September 29, 2017

How the sages live in the world

Welcome to Satsang. When we are together, it is always a beautiful opportunity to look at this experience of life.

It is important to know that you are not before a teacher at this meeting. Here, there is no teaching. I have nothing to teach you. What we have in these meetings is a moment of investigation, which also accompanies this Silence.

So, we have this instant, which is Meditation and, naturally, an instant of devotion to the Truth. So, it is not a teaching. I have nothing new to tell you. I am not a preacher, a speaker, or a philosopher. I am just investigating with you your own Reality. So, it is not a teaching, it is a statement about your Reality, about Life.

I am talking about You - who is myself - about the Nature of Consciousness, about the Truth of Life. You are this Consciousness, Presence and Happiness. You are not the body, not the mind, not a "person" living in the world. That, which seems to be like this, is not the Truth. It seems you are somebody inside the body, living in the world, but this is not Truth. This is something that is always changing. The world, the body, the mind, the experience of life and history change. This is not you, it is only a temporary, momentary apparition, it is not the Reality, the Truth. You need to find out what in fact, Truly, You are, and this is what we are dealing here, in Satsang.

You must realize this by yourself, through your own experience of the reality about yourself. It is not a matter of listening to my speech and theoretically to agree or to think this is a totally absurd.

You are pure Being, pure Consciousness, pure Happiness, but it is not about hearing, believing and repeating it theoretically. It is necessary to realize your Real State, your Natural State, and that is why I invite you to be in Satsang.

After all, what is life, what is this world? Your sense of reality in this world is the same sense of reality in the dream. But, which one is, in fact, real: your dream or this world? You attach yourself to this world, thinking that your real life is in it.

Likewise, when you dream, you attach yourself to the experience of the dream, thinking that it is a real experience, while, in fact, it is only the experience of a character, of a supposed present entity. This happens both in the dream and in this waking state. So, here is just a dream too. Nothing can happen to you, either in the dream or here.
You are experiencing a very great complication, which is the belief of being someone in this experience called "human life," "personal life." It is necessary to awaken, to rid yourself of this illusion, to let it go. So, this is what we are talking about in Satsang: the end of the illusion of the "I." Everything else is only an experience in the mind, an apparition.

These apparitions in the mind, these appearances, are like hypnosis: a world that seems real, but it is only an imagination, a dream. While you are confusing yourself with an entity present in this experience called "human life," you will be overloaded with afflictions, problems. It will always be happening only for this ego-consciousness, for that ego-identity, for this hypnotized mind, for this sense of "being someone."

Is not it beautiful?

You are confusing yourself with this. One time you are happy, another time you are sad; one time you feel good, in another one you feel bad. You are identifying with the experience "I am the body," "I am somebody in the world."

This is what we are talking about in Satsang: the end of all this, of this illusion, of this lie that mind has produced. You have forgotten that all of this is only a dream, whether it is the dream of living in the world or the dream of living in the experience of the dream, which happens at night when the body sleeps.

How do you rid yourself of all this? Simply observing, stopping valorizing the experimenter present in the experience. You are very addicted to "being someone," in this self-importance of "being present" in doing, thinking, feeling, acting, performing things. How do we release this illusion? By observing everything around us without attaching ourselves to anything, by disidentifying from the experience of "being someone."

To understand yourself means knowing that you are not the doer, the thinker, the achiever, the controller, or the one who decides. Everything is already happening in this Divine Will, it is the Will of God being made. You are only carrying a huge burden on your shoulders, instead of relaxing and surrendering this illusion of responsibility.

How do you do this? I repeat: simply knowing that everything is already being managed, taken care of, done, accomplished by a power greater than you.

This is like a leaf when it falls into a stream and flows downstream. Sometimes, it bumps logs or rocks, but it keeps going down. It has some mishaps on this flowing, but it continues to go down... It does not resist the current; it has no force against the current. You, in the ego, want to fight against Life, or try to cling to one of the "stones" not to continue going down; you want to fight against what Existence has already preordained. Everything is preordained by Grace, by God, but you want to do what the leaf does not do, clinging to a trunk, clinging to a stone, fighting against what is already preordained. You must relax, accept this Will, the Divine Will, and abandon all conditioning.

This is how the Sages live in the world. Sages are those who are surrendering themselves to the Truth of their Being, to the Truth of God. This is devotion, is surrender, and this is the work of Awakening.

Reality arises and happens according to this one Will that does all things, and, therefore, Happiness, Peace, Freedom and Truth are present.

It is when there is no resistance, there is no ego, there is no such sense of control, the illusory sense of the doer, the thinker, the achiever. So, Love, Freedom, Happiness and Peace arise according to this one Will, because there is no "one" struggling against What is, against the Reality, the Truth. You do not have to think about it, to feel it, to make decisions about it; you only need to observe, disidentifying from what appears, happens, moment by moment.

So, when the thought comes to you, just observe it clearly and release it. After all, to whom does this thought happen? To “me." And what is this "me"? It is an idea, a belief, a concept, the illusion of a present thinking entity. Break the habit of "being someone," of assuming those thoughts happening as if they were "your" thoughts, the actions happening as if they were "your" actions, what is happening around you as if it were happening to you... Everything is just happening and there is no one special in it. The conditioning is basically this: you are very important, very special. There it is the illusion. Who am I? What is the source? Where does it come from? To whom is this appearing?

Participant: Master, so, my job, which I cannot stand anymore, is a creation? If it a better job will take place, will it appear naturally?

Master Gualberto: Better or worse are just concepts that the mind creates about what happens, about what appears. You say, "I cannot stand it anymore." Who is this that cannot stand it anymore? As long as there is some form of resistance, there will be some kind of suffering. Resistance to life, as it is presented, is conflict and suffering. So, in the ego, this becomes unbearable. Who is this pain for? Who is this that cannot stand it anymore?

Perhaps, this is a great opportunity for you to realize how much resistance is present before what Existence is showing you. It is your opportunity to go beyond this identification with the sense of an "I" present in this work experience.

There is no conflict, no suffering and no resistance when there is no ego. Resistance, conflict and suffering are the ego! The problem is never what is happening on the outside, but how it is seen, experienced, internally.

* Originally published in June 26, 2017
**Transcribed from a speech on an online meeting in the evening of April 3rd, 2017. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. - . BRT (Brasília Time Zone) Download Paltalk app and Join Us!

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