September 11, 2017

The art of Being is to remain as pure Consciousness

What do we investigate in these meetings? That what we intimately know about ourselves. Yes... it sounds paradoxical. We investigate, we explore what we already know to be in ourselves.

So what is the difficulty? The difficulty is that we confuse what we are with the thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions that pass in this mechanism, in this body-mind. Thus, we discard, we despise what we are intimately. When we do this, we attach ourselves to this illusion of a limited and personal entity trapped in time and space.

Then, realize that it is basically this: we explore, investigate what we know that is in ourselves, but we despise it because we are constantly - as a matter of conditioning - attached to an "I", which is the imagination of the thought about ourselves. It may sound quite curious and funny as well. How can we do this? Only the Grace explains.

Consciousness is that what is there, present, conscious of Itself, as pure Being. In order to explore this Consciousness, it is necessary to disidentify ourselves from the thought, the feeling, the emotion, the sensation of this "I". It is necessary to disidentify ourselves from this "me", to let this "me" go, which is this identification with the thought, with the feeling, with the emotion, with the sensation, with this experience of this "someone" that you believe to be.

This Consciousness, this Reality that we are is aware of Itself, free from the illusion "I am the body", "I am a person inside the body - a limited person, located in space and time". This is an illusion! What is this present here, in that moment, now, that can recognize the thought, the feeling, the sensation, the emotion and the body? Of course, it is this Consciousness. If It can recognize it, It is something separate from it.

Notice that the thought cannot recognize the Consciousness, but It can recognize the thought. The body cannot recognize the Consciousness, but It can recognize the presence of the body, the sensation in the body, the emotion in the body, in this organism. There is something that can perceive the presence of this whole process. That something is the Consciousness.

Therefore, this Consciousness is aware of Itself, while the body is not aware of itself, the thought is not aware of itself... The emotion is a phenomenon, but it is not aware of itself, neither is the sensation.

However, Consciousness is aware of this whole process. It is independent and free from all this process. Consciousness recognizes Itself - It is aware of being aware. Notice how simple this is and that there is a logic that you cannot disapprove.

Here, the art of Being - which represents this Liberation - is to remain as pure Consciousness. As I said, you have despised this Consciousness and you have been confusing yourself with the thought, with the emotion, with the feeling... You have given to it a particular, individual and personal identity. This is a fantasy, a belief! There is no such entity! There is only Consciousness! It is IT that is present and aware of this whole process. So, this Liberation is to assume That, this Reality that You are. This is Meditation!

This Consciousness, this Presence is uncaused; it is not located and remains as pure Being. Notice that this speech, like all of the speeches in Satsang, is an invitation to Meditation. Satsang is Meditation!

As long as you listen to me, there is no "you", because this "You" is this Consciousness; It is not this "you" placed in time and space. It is this "You" as Consciousness, Consciousness in Itself, with Itself, in this communing, in this sharing, in this experiencing of this unique Reality about Itself, in Itself, which is Meditation.

So, there is no "you", there is  only "You"! This is the Beauty of Satsang, the Grace of Satsang, the Presence in Satsang. The Presence in Satsang is the Grace, it is the Beauty of the Truth, of the Consciousness, which is Meditation.

This ever present Being is what it sometimes is called Awakening, or Enlightenment. This is Meditation, it is Liberation! The Truth is beautiful! This moment is the moment of Truth, something experiential, something real, your Being, without any knowledge, any theory, any belief about it.

This Consciousness, this Presence, this Truth, this Reality, this Self is this vast Space where everything appears, where objects, body, mind, sensations appear, where feelings and experiences take place.

You are this Consciousness! You are this unlimited Space!

We are facing this Reality, which is: I AM!

*Transcribed from a speech on an online meeting in the evening of January 27th, 2017
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