September 21, 2017

Freedom is to assume the Truth of your Real Nature

In these meetings, we have the opportunity to sit together, to be quiet and to enter into this moment of investigation, in this moment of silence.

It is crucial to understand that life is a game. In fact, a divine game. All you have to do is to disidentify internally, psychologically, and everything will be all right. I am saying that you must let life go on and just allow everything to be seen that way.

There is nothing to do! Everything is already happening! Everything is already happening according to this Divine Will! In your life, what prevails is this Divine Will, which is what happens.

Let each thing happen, each thing appear... Appear as it is! It is important that you remember that thoughts are also part of this; the feelings too. You are also part of what is appearing. There is nothing escaping from this Divine Will! This may sound very strange, but it is just like this. These responses of actions, thoughts, feelings, all of this is part of that apparition, of what is appearing.

When you no longer confuse yourself as "someone present" in these apparitions, you are free! You are this Freedom!

Problems arise only when you confuse yourself with the belief that you are someone who has to take responsibility, in this idea of being the author, the director, the doer, the one who chooses, the one who decides, the one who bosses around.

There is no individual taking care of his own affairs. What prevails is this Intelligence, this absolute Presence, That which cannot be explained. What prevails is this Silence.

Everyone is worried about getting rid of the mind - this is the mind searching for getting rid of the mind. Everyone is trying hardly, in a very complicated way to get rid of the mind.

The fastest way is simply to ask, "To whom are these thoughts going on?" Or "Where do these thoughts come from?" Then, we come to a point where there is nobody... Because there is not anybody! The thoughts, the feelings, the sensations and the emotions are apparitions without an author.

This is Freedom! Freedom is to assume the Truth of your Real Nature, of your Real Identity, which is not personal. There is no "person", there is no "I"!

This is very basic... Very strange, but it is basic. It is strange and basic, but it is fundamental! This direct perception of This, to feel It directly is so beautiful! When you use words, you destroy It, because It is beyond words, beyond thoughts. Words like "awakening", "enlightenment" and "realization" are just words, too.

* Transcribed from a speech of an online meeting at the night of November 14th, 2016 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. To participate download Paltalk App; 
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