep on the game or do you want to learn how to look, to listen, to feel the other? His interiority, not the "person"! In my case, nowadays, since I have no interest in "people", I stay with seeing, feeling, hearing ... with What I Am - their interiority! So they only do me good because I am the good of my relations, of my relationships! I am the Happiness of my relationships! Out of the game, you do not depend on. Out of the game, there is no you in the dependence, in the lack, in the need, in the fear, in the prejudice, in the worry, in the desire.

* Transcribed from the excerpt of a speech during the Retreat of New Year's Eve 2016-2017

at Ramanashram Gualberto in Campos do Jordao

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