October 17, 2017

The world created by thought

The thought has created this world. Everything that your eyes are seeing here, in this room, has been created by the thought. This outfit you are wearing was designed by thought ... some things the thought produces, materializes, it gives a physical form, palpable; other things, it does not materialize in the physical form, palpable, but it materializes in the form of sensations, feelings, emotions and subjective experiences. This is your world: The world created by thought.

There is nothing external, which is not internal; there is nothing outside, which is not inside. What do I mean by that? That your world is mental; a particular mental world for the illusion of “someone” present in this experience called thought. Do you follow it up? Can you see? What are you feeling right now? Result of thoughts! The thought materializes and makes palpable, visible, the objects outside and it turns real the sensations inside. So what you feel is not reliable, because it is just a thought.

What are we doing in Satsang? We are affirming the Reality of Consciousness and It does not know the world. Do you believe that God knows the world? Some days ago, I was asked who has created this, if it were the mind or if it were God. I thought it a very interesting question. Mind is a word, God is a word, Consciousness is a word. Thought can imagine these three things as distinct things and separate things, but everything is what it produces. It is in the thought everything appears and disappears. But what is it prior to this? What is it prior to and that is during and after? What name can you give to that?

We are investigating the substance of apparitions, which is beyond duality, beyond the thought – which means that it is beyond feelings, emotions, sensations, body and mind. This is where all conflict, suffering and fear end, because the outside and the inside disappear.

The problems are not in the apparitions, they are not the people, they are not in the world, they are not out there, but they are in the illusion that is inside. So what is out there is inside there. There is nothing that needs to be changed that is no longer changing, but there is not anybody doing it. That is, there is nothing being done by somebody or by a new system, because everything is only happening in a natural way. The changes are happening, everything that has to happen is already happening, but it does not have a group, an organization or a movement doing it.
You have spent a lot of time identified with the mind, which means being indentified with thought, with the illusion of this inner side, seeing things that are only in the imaginary of the thought. Being identified means bringing a subjective meaning to the experience. If I believe to understand the meaning of this experience, it is because of this subjectivity – To be identified with this “someone” who knows what is happening outside, which in fact, is only a projection of what the thought is imagining inside.

Another aspect of this identification with thought is sadness. If you have already had a moment of sadness in your life, at that moment you were immersed in a subjectivity of conclusion about an event, which produced this state that you called sad; that is to be identified. There is no sadness in the Natural State. You will never find a sad Sage, because sadness requires a lot of imagination, subjectivity and identification.

Depression, for example, is an acute case of sadness. When sadness comes to a gravest, scathing and strong point, you call it depression. It is an acute case of sadness, that is, of extreme imagination, for a supposed entity present in the experience of this pain of disappointment, of the frustration, of the abandonment, of stress, for which it cannot find the exit. Do you understand now what it means to be indentified? It is to be stuck to this experience as an entity present, so fixed, glued, glued to it, that you become one with this pain, which is purely subjective, psychological; which is purely egoic. So, you become unique, very special.

Why do not I feel sorry for the depressed, the anxious one? Because I cannot do anything by keeping consensus with the illusion ... It is the pure illusion of someone very important, very special, who can be in such an absolute sorrow, that the whole world has to work and he does not; the whole world has to take care of things from day to day and he can retire in the dark room and cry, asking others for medicine and help. The sense of importance is so great that he has to catch the eye of the world saying: "I am an emperor, a king, in my pain, and I do not have to work, take care of life, pay the bills... I do not need to do anything! It is enough to be lying down here and the world will meet all my requests. Everyone will look at me; they will consider me and recognize that this case here is a lost case. I deserve the whole attention of the world!”

You do this on several scales. Here I am pointing to the extreme scale of depression: In the dark room (light off, window closed), with an enormous amount of medicines at your side and a lot of people worried about trying to rescue you from the world, which is a fantasy.

 *Originally published on the official Portuguese blog in April 19, 2017
**Excerpt from a speech that took place during the carnival retreat on February 2017, 
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