July 12, 2017

Meditation: The pure observation

What is the nature of Reality? After all, what is it that remains stable? After all, what is It that remains free? How can we approach This?

From the mind, the suggestion is that two things are present: the first is consciousness and the second is apparitions, they are objects. Then, in the mind there is this division, there is this separation between consciousness and apparitions. You see yourself as a person who is aware of the world of forms.

So the idea is about an "I" present, seeing the world outside. There is consciousness - this one is the belief - and, outside, a world of which this consciousness is conscious.

In this way,there are consciousness and apparitions, the "I" and the objects. The "I" as subject and the objects  as apparitions. The sense of this present person is the illusion of someone who is aware of the world; Someone inside the body conscious of the world outside the body.

We come across this illusion of duality, the illusion of this "I" and this "non-I"; “I” and the world, “I” and God. This is the mind's suggestion for all of this. This consciousness is described as a witness to the apparitions. It is understood as one who sees the objects. So, there are the one who sees and the objects, the witness and the witnessed thing. Here is duality!

The conflict is on that basis,  there is all this issue about the "I", because you separate yourself as an entity - the one who thinks and  thoughts; The one who feels and  feelings; The one who observes and that which is observed. When you do this, it strengthens the sense of separation. When you believe that, you are stuck to another belief created by thought.

Thought is the basis of this division, of this belief, of that duality, of that sense of separation, of that idea. I want to invite you to observe without the observer, which means an observation where there is no observer and an observed thing. The direct experience remains, but there is no "one" left. In the experience of pure observation, there is no separation.

I want to invite you not to be confused with thought and not to separate yourself from it. When you are separate from thought, it is thought itself separating from itself. When you become confused with thought, it is thought itself confusing with itself. I would call this to disidentify from the observer, to disidentify from the thinker. Thought does not happen in you or to you; It just happens. Observation does not happen in you or for you. This is Real Meditation! The action performed without someone doing; The "seeing" without someone looking; The thought without someone thinking. Then, the thought ends, observation, with the sense of one observing, ends; The action, in that sense of someone doing, also ends. This is Meditation!

For you, there must always be someone: someone meditating, someone thinking, someone doing ... Right now, at this moment, there is only Silence, that absence of the thinker, of the doer, of the observer, of the one who listens ... There is no one listening and there is no one talking. The talk happens, the hearing happens, the thought happens, the action happens, and that is Meditation.

You can follow it, but you can not think about this. If you think about it, you get back into the game again - the game of someone analyzing, someone trying to understand, someone agreeing or disagreeing. That simple! It is only to hear and, in this listening, there is the clarity of Meditation. This clarity of Meditation is to understand without someone understanding, without someone accumulating, without someone agreeing or disagreeing with it. If you are listening in this way, you are in Meditation. If you are trying to "catch" this in order to take this to the next moment, this is the very movement of the egoic mind. Mind wants to capture this, but it cannot.

It is possible to follow this, but someone following this, no! The comprehension of this is possible, but one understanding this, no! It is a habit. The egoic mind has this habit of acquiring, of accumulating. In this Real Consciousness, there is no room for this. This is a space forged by the egoic mind. The egoic mind forges a space, the space of knowledge, the space of experience, the space of memory, the space of information, the space of the experimenter.

This Consciousness is this amplitude, beyond all space, beyond all limitation. Space is limitation. This non-space, this non-limitation is Meditation. This is Consciousness! This is pure observation, without observer and an observed thing. This is pure experience, without experimenter and an experienced thing. This is the reality that is not separate from an apparition. So, these apparitions are not separate from this Reality. Since they are not separate, they do not cause any problems. Thought does not cause problem, feeling does not cause problem, emotion does not cause problem, body does not cause problem. When there is no separation, there is no suffering; therefore, there is no problem.

The mind has created this illusion that the body is the problem, thought is the problem, the world is the problem, life is the problem. But, in fact, the problem is only this illusion that the mind itself created, that sense of separation between it and the thought, between it and the body, between it and life. Mind wishes that life should be different, that thought should be different, that body should be different, that everything should different! Mind gets separate in order to demand, and when it does this, it produces suffering.

You do not have to get rid of the body, the mind, the world, the life, you just have to get rid of the illusion that there is "someone" there, who is seeing that everything is wrong, everything is out of place. "Someone" with all his demands, observing as the observer and judging: "I like and do not like"; "Someone" in this illusion of being a thinker, trying to control the thoughts: "I appreciate that, I do not appreciate it"; "I like this and I do not like it"; "I am sure of that, I am not really sure of that..."; That is the illusion! There is the illusion of the doer too - that "someone" who is doing things, that "someone" who does, who feels responsible for things that are happening around him, as if he could control what happens around him. It is always this idea of a "someone" who thinks, who does, who feels.

You learn how to disidentify from this illusion, from "someone". It is just that! So, you perceive that thought, feeling, action, world and body are going to their right place, and that "you" disappears. Are you still trying to think about it? This is so simple that you do not need to think about it. If you think about it, it will get complicated, because this is an outside mind talk to a non-mind.

This meeting’s moment, called Satsang, is a moment of Meditation. In Meditation, there is no "one", there is no thinker. Being is something very natural. The belief of the thinker is something learned. We learn, we acquire this belief that we are the thinkers and that we fabricate thoughts. This thinker is not Real! There is no thinker! Thought, yes; Thinker, no!

All the problems you have are based on this misunderstanding, on the “understanding” that you are there for changing something, for doing something, for fixing something. This is not true! You are here just to see that there is no one there, just Life! And in Life, there is no thinker, no observer, there is no a judge, no one to fix or adjust. Life remains a mystery, an inexplicable event. This is Love, this is Freedom, this is Happiness!

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