September 14, 2017

It is essential to release this identification with the mind and body

The only thing that matters is this encounter called Satsang, which is the encounter with the Truth, with Reality.

Here, we are turned towards this Silence, which is Consciousness, which is the Real Knowledge, which in India is called Jnana. It is not about the knowledge where there is "someone" being the knower, "someone" possessing it. It is not! Jnana is Pure Knowledge, in which there is neither the knower nor the known thing. This Knowledge is Consciousness.

The word Jnana does not make much sense to Westerners. The literal meaning of the word is "knowledge", which for the Westerners means "someone" knowing something. So, there are the knower and that it is known, but it is not in that sense that we are using the word "knowledge" here. We are talking about a Perception where there is not the "perceiver", a Knowledge where there is not the "knower" and a Consciousness where there is not a "person conscious".

In your contact with the world, in this relationship, there is "someone". In fact, this "someone" is only an imagination, and this world, a perception. All objects are apparent, but you are treating this body and mind (which are also objects) as if they were being experienced by "someone". That is, you are not treating the body, or the mind, or the world just as an experience of an object. This is the whole problem! You are treating the body, the mind and the world as if they were real for this "me", for this "I". As if they were life itself, the "real life".

Your "real life" is something it is being seen in that way. You do not see that these are just apparitions and you believe this is your real life, the real life of this "I", of this "me". So, you are in this illusion: "I am in the body and this is my life". Whatever happens to the body or to the world you consider that it is something real, your life.

Because of that, you are attaching yourself to this identification, to this idea of being someone who lives a human and personal history. All your histories are personal (in fact, they are only memories, remembrances, beliefs and thoughts), and this gives to you the illusory sense of a present "I". So, everything that is happening in "your history" is happening in "your life", which represents the illusion of this present identity, of this "I" present inside the body.

We get confused with the mind and body, and we say, "I!" Realization is the end of this illusion - from the illusion "I am the body", "I am in the world" and this whole history is "my history".

Your True Nature is Consciousness, is Pure Knowledge! Your Real Nature is beyond birth and death! Your Real Nature has no history and it is not attached to time! Your True Nature is Sat-Chit-Ananda! Your True Nature is Meditation! Meditation is You in the Natural State, which is Presence, which is impersonality, which is beyond time!                             
It is essential to release this history, this identification with the mind, with the body, and to recognize yourself. In this recognition, there is only Pure Knowledge and not a "somebody" in it. When This is present, there is only this Perception, this Pure Knowledge, and this is Freedom, Truth, Happiness, Love. At this point, you are no longer confused with objects, such as the body, as the mind or as the world. You are aware of this Reality, of this Perception. 

Everything you see in the world is just an idea about it. Everything you see, all your personal experience, is just a thought about it, in which you confuse yourself, identify with and, therefore, you suffer.

I know that your house, your car, your children and your family seem very real, but they only appear when you remember them. When you remember, this shows up. In deep sleep, this does not appear, and when you do not talk about them, they disappear, because they are only apparitions that thought brings as a remembrance.

Right now, I mentioned the car and you remembered there is a car. Before that, you did not remember that you had a car, it was not there... They are apparitions that arise with the thought.

You always live and remain as Consciousness, and there is nothing in It, there is no one unless the thought brings something and says it is there. Your world is thought. Even the emotional pain of losing someone needs the memory to be felt. Without the remembrance, there is no pain, no suffering. This is your world, the world that thought makes it appear to this particular "I", that "me". It is always this "I" in its particular history that suffers.

If someone steals your friend's car, it will not worry you, but if it is your car, it will worry you. In fact, until you know they have stolen your car, you are not worried. Only when you find out this, you get concerned. This is your interpretation of the world. So, your world, your history and your suffering are personal. This sense of "person" sustains the suffering, the sense of separation, the sense of duality - "I and the world". Even the love you feel is related to this imagination. This love is not real! Everything you know, experience, feel is related to the history of this "you"... but this "you" is the illusion.

*Transcribed from a speech on an online meeting in the evening of April 17 th , 2017. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. BRT (Brasília Time Zone)
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