July 25, 2017

You cannot learn about this

The meetings called Satsang are face-to-face. We have here (referring to the online meetings) an opportunity together, but this does not, in fact, constitute a real work. You are left only with an approach of investigation. We cannot also deny the Presence inside these meetings, even online, but they are of great importance indeed to those who are present in this work of dissolving this sense of an "I", of deconstructing that sense of separation. The others need to appear in person. It is necessary to go beyond concepts, beyond theories.

When we talk about this Realization, we are saying that the only Reality, the only Truth is this Consciousness. We are always dealing with this Consciousness recognizing Itself. When It acknowledges Itself, It does it in what we call pure experience – the experience without the experiencer. There is only Consciousness, always! And It knows Itself all the time in this experience. All you are experiencing, at this instant,  is the experience. It is not someone's experience, it is the experience.

The experience may be happening for the body, for the mind, but it is still only an experience in this Consciousness, it is not an experience for someone. The illusion is that you are here, but the only Reality here is this Consciousness, it is not you! When I say "you," I refer to those thoughts about what is happening, which are also happening in this Consciousness, as an experience in the Consciousness. It is not something particular, it is not something personal.

The idea is that you are thinking, feeling, speaking and listening to in the action, but there is no such thing. This is just an illusion created by thought itself, an imagination, and we are investigating this. The Sages, the Ancients, in their Wisdom, left this vision in their words, which then after became only ideas, beliefs.

In ancient India, the Sages were called seers. They left a vision, but this vision, for the blind, becomes a belief. The vision is for the seers, but when they talk about the vision to the blind ones, these ones pass to believe it and to repeat it in words. It is as if you teach a blind one about colors and he starts repeating their names - which are just words and do not make any sense to him. But he repeats, because the one who sees colors said the names to him. Then, being a blind man who only keeps words, he repeats. This is called "Advaita for the blind."

We are living in a moment like this. There are many blind ones describing the colors; there are many supposed seers describing a supposed vision, which is, in fact, only a belief. You do not need to learn anything about it, no need to memorize words about it, write books or poems about it. You only have to see, only see.

Then the Ancients, in their vision, in their Wisdom, they talked about this "not two," which is Advaita. There is only One, a single Reality. One is already too much, and this "One" is unspeakable, incommunicable in words, indescribable and, if you really see, if you are a seer, you silence, you remain in Silence. But if you are not a seer, you create songs about It. You can see, but you cannot communicate. There is no way to communicate! It is possible to know, but not "someone" to know; It is possible to know, but not "someone" to describe, to explain, to teach. It is not possible to learn about It; It is possible to see. See This is natural, because we are talking about this True Nature; we are talking about what You are, of your Real Nature.

There is nothing separate from this Consciousness. In other words, no apparition arises separate from this Consciousness. So thoughts are not problems; Sensations also not; The body does not either. To presume that there is something separate from this Consciousness is an illusion, and this reinforces the sense of duality, of separateness. We are always pointing to a single Reality, unnamable, indescribable, and this unique Reality is your True Nature, it is your Real Nature! This is You in your Being! It is not you in your thinking model, in your belief. Do not turn This complicated, thinking about. You cannot reach This through thought. Thought appears inside This, but thought does not encompass This. This encompasses everything, including thought. Not just thought, but any other apparition.

Language is always limited, but words born from Silence, even being limited, are like a pregnant woman: they carry something within them. Therefore, these words are "pregnant"; they are words that carry something, because they are born from this Consciousness, from this Silence. They carry the power of this Silence, the power of this Presence. They do not communicate intellectually, they deliver something, they are "giving birth" to something, although they are limited. But as they are born of this Silence, as they are born of this Consciousness, they carry a power behind them. Greater than these words is the Silence behind them. These words are like missiles reaching a target!

What is present now is this Presence, this Grace, this Consciousness, this Power... Everything is Now, Here. This is completely different from what you have heard there, in philosophy, in religion, in the so-called "gurus" of modern times.

* Transcribed from a talk on an online meeting on January 18th, 2017 - Access our agenda and schedule to be with us. Visit our website: www.mestregualberto.com - Also take part on our online meetings - download Paltalk app on your computer or smartphone - and locate the room: satsang marcos gualberto always open at 10pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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