September 19, 2017

Your problem is the illusion there is a world separate from God

This is always a unique moment for each of you. This is a moment of Reality, of Truth, of Presence, of Grace... it is a moment of God in your life, a moment of Awakening! In this Awakening, everything comes naturally. Without the Awakening, there is only illusion - the illusion about it were not here what it is already here.

Ramana used to say that the man is sheltered under a shadow, a beautiful shadow. However, he moves away from this shadow, this soft, fresh shadow, and he begins to walk under the sun. Until one day he realizes that it is not worth staying under the hot sun, suffering because of all the heat. Then, this man returns... He returns to the shadow and there again he sits down and rests. The shadow was never far from him. He has only moved away from his origin, his place, his true nature. This is the whole game! Here the game happens! 

There was a girl who lived in a house of prostitution, and when she used to open the window in the morning, she always saw a preacher across the street. Every day he was there. He stood in front of the market talking about the virtues of God and human sins, pointing to that house.

That preacher condemned all sins. He was a man who considered himself righteous, very pure, so saint. Then, the girl began to listen more closely to those words and began to feel great sorrow from inside. She began to lament, saying in her heart with tears in her eyes: "My mother lived here... I was born here. I wish so much I had a different destiny, to be a spiritual person like that preacher, but I am a sinner. How I wish I had another destiny! How I want to have the freedom and happiness of that man who is speaking of the virtues of God! "

The years have passed, both got old and died. When they presented themselves before Saint Peter, the preacher was already beating his chest and said, “Saint Peter, here I am! I have always spoken of the virtues of God! I am ready! Because of my righteousness, purity and holiness, I am ready to enter heaven!” Saint Peter turned to him and said: “Hey! Wait! Your place is not here!” Having said that, he raised his arms and a door opened... There was fire everywhere! “That is where you have to go!” said Saint Peter.

The man got surprised and shouted: “But, it is not possible!!! What is it?! What injustice is that?! I have spent my whole life proclaiming the divine virtues!! What am I going to do in hell?” “That's the point!” exclaimed Saint Peter, and then he turned to the lady: “My daughter, come here.” The man, understanding nothing at all, asked: “What do you want with this lady?”, and Saint Peter replied: "You have spent your whole life seeing many sinners, seeing yourself as a saint before them, but this lady spent her life, since she first heard it, still very young, with her heart turned to God!” Therefore, Saint Peter received that woman in heaven.

The point is that nobody is a sinner, nobody is a sufferer. Likewise, nobody is righteous, nobody is holy. When you are in Satsang, you have the opportunity to look at what you are and to discover your Real Nature, the Truth about you.

Thought tells you that you are a sinner or you are righteous; that you are healthy or sick, poor or rich, wise or foolish, great or small... The thought tells you that you are this or that, whether it is a girl or a boy, a man or a woman, a child or a young man, a mother, a daughter... The thought tells you that you are Brazilian, American, Japanese, white, black... The thought tells you all of this!

To discover What you are, the Truth about you, the Reality about yourself is to go beyond the illusion of being “someone”, having a name, a form, being somewhere, belonging to some group, country, family, religion... It is necessary to let this go and to discover yourself in your True Nature, in your Reality, as pure Consciousness, as pure Divine Presence, as pure Truth, as pure Freedom, as pure Happiness! Satsang shows you What you are!

Satsang means “encounter with Reality”, “encounter with the Truth”, “encounter with your Self”, which is beyond birth and death; beyond religion, nationality, social and physical condition; beyond time and space. Pure Consciousness! Pure Being! Your nature is Love, it is Wisdom, it is Beatitude!

You see the other in the form because the thought says the other has a shape. When you no longer see yourself as a person, you do not valorize people anymore; when you stop seeing yourself in the form, you no longer valorize the form, any form. Then, your look is the look of God! In fact, God sees nothing but Himself everywhere, because there is only Him! This multiplicity of forms is apparent for the thought, not for the Nature, the Essence of these apparitions, That where all of this appears.

All the conditioning you have received over the years has been  taken place for you to valorize the story of this character that you believe to be in that context, with many characters around you, those you also believe to exist.

In these talks, I am inviting you to look from the Essential Nature of all apparitions, in order to make this pattern of conditioning (that format based on mental beliefs, on programmings that have been given to you) fall away, disappear! Therefore, you can deal with life as it is!

The apparitions do not seem as reality now, because the reality now is That where all this is showing up. Therefore, the world, the body and the mind are no longer real. Their reality is the reality of this Consciousness present in these apparitions. So, the body and the world are real in This that makes everything real. When everything is real in This that you are, nothing is separate from you. This is Liberation! When It is present, suffering ends, because the illusion of being “someone”, of having a separate world for this “someone” ends. The notion of heaven and hell, sacred and profane, preacher and prostitute disappears!

You can see the world as it is, it is what you are: God! There is only God! It is Him who sees Himself by seeing the world. Your problem is not the absence of God! This is not the problem of the world! God is not lacking in the world, neither is at fault with the world. Your problem is the illusion that there is a world separate from God. Your problem is the illusion that you exist as "someone" who may have problems in a world that is separate from you.

So, the man moves away from the shadow and goes to the heat of the sun. He walks, walks, walks... as He could not stand the heat anymore, he returns to the shadow again. However, he was under the shadow! You have always been there! You have never left the shadow, this rest, this relaxation, this freshness, this sweetness that is the Divine, which is God! You have never left Him! You have never been away from Him! You cannot, you never could and you can never go away from Yourself! All this separation is just an illusion - the illusion of that conditioning you have received, which makes you believe that you are a person with particular things and matters to solve.

* Transcribed from an online meeting in the night of November 4th, 2016 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m . BRT (Brasília Time Zone)
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