September 4, 2017

Is this sense of being a person still there?

These encounters always carry a new perfume. We are dealing with something always new. Truth is something like that. I have noticed how hard it has been for some of you to directly understand the importance of a work like this, the direct importance of this work. 

Why do we have this game here? Why do we have this play here? This game called Master and disciple? This play called Master and disciple?

We can think about thousands of arguments, question this in various ways, have thousands approaches in order to investigate this theme, which is the need (or not) of a game like this; a game like this where there are the figure of the Guru and the figure of the disciple, the figure of the Master and the figure of the devotee.

It is natural that some teachers, some so-called "gurus" say clearly that there is no you, that you are not real, this apparent individual present is not real. True Gurus do the same. We can take from this the idea that you can not do anything for this realization since you are not real. So there is nothing that this apparent individual, this apparent person may do for this Realization, toward that Realization.

However, we have to investigate this, because the truth is that as long as there is some form of identification with this illusion of an apparent "individual", the illusion of that "person", there will be no choice but the search.

Although, it is also common for you to hear that the search is not real since the one who is searching is not real. But I want you to look at what I am going to say. If there is this sense of separation, this sense of an "I" located within [the body], or as that body, then this belief - which is not only a belief but also a feeling – is occulting this Reality, of course.

So notice that it is a very paradoxical talk. As long as there is this sense of an "I" located here in the body, or as the body itself, this belief, this feeling will be hiding the Truth. The truth is that there is no "one", there is no "person", but this belief/feeling gives existence to this illusory entity.

So to simply theorize about it does not work. All this common speech that the guru is not necessary because there is no disciple, there is no teacher and there is no person is perfectly right, but it does not work.

It is right from the Guru's point of view, or from the point of view of the One who is outside the illusion of being an "entity", of being "someone", of being present in the world, within the body, or as the body. But if this is not real, it is just a belief, and like a belief, it does not work. It is just another theory about the Truth, but it is not the Truth.

This is where this game comes in, where the figure of the Master and the figure of the disciple appear to the one who still sees himself as a separate entity. That one who sees himself as a separate entity can not deal with the Truth; he can rather deal with beliefs.  In his beliefs he can accept the Truth of the Guru or the illusion of the guru; But in his beliefs he can not stop accepting the illusion of being "someone".

Belief has no freedom at all, but the direct experience of the Truth has Freedom. I repeat: belief does not have any freedom.

It is a tremendous illusion - the worst and the most fatal of all illusions – to weave theories about freedom or truth from the mind’s field, where there are only beliefs, theories, ideas, concepts. Truth is beyond that! The Reality of our direct experience, which is not a personal experience, is the experience without the experiencer, without the belief of a present "I"; the experience free from the idea "I am the body".

This experience, the direct experience is unlimited Consciousness, supreme Intelligence, supreme Reality. But this is not a belief, it is not a theory. Therefore, the need for the "Master and disciple" game will always be necessary while the illusion "I am the body" or "I am somebody" is present.

It is exactly the belief "I am the body" or "I am somebody" that is hiding your True Nature, your Real Nature, That which is the Truth about You. This is concealing, apparently but in a "very real" way,   the Peace, the Freedom, the Happiness, which is something inherent, innate, which is the Nature of Being.

So all these discussions are purely intellectual, something completely stupid and useless. As long as the sense of separation is present, as long as the illusion of a separate "I", of an entity in this experience of "body-mind-world" is present, the presence of the Guru’s figure is needed.

I know this is a strong punch, a very violent blow toward the presumption, the  pride and the vanity of the "I", because ego is deeply arrogant, quite self-taught, but it can not get out of the field of ego, of duality, however great its efforts. This is because all the work in the ego is the work of the ego to the ego and by the ego. All the work in the mind is the work of the mind to the mind, by the mind, to the mind, and not out of the mind.

There is no amount of arguments, statements and affirmations that can change that, because that is so. Only God recognizes God! Only Consciousness reveals Itself as Consciousness! The mind does not get there.

No practice, no meditation technique, no kind of sadhana, none of this can manifest this Reality, because This is out of time. Sadhana may have a certain place, but this is very primary, initial. Even a real sadhana, that before the figure, the Presence of the Guru, does not represent a decisive thing either.

Therefore, if this sense of separation is there, illusion is there with all its intellectuality, ability to argue, to counter-argument, to explain, to teach, to conclude, to deduce. We are saying that this apparent entity present in the pursuit of Realization, of this Happiness is the very own impediment.

Thus, this apparent present entity with crossed arms, talking about a "non-entity", a "non-person", the illusion of the disciple and the guru, it is also in the same condition. The thing is very simple, very basic. The Guru is necessary as long as the illusion is present carried with this sense of separation. 

The Guru is the necessity, because this Presence is the necessity! God is the only necessity, because He is the only Reality, the only Truth!  Everything else is beliefs, concepts, ideas, conclusions, spiritualistic opinions, philosophical conclusions, advaits or neo-advaitas conclusions, and so on. In Satsang we are dealing with the end of the sense of separation, of this illusion of "someone" located within the body here as this body; we are dealing with the end of this belief/feeling. 

We are dealing with the unlimited Consciousness, That which is the basis of all apparitions, of all and any experience. It is the end, the "falling down" of this veil, which is the veil of separateness, of duality, of suffering, of the search, of the illusion of the “I”.

This apparent and illusory entity present, this "person” speaking of a "non-person" and that there is nothing to be done, this is something completely naive, terribly stupid. What a tremendous, baneful and great illusion!

Having understood this, it gets very clear that this apparent entity is still in pursuit of happiness and at the same time saying that there is nothing to be done. How can an apparent entity, which is still in this illusion of being "someone", of being a "person", deny the need to do something, if it is still in pursuit of happiness, peace, freedom and truth? It is just a belief.

This apparent entity is only a belief too, and it believes that there is nothing to be done, but nonetheless, it continues in duality, in the ego, in the sense of separation, unhappy, in the pursuit of happiness. So, do not argue about it ever again, for it is very stupid, a thing of a very big ego. Leave the mind alone. Stop disturbing the mind. Therefore, remember this very strongly, and you will never have problem with it anymore.

I am finishing just by repeating this: if there is this sense of separation, this sense of the "I" located here, inside the body, as this body, then, this belief, this feeling is hiding the Reality, the Truth of the Self, the Truth of Sat-Chit-Ananda, the Truth of the unlimited Consciousness.  If this is present, to say that there is nothing to be done and at the same time to continue pursuing Happiness, Peace, Love and Freedom, carrying this sense of desire and fear, it is quite senseless, stupid and naive.

OK! Let's stop now. Until the next meeting. Namaste.

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