September 26, 2017

Be still

My work with you in Satsang is to show you that you have never been far from yourself. You have to change your view. You are looking outside, looking at what is apparent; you are looking at apparitions and valorizing them. I am inviting you to look at That which sees everything. Since you cannot look at That which sees, you may give up looking outside. Then, That which sees - where everything is seen - reveals itself as your True Nature

The Sages call this "to be quiet." The thought, the feeling and the sensation come and you remain quiet, then, they go away; a history comes, you keep quiet and it goes away; another history comes up, you be quiet and it goes away.

As you remain quiet and look at What sees, your natural state emerges, and, thus, your look changes, because what is seen is no longer the "outside," but “What it is” is what is being seen. Thus, the meaning of the "I" (which is what gives the value of an entity present to what is seen in the experience) disappears. 

All the problems you have are based on the idea that "you" are there. In fact, "you" are not there. There is only Him there, and He has no problem. You particularize a belief for a particular body or a particular name, and, thus, a particular history arises. How this is fascinating! It is fascinating to realize that there is no one present in what happens. Everything happens in Him, by Him and for Him! It is all His show, it is all His game! 

One is born, another dies; one wins, another loses; one is positive, another is negative; one is male, another is female; one is healthy, the other is sick... This is the game, but it is His game! 

There is no harm, nothing to be regretted. Nothing is lost, destroyed or ends... Nothing ends and nothing begins. This is the game! 

Nothing is really beginning; Nothing is actually ending; nothing is in fact a permanent victory or a permanent defeat. Everything is a game, a game of Him! 

If you choose one part, you deny another. So, you particularize one side, which is what pleases at the most the conditioning pattern of the "person" you believe to be. This is illusion, which is suffering! I know you want no one in your family to die, but I have some news to give you: they will die! And you too, which is worse. This is because you were born... or it seems that way. 

Would you like a perfect health? Impossible! People go on a diet, do exercise, eat properly...They go crazy about this thing of natural and macrobiotic food. They do not eat pudding, chocolate... All natural! Not too much sugar, too much salt... Anything! A perfect health! This does not exist! Everyone is going to die! Even you will die! 

Disenchant yourself from this! Disidentify from the body, because it will die; disidentify from the history, because those who are part of this "your history" will also die. But, all this is a game of Him! There is no you in it! People come to me wanting a model, in order to know what they can and cannot do; what they should eat and what they should not; what to do or not to do; what should be or may not be... 

Just remember this: it is all a game of Him! There is only Him! Stop trusting in the illusion!

*Originally published in Portuguese in June 21, 2017
**Speech transcribed from a meeting via Paltalk in November 4th, 2016
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