October 26, 2017

What is the origin of every human’s conflict and suffering?

At this point, you have the clear sense of listening to this speech. What you do not question is whether listening to this speech is actually happening to someone. Therefore, the common belief is that there is an entity present in this experience of listening. This phenomenon of listening is nothing more than a physical phenomenon. The sound waves reach the tympanum and produce information to the brain, a message that interprets in the form of words or thoughts. However, this phenomenon of listening is only a phenomenon of Consciousness, and this does not make real the existence of someone present in that listening. It is only a physical phenomenon.

However, the central idea is, "I am present," "I listen," "I agree," or "I disagree with what I am listening," "he is right," or "he is wrong." Another thought also arises saying, "this speech is very interesting." However, the central idea is that all this comes from you, that there is someone present in this experience of listening. That is, what you are doing in this meeting tonight is not to question the truth of the experience, but the truth of the existence of someone present in it. All conflict, every human’s suffering, is basically based on the illusion that there is an entity present in the experience, whether in the experience of speaking, listening, thinking, feeling, doing or not doing anything.

This idea of being present, this idea of the “I,” of “me,” of ego-consciousness, is a conditioning that you have received since childhood, but this does not exist. "Your" consciousness is not particular to this organism, to that body. Therefore, this phenomenon of hearing is not a particular phenomenon, but a phenomenon of Consciousness, in Consciousness, by Consciousness and for Consciousness. What I am saying, in other words, is that there is neither "I" here speaking nor "you" there listening; it is just one movement, a single phenomenon. There is only one Presence making this apparition possible.

It is like a wave in the ocean... This ocean is Consciousness and this little wave is this phenomenon. There is no separation between the wave and the ocean, between the phenomenon and where it happens, appears, or - going a little further - seems to appear, seems to happen, because, in reality, your mind is this phenomenon, this apparition.

So, Satsang is only an invitation to investigate the reality of this "you" before life, before existence. Your True Nature is Consciousness; it is not a personal thing. It does not have a "person" present; it has only the appearance of this body-mind phenomenon (sensations, thoughts, emotions, perceptions). The "person" is an illusion, that is, the personal identity with a name, a form and a history is an illusion. This is the beauty of Satsang (Sanskrit word meaning "encounter with What is," "encounter with Reality, with Truth"). This deconstruction or the collapse of this illusion of an “I” is something possible before a real work, a true work.

Your only real Freedom, as Consciousness, is Being, and Being is Happiness! Consciousness is this absolute Intelligence, not verbal, not intellectual, not conceptual. This Consciousness, this absolute Intelligence, is beyond duality, beyond this sense of good and bad, cause and effect, goodness and badness... Consciousness is beyond this "I and the world," this duality of an experimenter present in the experience of the world as if the world were the experience of "someone," of this "me," of this "I,” "of this "person." Therefore, a true approach, which is this face-to-face approach in Satsang, brings this Awakening, revealing so this profound Silence, this deep Consciousness, this profound Reality.

Thus, Being is Consciousness, which is Happiness! That is the nature of Realization! To the Jnani, the one who attained awakening, who is in his Being, as Consciousness, Happiness, there is no conflict, fear and suffering. You were born for It - for Happiness, for Consciousness, for Being! However, as soon as this body-mind appears in this scenario [birth], you are overcome by this conditioning, by that belief, this illusion, by this model, this pattern of thinking, feeling. It is necessary to go beyond this conditioning, beyond this duality. You have to assume the Truth about yourself.

This constant search for peace, love, happiness, and freedom on the outside, in things, in people, in places, it is this illusion that ends. That is when the illusion of the identification with the body ends - identification with this idea of being a boy or a girl, man or woman, a young man or a young woman, an old man or an old woman... Then, when that is over, the Truth reveals Itself.

The Truth is this Supreme Freedom, this Love, this Supreme Happiness, which is possible in this Consciousness, which is absolute Intelligence, which is Being! Thus, the Truth reveals Itself in this Being, which is Consciousness, Happiness, Freedom, Love... It reveals itself in this Happiness, which is Consciousness, Freedom. Notice that we are talking about Being-Consciousness-Happiness, a single Presence, the Presence of your Being, your True Nature, which is this Silence, this Grace, which is another word for Beauty, Love, Truth.

After all, who is the one who suffers? Once you identify with the mind, suffering is present. In Satsang, you are invited to go beyond the illusion of the “I,” of separateness, of duality, of suffering. In fact, it is not the body that suffers; the body has pains. Suffering is something psychological, something from this sense of the "I," the mind. You have been getting confused with the body, and it is in the mind that you get confused with it.

*Originally published in June 28, 2017
**Talk transcribed from a meeting via Paltalk on March 15th, 2017
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