November 22, 2017

You cannot determine the thought

Our proposal in Satsang is to signal out to you what cannot be discussed, questioned, that thing you cannot have any doubt about it. And what is this? Something that is prior to the thought, to any feeling, to any sensation, to any sensory perception. You may have many questions, many doubts, about what revolves around this "your life", but you cannot doubt what perceives all this. You cannot doubt yourself, that Presence prior to any thought, feeling, sensation, perception, or experience of the world, of life.

Notice that all your problems revolve around the surrounds, what is around you, what is on the outside. There is no problem in you! Every problem is in the thought, in the feeling, in the sensation, in the perception, in the emotion about you; not in you. It is in the thought, in the sensation, in the feeling, in the experience, in the life around you that there is a problem. That, which is prior to the thought, has no problem. That, which is prior to sensation, feeling, emotion, body, intellect, mind, ego, has no problem. Is not it like this?

It is easy to see that. Before waking up from deep sleep, you have no problem, because when there is no dream, there is no world, there is no body, there is no intellect, there is no sensation, there is no perception, there is no emotion, there is no desire, there is no fear. 

Participant: I feel anguish, sadness, but I do not know how or why it arises. I also do not know how to solve this.

Master Gualberto: Here, the point is that there is nothing on the outside. You believe the cause of all your pain, all your suffering, all your despair is on the outside. It is not on the outside, but on this false sense of the "I" present in the experience of thought, emotion, sensation, perception, that is, in the experience of the world. This creates the sense of the ego, the notion of the body, the intellect and everything else. This sense of "me", of "someone" within the experience of thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, is creating the whole problem. This is creating the illusion of an external world, which is the illusion of a present inner entity. There is no such inner entity!

You need to be in your Self, in your True Nature, where there is no problem, no conflict, no suffering, because there is no illusion of "anyone" present in the thought, in the sensation, in the emotion, in the perception, in the experience of the world. There is "no one" in the world!! In your Being, sensations, perceptions, thoughts and emotions are a phenomenon without identity. Since there is no identity, it is not happening to someone, so it is something with no importance.

Everything is so complicated there, because the illusion is that everything is happening to you, that all this is personal. When things do not go well, they do not go well "to me" - "I am not lucky", "I have a heavy karma", "The worst always happens to me" ... It is always the same illusion: this "me" in the experience of what it is happening - "Everyone is happy, I am not"; "Everyone is fine, I do not"; "Everything goes wrong"; "Everything wrong happens to me"... And there is the opposite: "I am the best, I am better than all"; "I am the best at what I do"; "I am a unique being, someone very important". There are many examples.

The basic illusion is always the same: "me"; "I and good things to me"; "I and bad things happening to me". The old-fashioned illusion of the "me". Therefore, you must remain prior to the experience, to the experimentation, to the sensation, to the perception of this “me”, prior to the personal and particular thought attached to the history of a supposed present entity. So, you remain in your Real Nature, free from the sense of "me", free from the thinker, free from this illusion. There is no thinker, there is no perceiver. There is only the phenomenon as a momentary appearance, without an author, without "someone" in it.

Notice what I am saying... You cannot determine the thought! You do not know the next thought that will arise! It is so interesting that if I ask you what your last thought was, you do not remember it either. And why not? Because it was not yours. What was your last thought? What will your next thought be?

The remembrance only happens, and the remembrance is the thought happening now. The thought happens now and you call it a reminder from the past, but there is no memory taking place, it is the thought going on. You do not remember things as you want to, you remember when the memory appears. It is easy to see this when you forget something you want to remember, but you cannot do it, because there is no one able to remember it, there is only the remembrance. When it appears, it appears; when it does not appear, it does not appear. The effort to remember does not make the remembrance possible, on the contrary, when you want to remember something, forget about it! And the sooner you forget the need to remember, the easier the thought can reappear. That is the way it is, is not it? It is exactly like this.

The fact is that there is not the thinker bringing the thought from the past or producing it in the present. You do not control thoughts because there is no "you". You cannot stop the thought, increase or decrease the speed of its appearance. They happen because they happen, and you do not know what to do! You cannot do anything, because there is no "you".

So, give up on the illusion of being the experiencer, the thinker, the doer, the controller, the one who determines what will happen in next time, half an hour or thirty years from now, because there is no one there. The best possible option, which is the only one, is to stay here and now free from the illusion of "someone" in that experience. When this is present, the future takes care of itself, and the future is now.

Satsang means Consciousness, and Consciousness is timeless. This means that there is no problem in your Being, in your True Nature. All problems are created, produced, in the illusion of a present entity trying to change, to shape, to adjust, to change what it is present. Therefore, Happiness, Love, Freedom and Peace do not represent an internal state, a personal state. Happiness, Love, Freedom and Peace represent the impersonal nature of this Consciousness, which is You in your Real Being, in your True Nature.

*Originally published in Portuguese in July 5, 2017
**Transcribed from an online meeting on April 10, 2017 - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm BRT (Brasília Time Zone) - Download Paltalk App and participate. The room is only available at the time of the meeting. Set up according to your timezone.

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