October 31, 2017

Happiness is not the accomplishment of desires

We are dealing with something simple, but at the same time, deeply challenging. We are dealing with you about the art of Happiness. Satsang is this, and It represents the abandonment of the illusion of the sense of the "person" present. It is important that you remember that life happens without "you" and those thoughts, feelings, all of that is part of life, as well as actions, which are apparently the result of these thoughts and feelings.

What we are saying is that it is not a matter of trying to cooperate with life or trying to create the conditions for happiness, hoping everything to be auspicious. Things do not always have to be perfect as you expect them to be. The perfection you expected in what happens is only a belief, a projection of desire. You cannot expect anything from life, because "expecting" means creating an expectation to be miserable.

Happiness is neither the accomplishment of desires nor the fulfillment of expectations. Happiness is Being! Life is what it is, and that is Being. There is not the sense of "anyone" in Being. I did not say, "to be anything", "to be happy"... Being is Happiness, but it is not being happy! The sense of "person" is always miserable, no matter what it accomplishes in life, because this accomplishment is still part of its misery. You cannot look at the Truth as a mall, where you go shopping and there you get everything you want… you eat in the food court, shop in the clothing stores, buy toys and so on... And now you are "happy"!

Do not look at life as a mall. It does not have what you want, because your desire is miserable and life does not know misery. Everybody seeks Happiness, but they confuse Truth, Life, with a great market where they can get everything they want.

It is not getting what you want that you will be happy, but exactly the opposite: it is no longer desiring, abandoning the sense of "someone" present who desires - this "someone" you believe to be and always misses something: family , success, health, clothing, friendships... This sense of lack is only possible when the sense of the "I" is present, and that is to be miserable.

In Satsang, we are dealing with something simple and profound. Simple because it is easy to get close to it by the word; profound because we have to investigate deeply the illusory nature of this egoic mind, this sense of the “I”. In Satsang, your thoughts, feelings, emotions and all forms of beliefs - at whatever level they appear, inside your head or what you call the "heart" - are discarded. None of this is so important to Be.
To be something, you need to have things, and that makes you a miserable “person”, because there is always fear, dependence, anxiety, worry and suffering. To Be, however, the end of desire is what matters, as well as about the end of ambition, expectation, the search for something, the pursuit of something.

Therefore, Realization is not "accomplishment". Realization is to be here, without future, without expectations, without desires. Then, Happiness reveals itself with the Truth, and definitely it is not a market, where you get everything you want. It is present in Meditation, which is to assume the Truth about yourself; it is to live without the past and the future; it is to have the heart and the mind completely free. So, emotions, thoughts, feelings and physical sensations are simple experiences without "someone" inside fantasizing, imagining and calculating attached to this movement.

Thus, in Satsang, we discover the beauty of living free from the "person" and, of course, from the conflicts it produces by reason of its desires, ambitions and fears. So, Life is what it is! It is not there as a market waiting for you. There is neither separation nor distance between Being and Life... That is Completeness, Wholeness, Happiness.

The question that arises is: "How do I keep going to work, making money, paying bills, taking care of kids and family?" The answer to that question is: there is not "you"! This is the movement of Life! This goes very well without "you" - without anxiety, expectation, desire and, of course, without fear.

Give yourself total Freedom! Give yourself total Peace, total Intelligence, total Truth and total Love! Give yourself the absence of "yourself". This is Realization, but it is not the realization of "anyone" ... It is only Realization! No one realizes [the Self], but the Realization is possible. This is Enlightenment! No one attain enlightenment, but Enlightenment is possible when "you" are not [present], when "what it is" is What it Is! That is all!

*Originally published in Portuguese in July 29, 2017
**Speech transcribed from a meeting via Paltalk on May 26th, 2017
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