November 30, 2017

Investigate this deeply

After all, what do we do in Satsang?

Satsang is a moment in which you have the opportunity to discover the limitation that you place yourself in. This is something basically simple to be noticed and a little complicated to be abandoned. We can even theorize about this and there are many people doing it. This is something that has become quite common - there are many people knowing about this subject; there is a lot of theory being popularized, propagated, divulged.

It is necessary to have an approach of deep discernment or you will continue deceiving yourself or being deceived, because only theory and knowledge are not enough. This is like knowing how to fly a virtual plane on the screen of your video game... You get your little plane on the computer screen and you can pilot it, play at making war, at being a pilot on a warplane. Similarly, you can play with the spiritual knowledge, or Advaita, or Neo Advaita. You can know all about it, and yet you still feel like a separate entity and, deep down, secretly still be "somebody" pretending to be nobody.

I have been talking a lot about this with people who are coming to me; because we are in a moment where the "wisdom" of Vedanta is widely publicized on the internet (there are a lot of people learning about it). Once you learn, you already know Vedanta theory, this subject becomes very interesting and you also start talking about it. Some talk about football, others talk about politics, and others talk about God's Realization, as if This were the easiest thing in the world.

So, you mistake what is simple with what is easy... It is something simple, but it is not easy. It requires work in yourself, a deep investigation of the Nature of Being. Why am I telling you this? Because I see this happening! It is necessary deep honesty, sincerity, and clarity of purpose for real work to happen. I have found some quite rushed... They arrive in Satsang, attend three or four face-to-face meetings, get annoyed at something, go away, they evidently keep reading and studying the subject, and then they soon start talking about it too.

Realization is your Natural State, where, in fact, real and truly, there is no more conflict, suffering, illusion. So, I recommend you to be very honest about it and to investigate, honest, what has created that sense of limitation and is maintaining that false identity present therein. My first recommendation for you all is: investigate this deeply, preferably in silence. One of the basic things, in this real work, is silence.

In the first contact with my Master, with my Guru, I was only 24 years old, and only 21 years later, when the sense of separation finally ended (I don’t know how to explain or put into words the reason why), it came to me this impulse of sharing it. There was no choice, no personal determination, no desire or ambition for power to do this - which is very common in the ego. That is why I have recommended to those who come close to me “to leave the seed on earth"... You put a seed in the ground and you do not dig all the time to see if it has already germinated; you leave the seed there, in silence, and one day it germinates and fructifies by an action of Grace.

Worse than being identified with the sense of a present "I", of living with that sense of self-identity, it is to have a spiritual ego, an "enlightened" ego. This widespread dissemination of spiritual knowledge, due to the globalization of information through the internet, has facilitated this. The nature of the ego is to be ambitious, to seek power, to desire recognition, and this is very complicated. Christ himself said that when a blind man guides another blind man both fall into a hole; the blind cannot be the guide of another blind. So, Christ himself warned against the false prophets, who are the gurus today, and this is already very common in Europe and in several countries around the world. Today there is much knowledge, much is being learned and the intellect can learn everything.

So, I would say to you that are in this meeting, here in this room: have patience! Do not try to accelerate the river... Let the river follow the flow on its speed, naturally. In other words: dig deep, inside yourself! Observe your reactions, this inner movement! Be careful with this trap of your convictions or other's conviction... Do not fall in this trap! After all, it is your life and not the the others’ life. Discover Your Real Nature, the Truth About Yourself! Go beyond duality!

In this sense, Silence is important. Being on a true investigation is very important. A blind man cannot guide you without the danger of falling into the hole with you. In other words: intellectual teaching, a mere theoretical knowledge that the ego has about it, will not help you. When an ego gives the hand to another ego, both remain in the ego.

When you go to India (like us who have already been there), you also see many gurus, a lot of people teaching, a lot of people who have some experience with meditation, some contact with that Presence, and therefore also with some Presence. It is "someone" handsome! When you carry a certain Presence of God, you become beautiful! So you have a certain silence, a certain look... a divine "charm", let's call like this. However, do not be impressed with this, because it is only a spiritual ego and this is not easy to discern.

I'm saying this to you: do not assume this role, nor enter into this game with that ego that has assumed this, otherwise you will be in a trap. This realization is the result of real work in that direction. You can only take the other as far as you have gone.

What I have discovered over these years is that there is little honesty in the ego. The ego has no honesty, sincerity, and patience to accomplish This. So, what does it do? It creates this, it hypnotizes itself... What the ego believes to exist, it creates.

If you go to an insane asylum, you will discover "great characters in history" - "Adolf Hitler" will be there, "Napoleon Bonaparte", as well... One day I visited someone who was inmate and I was introduced to “Pedro Álvares Cabral”. When you believe you are Pedro Álvares Cabral you speak as Pedro Álvares Cabral; if you believe that you are Napoleon, you will speak as Napoleon. If you believe you are an enlightened, you will speak as an enlightened one. And also, if you are looking for Pedro Álvares Cabral, you will find him, just as if your desire to meet Napoleon is very big, you will find "your" Napoleon... It is the search for something fast, without patience, without honesty, without sincerity. So are the two sides of the same coin. This coin is the trap of the ego.

I want to recommend you this: go inside! Be sincere, honest and patient! Surrender to Grace, to your Divine Truth, to God, and He will lead you. If you have this - sincerity, honesty, patience - and a true heart for God, a sincere prayer in your heart, you will not be deceived, you will not let yourself be deceived... There is something inside you that will show you, and "this" something is your own, real and true Guru.

OK? Let's stop here! Thanks for the meeting! Namaste!

*Originally published in Portuguese in August 19, 2017
**Transcribed from a speech on an online meeting at the night of July 17th  2017.
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