August 4, 2017

What is the sense of separateness?

What are we basically doing in these meetings? What do we do here? What is our job? What is the real meaning of an encounter where we question our own history, the reality of personal experience? What is the truth about each individual experience, each personal experience?

For you there are two things: one is the very own awareness of what is happening, of what happens, of what is experienced; The other thing is the objects of this experience.

In other words: the thought within itself and someone inside it. Then, there is this awareness of thought and thought itself; the object and that which is present here, which witnesses this object, which observes things; that which is observed and that one who observes.

Therefore, for you the experience is made by two things: the "I" and the "non-I". The computer you have in front of you now is the "non-I", and the one who is seeing and using it is the "I" - there is a witness and the thing witnessed. Your view of the experience is this. It divides itself between subject and object, between the observer and the observed thing, between thought and the thinker. This is how you interpret what happens now in this instant.

What has been said so far - not theoretically, but in a practical way - is the very sense of separation, of duality. Here is the sense of an "I" present in this experience. This is the ego, the "me", the person, it is the illusion of separateness, it is the illusion of duality!

You do not need to learn anything about it. In fact, if you learn something about it, theoretically, you will not do anything about it and may even make things worse. This is just for you to hear, and only in this action of listening, when you perceive this separation as an illusion, it is possible to stop giving importance to this. This is the work to be done. It is not a thing to believe in. This is not a lesson, it is not a teaching, it is not learning. You can not learn Advaita, although there are many Advaita teachers. There is no use of learning this. You investigate this, you do not learn this... Investigate until “this” finds out an experiential space there.

Therefore, this illusion of someone who believes in himself as a separate being, located in the body, looking at the world, looking at separate worlds independent of himself, it is the illusion of duality, the illusion of the sense of separation. The belief about this separate entity living in a world separate from itself is basically the whole problem, all conflict, all suffering. Awakening, Enlightenment or the Realization of God is the end of it. Basically, this is the work to be done. Paradoxically, it is already ready... but it is not. Do you realize that?

Complete surrender to this work is required. You need to leave everything for that, everything that surrounds this story of an "I" present within it, of an "I" living that story.

That is why we are in Satsang. It is not to learn this, to repeat this... It is no longer a knowledge that is being added to all the old knowledge that you have. Absolutely, none of that! This is a Realization, a "settlement" in that State, and This can not be a theory. This Consciousness, this Realization, this Presence is the Awakening.

It is necessary to explore, to investigate and to know ourselves intimately, to know what we are, and this is Meditation. This is not done by the intellect, because it is always limited; it is just a part of that story. Meditation is being beyond objects, beyond the subject, beyond duality. This is the recognition of what we are, right now, at this moment.

Notice that at this moment, the only Reality is this non-duality, this non-separation. There is a Silence present in this instant, which is Consciousness; This ever present Consciousness. It is the only Reality. There is no separation between subject and object, between thought and thinker, between history and the one whose history is been told. Your Real Nature, your True Nature, What You Are knows no duality, and therefore  It knows no conflict, fear, desire, history. It does not know the past, the present, or the future. It is the thought that produces this separation.

Your whole history is pure imagination, a production of thought, the illusion of someone as the thinker, as the observer.

Participant: It is hard to understand!

Master: I would say it is hard to think about it. To understand, no!

*Transcribed from a talk during an online meeting on February, 08, 2017.
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