July 5, 2017

Meditation is the Key

There is nothing out of this Consciousness. This division is totally arbitrary, created by psychologists. The own mind creates an arbitrary division about itself. It is the entire content (which can be 10 years or 10 million years old, but it is one). Whether the mind is apparent (on the surface) or submerged in (hidden) depth, we are dealing with the same phenomenon. There is no division between conscious and unconscious. What is called "unconscious" is the non-awareness of what is submerged there (unconscious), and "conscious" is that which is on the surface, which is known. But, when you look at the mind, you see only one content, and it is not hidden in that Real Consciousness. What is hidden and what is shown are what the mind conceals and shows to itself. What it hides from itself, it calls unconscious, and what it shows to itself, it calls consciousness.

So, there is no such thing as unconscious mind, subconscious mind and this whole "blah blahblah". These divisions are all created by the mind. What it conceals, it calls the unconscious or subconscious, and what it shows, it calls conscious. But, there is nothing in the mind that is hidden from this Real Consciousness. Consciousness is self-refulgent. Just as the moon cannot hide itself from the sun, mind and its contents cannot hide from Consciousness, because the nature of Consciousness is that where everything appears and disappears. The content of the mind is only imaginary, of time; It has no substantial and material reality. This content of the mind, whether it be 10 years or 10 million years ago, is an imaginary content, known by this Consciousness - which, by the way, ignores this, because this is not real.

Understanding this, we can ask the right questions. What would be the right question? The question you have is: "How can I get rid of here, in the 'machine', of this hidden content that shows itself as a trauma or illness?"

Trauma and disease as well as the body are only apparitions, also imaginary, in time. So, the first thing to be understood is this. Do not give reality to what has no Reality! They are apparitions "linked" to another apparition, and all are illusory. So, we are paving the way in order to ask the right questions, to formulate them correctly.

Therefore, the right question comes now, which is: "How can I get rid of this content that is revealed as illness, a trauma, or whatever so? How can I get rid of this?" Nothing is hidden in this Consciousness. So, this is the “number one” point: if there is nothing hidden in this Consciousness, this is present now!

So, what stops it from coming to light and to disappear? Strong identification with the illusion of this thing called "reality of the mind". When one trusts that the sense of the “I” is real, when it gets validation, when you trust in it, this remains unchanged. Only this prevents the volatization of all this content in the light of Consciousness. That is the diagnosis! The treatment is Meditation! Real Meditation is this present moment, which is important, because it can open a door to that timeless moment, which is Consciousness.

So, what is the treatment? This detached, unintended observation, not involved with what happens now. When this happens, there is no way for this experiencer (which is the egoic mind itself) to structure and remain hidden. So, all this egoic content is revealed in this present moment. There is nothing that you carry from this life or from other lives, or whatever might be.

Why are we dealing with the issue of time? In fact, it is an illusory question, because there is no time. For Consciousness, everything is present now. So, the only thing that is needed is: here and now, do not identify with the experience - I call this Meditation! So, all this content can reveal itself and be volatized, be burned and disappear, because it has no reality other than that reality that the own illusion of the egoic mind sustains, in the idea that there is an experiencer in it.

Do you understand?

The diagnosis was given, and now the treatment is being given. The treatment is: here and now, there is no experiencerr; Here and now, whatever is appearing in this "machine" is not for an experiencer. When this is assumed, then there is room for what is hidden to come up and appear. I just asked you if you can do it by yourself... You do not do it alone! Alone, you just mess up everything! Alone, you only sleep, and you have been in this unconsciousness for millennia.

So, what happens in Satsang? In Satsang, you face a "huge fire", with intense heat of Presence, Consciousness, Attention. So, it splashes on you. It is something so overflowing that it goes to you. You receive It when you value It; You get This when you value This, when you are in silence, with all your heart and willingness to see This. When that willingness is present there, you have the opportunity to see This revealing itself as your own Self, which is not separate from the "bonfire" itself, which is the Guru, which is the Consciousness of the Guru, which is the Real. So, that, which is there, comes to the surface and is consumed. In India, they call Vasanas these latent tendencies of the mind, which are impression of time in the "machine" - the illusion of an identity that lived such a thing ten days ago, 10 years ago or 10 million years ago.

So, there is only one key for Liberation, and this is called Meditation! But, meditation does not require technique, is not a practice. A practice or technique is always tied to body, mind, time and space. Meditation is timeless Consciousness - this timeless Consciousness present there in the "machine", being accessed. The better term would be "assuming Its place", because This can not be accessed either; This can take on Its place. It is like the sun shining outside while the windows are closed. Then, you take out the blinds, open the windows and the sun that is out there enters. You do not bring the sun, you just set apart the impediments.

Here comes the question about Sadhana, which is this work of surrender under Upadesa, the teaching of the Guru. Thus, when this work of surrender, which is Sadhana, happens, these obstacles disappear, but what is already present is already present. Since the obstacles have disappeared, what is present is revealed as Enlightenment, Awakening, Realization of God. This is the cure for the cause of all diseases.

Ramana Maharshi said that the ego is the cause of all diseases, because illness is not natural. When you feel a toothache, you go to the dentist, because the natural thing is not to feel the tooth in your mouth, that is, the tooth works without you having the slightest recollection that there are teeth in your mouth. When your mouth is healthy, you are not aware of your teeth; When your kidneys are working well, you are not aware of them. Isn’t like this? When your stomach is fine, you "have no" stomach. So, the natural is health, which makes that organ invisible, but when it signals a malfunction, the idea of its presence arises, which "says": "I am here".

Thus, the idea of ​​the body appears and also the idea of ​​the treatment for that body. Then, there are the requests of the mind to deal with this present entity, called organ in the body, that has to get well, otherwise it can die. Then, a whole story comes up! But, when there is health, there is no idea of ​​body, as well as there is no idea of ​​tooth in the mouth, no idea of ​​kidney. Why? Because the body is an illusion. It only appears when it complains by "saying": "I am here!" That’s when this unnatural thing takes place, which is for drawing attention to it. So notice that, in that sense, the disease is not a natural thing.

We are not saying that it is not natural, like the presence of the body is natural, so is death. I am saying something else, pointing to something else. In this present Consciousness there is no room for the illusion of separateness or for this disease, which is an illusion - the illusion "I am the body", "I am here". When the idea "I am the body", "I am here" comes up, and there is a disease, then "I" will seek its cause. If "I" will seek the cause of this disease, of course, I will find it, because it is tied to the idea "I am here", "I am the body". So, it is an illusion tied to another illusion - the illusion "I am in time and space", "I am real as a present entity," while, in reality, there is only Consciousness, and Its Presence is the end of all diseases. The primary disease is the sense of separateness. The secondary ones, you know what they are: boredom, loneliness, fear, anxiety, "blah, blah, blah...”.

Did you follow that?

So, we have diagnosed and just prescribed medication for this disease. Medication is the end of the illusion of “someone” sick; The end of the sense of separateness. It means a taking of Consciousness, which I usually call in my talks as "assuming what You Are". When you assume what You are, the suffering ends; When you do not assume, you suffer, because you want to repair the world, the body, this or that, and there is no how to fix it.

Therefore, in the Natural State, the body, like any other apparition, is destined to disappear in time and space, because time and space appear together with it, they are part of your illusion. In this sense, all disease and death are welcome to an illusory body destined to disappear in time and space. In this sense, sickness and death are as real as the body is - they share the same "reality", which is the reality of illusion.

Transcribed from a talk during an in person Satsang at Ramanashram Gualberto, on September 2016, in the city of Campos do Jordão.

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