July 7, 2017

The simple recognition of this "I Am"

There is something that does not remain present. Notice that everything around you changes and also within you everything changes. From morning until that moment, some thoughts passed by you, but they went away and gave way to other thoughts. The same way, some sensations were experienced in the body and gave place to other sensations; they happened and went away. It is possible that you also have had some emotions during the day, but they are gone, they are no longer there. So, until bedtime you will still go through some experiences. Realize how simple this is, and also how simple it is to observe this.

The matter is: what is this that is aware of what is changing? This is where it is that simple. You are aware of yourself right now. What is this "I Am"? You are aware of this "I am" - this one who went through all this during the day, who is now passing through this experience of listening to this speech. What is this "I Am"? (This "I Am" that has had thoughts, feelings, emotions, diverse experiences which are no longer with you, which are gone, and are giving way to other experiences).

You are aware of this "I Am", but what is this that is aware of? Obviously it is the Consciousness. Obviously it is this Self - the Consciousness that I am aware of this "I Am." So, this is something very basic, very simple. There is something that is always conscious in the midst of these apparitions, events, variations, thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions, sensory perceptions, in this simple recognition: "I Am." This is this Presence of this Consciousness. In other words, the simple recognition of this "I Am" is this Consciousness. So, it is with Her that we are dealing... something very simple. Consciousness is conscious; That is what we are dealing with in Satsang.

Is that clear?

That is why it is so simple. As long as you lose yourself confused with the experience, no matter if thought, feeling, emotion or sensation, there is something present that is aware of it. It is that "something" we are dealing with. This "something" is Consciousness, which is conscious of the thought, of the sensation and of the change of the feeling. That is very clear! Notice that we are pointing out the Natural State, which is Meditation.

This is what I Am, truly - this “I” aware of this "myself", synonymous with Consciousness, Presence ... Conscious of this "me", of the movement, of the thought, of the emotion, of the feeling, of the sensation ... Aware of this apparition who is this person. The "person" comes and goes; appears in the waking state and in the dream, and disappears in deep sleep. Even in the waking state, it is changing all the time! However, this Consciousness is conscious, in itself, of its Being, of its True Nature. So it is simple if you do not get confused with the "person". But if you confuse yourself with the "person", it predominates and you disappear. This real You, who is this Real Self is not this "personal self" as a separate entity. I am talking about this Self, but it is an “I” that does not know the "you", the "he".

We are talking about something that you all experience all the time - the simple knowledge of your own Being. It is the experience of the Consciousness being conscious of Itself. This is something simple, obvious, always present; it is an ever present fact. There is no limitation in this Consciousness. Thought, feeling, emotion, sensation, in short, all experience is limited, but there is no limitation in this Consciousness. Therefore, that is what we are dealing with in Satsang. That is our theme, our subject. This Consciousness, this Presence is not limited to the mind, the body or an experience, of pleasure or pain... It is beyond the body! The sensation, the sensory pleasure of eating something or any sensation in the body does not limit this Consciousness. Pleasure or pain does not limit this Consciousness.

You are definitely not the mind, not the body. The body and the mind appear in You. It is not You who appears in the body and the mind. The belief is that there are many incarnate, but this is an imagination. There is no one incarnate, no one in the body. I know it is very strange, but it is just like this. You are this Consciousness aware of this "I am". "I am", "I feel", "I walk", "I think", "I choose", "I decide", all these are just beliefs of which, as Consciousness, you are conscious. All this is just an imagination. "I eat", "I sleep", "I walk", "I speak", "I listen", "I think", "I do", "I enjoy", "I suffer", "I love" "I hate", and so on, they are just imagination! It is the illusion of the sense of "someone" in this "thing".

Having figured this out, what are you going to do? Start living in accordance with this discovery. Stop confusing yourself with this "someone". Exactly this: begin to live in conformity with this and disconnect from this illusion, which is the illusion of the "person". I am proposing this to you in this meeting.

* Transcribed from an online meeting in the evening of January 25th, 2017 - Access our agenda and schedule to be with us. Visit our website: www.mestregualberto.com - Also take part of our online meetings - download Paltalk app on your computer or smartphone - and locate the room: satsang marcos gualberto is always opened at 10:00 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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