November 20, 2017

Life carries no history

The basis for the revelation of the Truth is this investigation of yourself, about who you truly are. Until that moment, you are confusing yourself with the illusion of being present in this human experience, for you have been brought up to believe in it. You see yourself as an entity, a person, someone present within the body. It is necessary to go beyond this illusion!

Your conditioning says to you that you are separate, experiencing objects separate from you. The eyes see things outside; The ears are listening to sounds that come from outside; The smell also comes from the outside. That is, the senses are turned outwards, to external sensations, and this is the illusion that there is separation between the experiencer and what he experiences - the experimenter inside and the experience outside. In this way, there are subject and object, and this is not true.

All experience is happening without the experiencer; It is only the experience of this Consciousness. Without Consciousness there is no experience. It is the thought that has a story to tell about the illusion between the experimenter and the thing experienced, but thought is only an imagination, a fiction, another experience also in this Consciousness.

It is very interesting, something very important, because when it is clear, understood, even intellectually, that there is no separation between thought and thinker, observed thing and observer, who listens and what is heard, this is already a basis for us not to trust anymore this illusion there is someone present.

"Someone present" is only a conditioning, a belief. There is no "someone!" For example, here the illusion is that there is separation - "we are here and you are there". So, there would be, in this same room, in this present moment, someone or some in Brazil, others in India, others in the United States and others in Singapore, which is not true! There is only one experience happening right now, and it is this Consciousness. It takes form, sound, the "listening", the locality (Brazil, Singapore, United States, etc.) and so on, but it is the same Consciousness in its expression. A single present Reality.

We are forty-two participants in this Paltalk room [online meeting via the app Paltalk], and here we have five more in person. However, there are no "people" in this room. There is no "one" speaking and "others" listening. What we have is only the experience itself, in itself. The experience in itself is Consciousness, not an experience for "someone." It is the experience within itself, by itself, in itself. This experience is pure Consciousness, pure Presence. This is the basis for the end of duality, of the sense of separation. When there is no duality, there is no conflict, fear, and suffering. Your whole problem lies in the illusion that "you" are there in the experience of this "someone," of this "me," of that "I" ("I and my story", "I and my pain", "I and my problems").

So, the real way of dealing with thoughts is not to get confused with them. In other words, it is not to see yourself as the thinker of them.

Every problem begins because you believe in being in control, being responsible for, but if you observe closely, you will realize that thoughts happen in the same way as the rain: without any control of yours. When these thoughts happen and you believe they are yours, you get confused with the story they tell and, then, you end up existing in this illusion of being someone who has problems.

All these thoughts revolve around this self-image, which is what you believe you are. It is this self-image that has problems - problems with other people, emotional, psychological, health problems; Problems with the past, with the future ... Self-image, this "sense of I" is struggling to change things, which is an illusion. Thus, conflict, suffering and fear remain.

Life carries no history. Life is what presents itself in this present moment, at this moment. Therefore, there are no thoughts about what happens, there is no past, present and future. There is no "one" responsible for or able to deal with it.

In India, they call Maya this illusion of duality, separateness, the existence of an "I" and what happens outside, in the form of people, places and objects; "I and my story"; "I, the world and God". So we need to go deep toward that, to let go of this illusion of duality, of separateness - Maya.

Participant: On November of 2016, one of my best friends got involved in a car accident and died on the spot. She had a five-year-old son... The question is: how could I overcome this fear?

Master Gualberto: It is not about "a fear." We must approach this thing called fear. The fear attached to a particular situation, or to any other situation is always fear. It does not matter what we are afraid of, because there is only fear. Now, why is fear present? That is the question! Why is fear present? Because the sense of separation is present. The sense of separation is based on thought, on what it "tells" about what happens. Notice that thought happens in time. That is, when there is room for time, there is room for thought.

It is when thought appears that fear appears. Thought is the basis of fear; It is the basis of this separation between this "I" and the imminent danger to that "I." The illusion of the "I" sustains the illusion of danger to this "I", and the thought is what sustains this.

Fear is something always connected to time, because it is something always linked to thought. Thought always deals with the past or the future where fear is possible. If there is no past or future, there is no thought, and therefore there is no fear. So, my recommendation here is: Abandon the thought! Abandon the "I"! That is possible now!

*Originally published in Portuguese in May 31, 2017
**Speech transcribed from an online meeting on the night of April 17, 2017
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