October 20, 2017

The seeker is blind

We have something to investigate very paradoxical in this meeting. I have observed that when people come to Satsang, their intention is to get rid of suffering, which may seem quite natural at first. When they arrive at this meeting, they hear that the cause of suffering is the illusion of a present entity. Then, when they discover that the cause of suffering is the illusion of a present entity, this so-called "I", the ego, they put into their heads that now it is necessary to get rid of this "I," this ego. That is what I have observed. It seems reasonable that you now seek this liberation. So, you want to free yourself from the ego since it is the cause of suffering.

And here we face a very delicate subject: you cannot free yourself from the ego! You want to free yourself from the ego because you are suffering, but this suffering is the ego itself, and now it wishes to get rid of itself. That is why the subject of Liberation, or Realization, or Enlightenment is a very delicate subject.

Usually, the person approaches this in a personal way, and then, the person wants to get rid of the "person", the ego wants to get rid of the ego with the dualistic mind, with the sense of the present duality. The point here is: all this movement only strengthens the sense of a present entity. This is not the answer, this is not the path. That is why you can spend your whole life listening to speeches, gathering information about It, and also having experiences because of some meditation practice. However, in the end, this does not result in anything, because the mind is never going to get rid of the mind; the ego is never going get rid of the ego.

All this movement is from the illusion, by the illusion, in favor of the illusion. This movement is the search, a great trap that the egoic mind has created. It disguises itself and falls into its own trap, pretending it wants to escape from the trap. It seems it wants to break free, but its movement is a movement against it. Thus, the movement of the search only strengthens the seeker.

We are living a moment particularly in Brazil where there are many seekers, but they are blind seekers. The blind seeker is the one who walks in the dark. When a blind man walks, he bumps into many objects if he does not have a guide; if there are holes, he can easily fall into them. The search is something like this: a walk in the dark, a road full of holes and no light on it. This is the movement of the "I", of the ego, in the search.

Therefore, being a seeker means nothing. The seeker is a blind man! The point is that everyone loves this search thing, getting entertained with it - reading books, watching videos, etc., these are just entertainments. This is like to be blind and walk in the dark, on a road full of holes. You do not need the search! You need this self-inquiry, self-observation. So, it is not about looking for It in speeches, videos, books or jumping from guru to guru, which is also entertainment. In this way, you are looking for distractions. The work is completely different. The work is in the surrender, in the surrender of the “I” through this self-investigation, which is this self-observation, in a real devotion to God, to the Truth, which is the Real surrender to the Guru. So, the Guru outside, at this moment and only then, is the same Guru inside you. Then, there is neither outside nor inside.

Thus, this self-investigation is the observation of this movement of the egoic mind occupied with its desires, predilections, choices, dissatisfaction, anger, fear, focused on the accomplishment of pleasures, on the pursuit of entertainments, amusements, anyhow, with this whole willingness to a worldly and undisciplined life. Observe that the egoic mind is with its whole energy turned towards the exteriority, in a complete inattention, interested in stupid things such as being engaged in movements of social and political reactivity...

This self-investigation is the work, and it is not a matter of seeking the end of the "I", feeding the "I" with what it desires, such as spirituality, knowledge, experiences and all this sort of things. Here, it is a matter of looking at this, at this impulse, this addicted movement of going outside, of seeking fulfillment and external accomplishments, of being identified with thoughts, with what is rubbish.

If you are serious about it, you will learn to look at that sense of "someone" present, this "me", that “I”, and all the stupidity that it desires, and you will give it up. No matter how much spiritual knowledge you have, if your mind is full of stupid thoughts, if you are constantly yielding to the caprices of the stupidity of this thought. If so, this is not your time yet.

All that I just have said to you is the very action of the Grace... It is paving the way. If your home is already clean and tidy, then you can already receive a guest just as a paved way can receive a plant able to flourish. This "house" can receive a guest, the visitation of Awakening, and that is the germination and flourishing of this Truth. So, you leave the search, abandon the sense of the "seeker" and look at yourself, at all this inner disorder, this mess, to put your “house” in order and pave the way. Then, the Truth, which is already present, can flourish. Talking about a present Truth without this self-investigation, this surrender, this rendition is a great illusion. This is being a blind seeker.

* Talk transcribed from a meeting via Paltalk in June 21st, 2017
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