August 22, 2017

Your Real Heart

In Satsang we are dealing with your Being, with this real Being, of your True Nature, That what you are. What do we mean by Being, your Being, your real Being? Your real Being is your real Heart, something beyond this mortal dream - the dream of this "person", of this present entity. We are not talking about the human heart; we are talking about this Divine Heart, your True Nature. When you turn to the mind and its movement, you are out of this Space. It is necessary that you allow this Reality to assume its Space, allow this Space to be assumed, this Reality assuming this Space. The Reality of this Real Presence is only possible when the mind turns to its source and this mysterious power assumes.

This is what we call Satsang: when the end of all questions and all answers comes; when the end of all this restlessness comes. That is the end of this mortal dream experience, where "someone" can disappear in death, and this is something very frightening. I want to remind you of this Void, which is, in fact, fullness. This fullness is this Void, which is the place of your real Heart. It is necessary to go beyond this limitation of the present separate entity with its desires and fears; go beyond these desires and fears.

When the mind returns to the source, to its origin, it disappears in that Void and then all problems end. Problems are only possible for the "person"; for the person and its desires and dreams; for the person and its fantasies; for the person and its mortal dream. Therefore, do not put yourself there in this condition; do not enter into that imagination. Outside this imagination, of this movement of the mind, you are free, it is Freedom. As you are free, you can, as Consciousness, Presence, Truth, express This, which is no longer a personal expression. This expression, which is no longer personal, is the expression of Freedom, Joy, Wisdom, Bliss, something that is pure rest... Resting in your own Being, in your own real Heart.

That is why the issues, the questions, the answers and the worries come to an end. Self-realization means Omnipresence, which is this complete, total Presence of Silence. This Silence interpenetrates everything, it is everywhere. When you are this Realization, you see good and evil, right and wrong, divine and profane, all as part of your Essential Nature. Then, there is no conflict, there is no duality, there is no separation. There are no other people outside this Realization. Therefore, you do not share this illusion of the mortal dream, the dream of being "someone" to see the other. After all, how would you do this, free from the illusion of being someone? How would it be possible to have others?

God is present as the only Truth. There is not the other separated from Him, in every thing, part or place, in each one... And for Him, there is not "each one”, there is only Him. That is the vision of that Omnipresence which I am talking about. It is when you become transparent, when you assume your Real Nature, you assume to be What You Are - God. This Being is Real Completeness, Real Fullness and Real Perfection, which is the perfection of everything, everywhere. Therefore, without the idea of a present "someone" there are not others.

All your struggle, all your despair, all your worry and anxiety are in this illusion that "you are alone" as a present entity, struggling to survive. This is the constant struggle of the ego, because there is so much fear there. There is all this desperation not to die, not to leave this mortal dream; it is the conflict of the duality between living and dying, between good and evil, between truth and illusion.

These meetings have invited you to this perfect, absolute and eternal Peace - eternal in the sense of timelessness and unconditionality. This is possible in this Awakening and you are here for this. Awakening means coming out of this mortal dream, of mortality. That is the end of all separation, and when there is no separation, there is no fear. That is why we call This non-duality; Non-duality is non-separateness and without separateness there is no fear, there is only this Presence, which is Omnipresence.

Notice that we are dealing with you about something that is not an achievement, it is not something that you get; it is something you were born with. Enlightenment is something innate, it is not something strange. That potential is in there, but it needs to be updated. If you keep on confusing yourself with what you are not, you will keep on giving up on This, and that has been the way, the form, the manner everyone proceed. By staying with what you are not, you despise That what you are in your Real Nature. And what is it missing? Investigation! Deep, dedicated, applied and fervent investigation; a real interest on It; a real work in that direction, all your endeavor, all your Heart!

It is like the story of Buddha who spent 30 days under the bodhi tree, for he had made a decision when he went under that tree. He did not want to teach his disciples what, in fact, he did not know deeply and directly, directly and real. He was determined to die or to discover this Thing, there, with his eyes closed, quiet; and only after about 30 days he opened his eyes, which were completely different. There was a sparkle in his eyes, luminosity on his face, his body was so light and so transparent that you could almost see through it. Something had happened. The disciples approached him and asked, "Master, have you seen God?" He said, "No." "Have you seen heaven?" He said, "No." "Have you seen the spiritual world?" He said, "No." "So what happened, Master?" Buddha replied: "The Awakening, the end of this illusion, the illusion of this dream."

Therefore, this realization is not the vision of God, of heaven, of the spiritual world. This is the Awakening of your Real Nature, of Your Essential Nature; the Awakening of that potential that is there. It is the Awakening of this Heart, of Wisdom, of Freedom, of Happiness, of Love, of Peace. This is the end of the illusion of suffering, of separateness, of duality, of the illusion of this "me", of this "I" and with this, the world and the "other" come to an end. This is the real Holiness, but the church, the religion, the spirituality, the mysticism and the esoterism do not know This. The real Sanity is the real Intelligence, the real Freedom, the real Truth... This is Nirvana, the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is necessary to sit down here, in the Silence, and only then you can go beyond all desires, as Buddha did, such as Krishna, Mahavira, Jesus, Ramana Maharshi. That is the end of your story, the end of that person with a name and a story. Are you ready for this or do you still have a lot of things to do, many desires and projects? Do you still feel part of this world, "someone" inside this context of world? Do you prefer and want to continue this story, which I usually call "being someone for a few and having a few for this someone"?

Liberation is the end of the continuity of this mortal dream. If you still appreciate "your story” very much, you are not ready for This and this "your story" will pull you back; you will come back again, again, again and again. It is necessary to have the feet on this world, but the Heart must be outside it... Only the feet walking on the earth, while the Heart is entirely free from this desire of going on. Only when the Heart is completely detached from this, it assumes its place. Your Real Nature is this free Heart and that is where this Presence, this Consciousness, this Reality is.

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