November 14, 2017

Life is God, Being, Consciousness!

Our purpose is always the investigation of the nature of the egoic mind. After all, what does it mean? What is the nature of this? What does it, basically, represent this sense of separation? Where, after all, does it appear?

What I have to say to you in this meeting is that we are facing the vision of a mirage, of an apparition that is not real. The point here is that you have been conditioned to accept this [this sense of separation] as a model of life, of identity, which is just a standardization. Realization, basically, is the end of all of it that seems so real. This is so because everyone follows this model. Nobody is willing to question this division, this separation, and every conflict that arises from it. Realization is life without it, without the sense of the "I", without this "I" and its separated world; this "I" and its subjects; this "I" and its dealings; this "I" and their relationships; this "I" and its projects, dreams and everything.

Human culture is based on thought, which has been the basis of this illusory identity, and its confidence in it has been total. Look at your living room now, at this moment, or your bedroom, your house and all the furniture inside it... Thought is the basis of the construction of your world, that gives authenticity to everything you see, touch, experience. Thus, the "reality" of your world is the "reality" of the thought. Even the very body that you experience (the hands, the feet, the head...) is the thought that says it is there, that it is real. This way, your world has been constructed and testified by the thought.

The same way it occurs in relation to the internal impressions you have: your desires, motivations, images (the image you make of yourself and the image you make of the other), the joy of remembering someone or the sadness for not being able to forget something... Therefore, whether from the external point of view or from the internal point of view, your world is mental, a construction of thought. Sometimes it appears in a physical form and sometimes in a sentimental, emotional way. This has been the basis of "your" world.

Do you know what is the difference between you and a Sage? The difference is that you trust in thought and the Sage knows that thought has no reality. Thought has no reality separate from this Consciousness. So, while the Sage stays with the Consciousness, you stay with the thought. If you give up thinking, the "person" you believe to be disappears; the world in which you seem to live also disappears because the basis of your world is the same basis of the "person". The "person" is as real as its world, and the basis, the reality of this, is the illusion of thought. I said "the illusion of thought" because there is no thought.

Reality is this unique Consciousness, which has not been separated as Consciousness and thought. There is an "element" in you that creates the sense of separation, this illusion of there being "someone" and the thougth, "someone" and the world. This "element" puts all confidence in thought and, of course, suffers, creating the mirage of which I spoke right now. The One who is Awake, the Wise, falls no more into this trap, because He no longer sees himself separated from the experience. He does not separate himself from thought as a "thinker", from the experience as an "experimenter", from what he feels as a "person" who feels. Thus, the illusion of duality ends. When there is no more separation, there are no more conflicts, problems, and that means being Awake, being no longer in this "sleep state", of "dream".

You are Life and this is your True Nature! So, what is the nature of the egoic mind? The answer is: illusion! The mind has sustained this illusory element, it has been self-sustaining in this pain, in that suffering, in that conflict. This is not Life! Life does not know this! Life is Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness! Life is Beauty, it is Grace! Life is God, Being, Consciousness! What the mind knows is misery. The nature of the mind is to be miserable in this illusion. In this nature of illusion, the mind is stupid, and you are not that! You are God, you are Wise!

Your life is miserable because you identify with the mind. This is not your real life, it is the culturally learned life. You are culturally conditioned to be miserable, to compare yourself, to imitate, to have ambition, envy, desires... A tremendous dissatisfaction created by the mind! You are addicted to living like this, in this stupidity.

*Originally published in Portuguese in July 18, 2017
**Transcribed from a speech on an online meeting via Paltalk at the night of June 9th, 2017

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