October 4, 2017

The only thing that really matters is to find yourself

The only thing that really matters to you is to find yourself. Deep down, everything you do, or have done, or intends to do is to meet yourself.

Everything you have done in life is to find Happiness, but This is not something resulted of an external fulfillment. That means you are in the pursuit of yourself, but you do not know. The path that culture, society, the world has given to you was this movement towards outside. It is necessary to turn into yourself, to leave the street and to go back home. The mind only knows exteriority, it only knows the outside. While the mind only knows the outside, something in you only knows the inside.

There is something in you that is the basis of all external apparitions, which sustains all these outward appearances, but It does not confused Itself with them. There is something in you deeply rooted in this interiority. This something in you is this inner Presence, which does not despise the outside, but It does not get lost in it. It is the Core, the indescribable Space of pure Presence ... It is the "Heart"!

Mind means exteriority and misery; Heart represents Presence, Consciousness and Happiness. All your real wealth is inside home, not on the street. The only real thing present, here and now, is this Presence beyond mind and body. This can not be touched by death, and It has not been touched by birth either.

By going outside, leaving home, you have confused yourself with the body, with the mind and with the projects of an external accomplishment, and as a person, as a separate entity, you have become impoverished, confusing yourself with the experience "body-mind-world." You are living in poverty.

In this illusion that you have been born, you carry this illusion of falling ill, getting old and dying. You carry the illusion "I am the body," "I am in the world," and this is not true. This is the illusion of being on the outside, away from home, of being "someone" in the world, of being on the street.

When you come to me, when you listen to my words, or look into my eyes, in that instant, I talk to that interiority, this richness of your Real Nature. In that sense, there is no one talking, there is no one listening. It is Richness meeting Itself, the Heart meeting Itself, Interiority meeting Itself. It is God with Himself! You are God, but you see yourself as a person, outside of your True Nature. Outside of your Essential Nature, you see yourself on the street, you see yourself thrown onto the street, looking for something outside, looking for wealth that is not there.

You want to be healthier, to have more money, more stuff... Everyone wants to win the lottery! You want more power, you want to do something for the world, for others, you want to help humanity, you want to save the planet, you want to leave your name in history, you want to be remembered, recognized, important, famous... On the street, you always want something . On the outside, you always look for more, and this is always more of the same, more of the same things that everyone seeks, more, more, more ...

Happiness is not having more, it is not more power, it is not doing more, it is not gaining more. Happiness is only Happiness, and in it, there is no "you" and there is no “more.” Happiness is the absence of this "you,” of this illusion of being on the outside looking for something. Whoever is “something” has something to lose. Whoever is not “something” has nothing to have and therefore has nothing to lose.

So, my invitation to you is: leave the street, go back home. People are dying, but when people die, they are not coming home, they are only continuing their personal histories, personal dreams, the dreams of this illusory entity - the street remains. It is necessary to die, but to die truly. Truth means coming home, letting go of this illusion of being "someone" sustained, attached, holding, or looking for things. When you die like that, you only die once. That means dying to the past, dying to the future, dying to things, people and geographical places; Leave the time.

*Originally published in Portuguese in May 10, 2017
** Excerpt from a talk transcribed from an online meeting on the night of April, 26, 2017.
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