July 14, 2017

Surrender and trust

It is evident that these meetings here by Paltalk do not replace a face-to-face meeting. Here is the invitation for a real job in this proximity. These meetings here by Paltalk are like dating at distance where you cannot get married ... It has to be face-to-face. Only this way, a direct work is possible.

In these meetings we are talking about this Intelligence, about this Reality. It is important that you stop thinking about it, because when you think about it, you destroy this thing. I advise you against thinking about what you hear here, let alone saving those words, because that can create the false illusion of that realization, or that true illusion of a merely conceptual realization. What we are saying in Satsang is not for you to save! What we are saying is for you to observe and discover, directly. You hear these words like "you are this Consciousness," "you are this Intelligence," "you are this Absolute Reality," but do not think about It. In fact, do not think anything about It.

Waking up is not think about it, because thinking about that is to dream. You need to Awake! When You are Awake, You are in Your True State and there is no thought about It! When you are awake, you are seeing it. So, it is not a matter of thinking about this ... It is a matter of Awakening! It is about seeing directly, without theories and beliefs. I am inviting you to go beyond problems, conflicts, suffering; to go to your Natural State! Forget your problems! In your Natural State there is a Power that takes care of everything! Did you hear that?

It is necessary to be open, to allow this ... Allow yourself to this surrender! You must surrender your ego, your concepts, your opinions, your questions, your answers, your power too ... everything ... surrender your ego. That is exactly what happens. This abandonment, this surrender, this total involvement is the possibility you have to go beyond the ego, the egoic mind. So, what do you do? Nothing! Then you become your own Being, you leave the world alone and remain in that abandonment, in that surrender. You remain in this total involvement with reality, and then you go beyond the body and mind. Here is the cure, the Liberation. Here you are in your Divine State, in your Natural State.

Then, you will fully understand that you are not that one who does, you are not the doer, you are not the one who accomplishes things! There is a Power taking care of it! Stop fighting; stop trying to make things happen! Surrender yourself! Turn yourself in! Here is the beauty of this Reality, the Truth, the Liberation! So, you are simply the Being, this Reality! There is absolutely nothing you can do, that you need to do, that you can do about it!

Put your heart and mind in the Self, in your Real Being... Your heart in the Heart. This Being is your Heart! Your Real Being is your Heart. Then, you put your mind and heart into the Heart, into the Real Heart! Your Heart is God! Keep your mind in God! God in your Heart! Confidence, surrender, total surrender to this Absolute Reality, to this Real Presence, to this real Heart! Turn yourself to This... Go beyond this imagined world by the thought. In other words, do not allow thoughts to run outside, the mind to turn outside. Bring these thoughts, which were going outward, to the Heart. Find Peace, Happiness in yourself, here... Stop going outside.

This mysterious Power knows everything ... Everything we need, what you need! We do not need to know how this Power takes care of us; we just need to allow this Power to take care of everything! This mysterious Power, which is this Real Presence, this Divine Presence, this Truth, is here tonight ... It is Here! Allow yourself this ... Allow this Power to take care of everything! We have to allow this Power!

Do not ask me why each of these speeches goes in a certain direction; I do not know either!

You ask if you have this ability to allow yourself ... I answer: TOTAL! You all have! That is because you are already this Presence, this Power. You are Sat - Chit - Ananda! You are not the body, the mind, the world! The world, the body and the mind appear, but this is not You.

How does this whole thing sound to you? It is a matter of surrender, rendition, trust! It is a matter of faith! It is a matter of taking out your ego, your control, your choice, your answers, your personal concepts; Take it all out of the field! Abandon yourself to the Divine ... Surrender to God, to the Truth. Then, when "you" are not, It is. You will never understand this Presence, this Grace, this Power, this Truth and the way It does. You will never understand and you do not even need to understand... Just be receptive, allow yourself, be Empty! Remember that this Empty is not emptiness; it is the True Blessing, the True Grace!

Namaste everyone! See you next meeting!

*Transcribed from a talk on an online meeting on November 30th, 2016 - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm - Download Paltalk App and get involved!

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