September 7, 2017

This is always present, it is immutable.

All objects in this dream called "human life", "conscious life" (here, "conscious" is to think about, which in reality is an overlap; just this. The thought is an overlap, a thought “about” these apparitions), all this is a tremendous illusion and it is necessary to let it go, to get rid of it. This is called Awakening! Therefore, all these present objects are made only by Consciousness, in Consciousness. There are no objects as objects. Objects are Consciousness!

I am not saying that objects do not exist; I am saying that they exist, but as an apparition, which is Consciousness. It is not the illusion of the sense of "not appearing," only the illusion in the sense that "there is a separate existence". There is no separate existence! Every existence presupposes a present Consciousness, because all existence presupposes the manifestation of that Unique expression, which appears in this shape or in  that, in this way or in that. There is no object with autonomy and right, with independence of Reality. Every object, every apparition arises dependent on Consciousness; it arises in Consciousness, as Consciousness. Nothing is real in itself; everything is real In that which makes everything real. Therefore, You are real, but In That what makes you real. You are real, but In That which is your Reality.

As a character, as a concept, as a figure with a name, a shape and a story, you are a fraud. You do not exist! If you do not exist, you do not have freedom, you do not have autonomy, you do not have Consciousness; you are absolutely nothing! You are nothingness that creates the illusion of your own reality and this illusion of your own reality, which this nothingness creates; these are problems, suffering, maya. What is conceived as an object, without exception, has a name and a shape; this shape is changing and this name is being forgotten, because when the shape changes the name is forgotten. Everything that loses its shape, or changes its shape, loses its name and is forgotten. This change of shape we call death or disappearance; the forgetting of this name we call the end of memory. But every object, every apparition has the same Nature, Reality, Truth and Substance - This is always present, it is immutable.

Every experience, in its Real Nature, True Nature, is always the same ... It is always this present Consciousness, like the images we watch on movies. The substance, the nature, the quality, the basis of the apparitions, is the screen and this does not change. This is the unique nature of every experience going on there. However, the images are changing shape, losing name and other names, and other shapes are arising. Everything is changing! These images seem to be born, to grow, to evolve, to become ill, to grow old, and to die. They seem to have movements "from point A to point B", they seem to be clear, dark, go up and down, but the nature of Reality, the present Nature of that unique experience, where everything is happening, does not change. It remains unchanged! This Screen is like this.

Is that clear, people?

You are giving too much importance to the history, to the movement, to the appearance and disappearance. At times you are proud of your children, your husbands, your grandchildren; next moment, you are disappointed, frustrated, angry, wanting to get rid of them. So, you stay in this thing, in the "story of someone" in a context, occupied with the movie, with that apparition. When you do this, you separate yourself as an experiencer, experiencing frustration or pride, joy or sadness, pleasure or pain, satisfaction or dissatisfaction, feeling successful or unsuccessful within events, happenings, in everything that happens or seems to happen around you. When you do that, you abandon, because you cannot take on the Truth that there is nothing happening in That what you are. It is just a game of ego-consciousness, of the egoic consciousness; a play of the egoic mind, of that illusory sense of "someone", who is retaining the idea of ​​"being someone", holding these images - total inattention!

You are mistaking yourself for thoughts, feelings, external and internal impressions of images, imaginations of "what should" and "should not" be, what could or could not be, what should have been and so on. Meditation is necessary, which is Consciousness, which is to assume your Reality of not caring, not identifying and not mistaking yourself for thoughts and beliefs, for beliefs-feelings, for feelings-thoughts, for thoughts-feelings.

Let's end here! Thanks for the meeting! Namastê!

* Second Excerpt from a speech transcribed from an online meeting at the night of November 21st, 2016. Access our agenda, on our website, and schedule to be with us:,on line meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10p.m. - download Paltalk App and participate!

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