November 28, 2017

The Recognition of Our True Nature

What we have in these encounters is the investigation of the Truth about ourselves. All our interest is in the question: who am I?

We cannot see the Truth as we can see a tree. We cannot have access to the Truth through the senses, like vision, because they are accessing the "experience of the senses". Truth is not something limited, as a sensory experience is. Although Truth does not exclude sensory experience, It is something greater than that. When we talk about the Truth, we are talking about an experience of recognition of our True Nature. It is the recognition of our own Being. Only this way we can have access to the Truth, which is the access to ourselves, to That what we are, and this is beyond the mind and body, with their capacity for sensory perception.

Our Being is the Truth and it is in It that the Consciousness is present. It is in this Consciousness - the Consciousness of our Being - that the world appears, but also, in It, the world disappears. Not only the world of the senses, of the perceptions and sensations, but also the psychological world (this inner world of thoughts, feelings, emotions) disappears. This work, in Satsang, is for you to access the Truth about yourself. You need to be free from the world - from the external world of the senses and from the inner world, which is the world of the mind.

In this speech, we can go beyond duality, beyond this belief of a separate existence. Every complication, every problem, arises only for the one who sees himself as a separate entity from the world, constantly confusing himself with a character. He confuses himself with the character he believes to be, similar to a theatrical actor who, when leaving the scene, tries to take the character to his real life. He played the role so well in the theater, on the stage, studied so long that character, that he forgot who he really was, his true identity. That is, the curtain was closed, the lights of the theater were turned off, everyone went home and he, now, in the dark of the theater, forgot that he has a house too. He forgot that it was only a theatrical play, that he has a family, that he has a wife and daughter waiting at home... He forgot absolutely everything! He only remembers the character he believes to be.

Do you understand the confusion? Your life is exactly like that, but with the difference that the light of the theater was not turned off, people did not leave and those who were on stage remained on stage, playing their roles as well. Everything is the same play happening and everyone has forgotten who they are. All the actors are living the same drama, the same problem. Everyone is sleeping, hypnotized, dreaming and they continue identified with the history of the characters, with their beliefs, political convictions, culture, education, religion... Each one is living his character: one is the American president, the other is the president of North Korea, and another is the president of Brazil.... They have employees in their homes, which in their role, wash their clothes, clean their houses, and make the food for them. The difference is only in the roles. They seem to have more power than their employees, but from the real point of view they are as disturbed, confused, and disoriented like them.

So, realize that this is happening on a world scale and it has been going on for thousands and thousands of years. In India, they call this Samsara (Sanskrit and Palli term for "continuous movement" or "continuous flow"), which means "the wheel" - the wheel of confusion, disorder, suffering. This happens to everyone. If you do not "awake”, you also continue to "sleep" and sleep here means to be inside Samsara, inside that confusion; which means not knowing the Truth about yourSelf, who You are. If you do not know the Truth about yourself, you continue on that model. So you are born, grow up, marry, have children, become president of the republic, someone important and famous, but you continue miserable, unhappy.

Do you understand this or is it difficult to accept? Anyone here want to become important, famous, rich? Is that your life goal? To then die? Because everyone dies ... Even you are going to die! And samsara goes on. The theater goes on, but you disappear. It is necessary to "awake", because only then you can go back "home". Then, Samsara ends, just like the illusion of being "someone"; the story of this character ends. When this character ends, the suffering ends, and all the mediocrity and stupidity to want to be "someone" and fix the world ends. Everything is Samsara, which is not your business; Samsara is God's business! It is Him who takes care of all this, of this appearance, of this "sleep".

This is paradoxical because God has nothing to do with it, and yet this is a subject of Him. This is not a subject of yours either, but paradoxically it is a subject totally yours. You have to "awake" to see this. This theater never existed and you never existed as a character, but you have to "awake" to know this. When you "awake", you discover that all this is a great divine game, a great fun of God. Verify This is the Realization of the Truth about yourself. This is Being, Consciousness, Happiness! This is to know Yourself! It is to know why you were born, and, paradoxically, to know that you were never born.

*Originally published in Portuguese in July 11, 2017
 **Transcribed from a talk on an online meeting at the night of June 2nd, 2017. Online meetings via Paltalk every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m.

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