December 22, 2017

A great and inexplicable beauty

Hello everyone. Good evening. Welcome to another meeting here via Paltalk. It is wonderful we are together again tonight.

This is a completely different work from all you know, because we are dealing with something unique, quite singular. We are going beyond beliefs. Here the point is that you "forgot" that we are together in this meeting, that you have entered in this space, in this room; the point is that you have forgotten and are here to remember it.

To remember is to go beyond those beliefs. You forgot that this, here, is a dream and you believe it is real. So, we have something here that I actually sum this up in two ways: the first, I called oblivion; the second, I called belief. The oblivion that this is a dream and the belief that this is real.

So, here we go. Let's see if we can break with this oblivion and this belief. That is why this work is unique.

Our work here is to go beyond the belief that this is real and to remember - because at this moment you are distracted - that this is only a dream. How do you do it? You begin by observing, watching what is around you. Things are happening or seem to happen around each one of us.

Here, the first thing is: do not get attached to it. Understand yourself, but you cannot understand yourself by giving meaning to what happens around you, as if it were happening to you.

Notice in my lines the accuracy of what we are saying. You cannot understand yourself if what happens around you gets the particular meaning of "someone" and that someone is you. So, we have already started this work. So, this is why it is a unique work and nobody is willing to that.

Wherever you are, any work you do, you are going to be valued. In this space called Satsang, there is no valuation of the "me", of this "someone". This can disturb you at first, but if you go deep and deeper in this work, in what I am pointing to you, showing to you, in the tips I am giving to you, then you will see the beauty of it, how much it is simple and wonderful - the freedom to remember and to go beyond the beliefs; the freedom to remember that this is all a dream and to go beyond this basic belief that sustains all the other beliefs that this is real.

When you watch a movie, you see things happening. When you believe that the tragedy is happening to "you", you suffer. When you believe that good things are happening to "you", you become happy. The mind, in its dream and illusory behavior, believes in suffering as well as in pleasure. It gets attached to suffering and tries to reject the pain.

So, the mind tries to fight off the pain and gets attached to the pleasure. What I have said now may seem strange. I said: "It gets attached to suffering", but, in fact, this is happening. All attachment to the pleasure is an attachment to the pain. There is no escaping from it, because when you are attached to the pleasure, you are holding the pain. There is no way to separate pleasure from pain.

So, the idea of getting away from the pain by getting attached to the pleasure is actually an attachment to suffering. That is why it is very complicated; the mind makes it very complex. Life becomes very complex in the mind. Everything that, in fact, the person is searching for is the pleasure and to reject the pain, but the pleasure he or she searches is the attachment to suffering. When he or she tries to hold the pleasure, they suffer.

You cannot neither hold anything nor sustain an experience, because there is no "anyone" real in this dream. It is a dream that happens without "you". The idea of "you" in this dream is this pursuit of pleasure, this attempt to reject, to get rid of the pain. This, ultimately, is the pursuit of suffering, the desire to suffer.

Therefore, follow this: I am saying that you do not know what happiness is. Your movement in the egoic mind is a movement in search of suffering and not happiness. All you do is not to find happiness, but to remain being "someone", in some sense of pleasure, in some kind of egoic fulfillment. This kind of attachment is pain, is suffering.

Is that clear? You may ask: "But why is it so?” My answer is: "It is so because it is so." You cannot see this, because you do not observe it. That is why I said the first thing here is to observe. Start to observe how the mind works inside of your head and in that so called heart, which is still in the mind too. The heart that you know is still mental. This thing of emotion, feeling, sensation that you call from the heart is still the ego and part of the mind.

When I talk about the Heart, I mean this Space of Silence, which is Consciousness, not that linked hearts, connected to images, thoughts, sensations, feelings and this frenetic search for pleasure. This "personal heart" is the person's heart, the heart of the "I", of the "me", of "this illusion". This is sustaining this belief, the belief of this dream, the dream of separation, of separateness, of a separate existence.

You must trust in this Awakening, which means leaving this dream, going beyond that belief. So, the Happiness comes (appears) in its own way, in its own manner ... Peace comes in its own way, in its own manner ... Love comes, Freedom comes ... All these things are synonymous and come without the thought about it. All you need is just to get rid of this illusion, this mistaken notion that "I am here in this experience, in what happens, being 'someone', having a body and a mind, being in this action." And also, "I am the author of it", "I am doing", "I am feeling", "I am thinking", "I am solving it" ... When you are free of this notion, everything happens naturally. Happiness, Freedom, Love, Consciousness, Truth, the end of the suffering, all this happens naturally.

It is not you as a present entity making this happen. It happens in its own way, in its own manner. When this illusion disappears and this belief ends, the remembrance returns. You have forgotten, but we are here working on it.

Understand yourself means going beyond this illusion of being "someone". So, here it is about getting deep and deeper in this real Heart, which is the Silence, which is this Presence, here, beyond the mind and the body ... Be quiet, deeper and deeper inside yourself, transcending the mind, the body and everything that happens around you.

In other words, transcending the illusion of "someone" in this thing. The mind is addicted to keep trying, doing, understanding, accepting or rejecting, agreeing or disagreeing, and it is necessary to release it. “You” are not necessary in it, in this agreeing, disagreeing, accepting, rejecting, experiencing.

“You” are not necessary there, here, now, for this is just a habit, an intellectual, sentimental, emotional addiction that pushes you away from this Consciousness, this Presence, this Liberation, this Happiness, this Love, this Peace. So, without "you", your life happens, your hours and days start to proceed as Meditation, naturally, without the burden of a thinker. Thus, everything happens naturally or automatically.

We are in Satsang working on it, working on the Meditation, which is Consciousness, Presence, which is to be disidentified from the experiencer in this experience, in this moment, in this present moment. No matter what is happening, it is not for "you". When the thoughts come to you, to whom are these thoughts? In whom are these thoughts occurring? Who Am I?

When, in that sense, in that feeling, in the talking, in the walking, in the eating, in the chewing, you no longer value the illusion of an "entity", the "sense of I" loses importance.

To notice this is simply astounding, something of a great and inexplicable beauty. So, you will find out that you have never existed, that there has never been a "me", there will never be an "I", and your enemies all disappear, as well as friends and all bonds. You will notice this imperishable, unspeakable Consciousness, this that is eternal ... This Presence, which is Omniscience.... That there are no others and the world. This reality is God. There is no such "God" that the thought formulates.

You say: "Master, it is easy to understand all this, the hard is to silence, it makes me anxious." Yes. To understand this is not possible, or to understand this by getting anxious, as you said, is easy.

This speech is not to be understood. As if you were  hungry and I would give you an apple in your hand and say to you just to look at this apple, to feel its shape, its color, its weight, to do just that and yet you are hungry. I did not present this speech for you to you understand, but to become aware in yourselves about What cannot be seen outside of Satsang.

You can be in this room, hearing to this speech, but being in Satsang is to "bite this apple"; it is not feeling its weight in your hand, its texture and color, nor admire it, because this is very intellectual and is still in the dimension of the egoic mind. Truth is in the direct experience, like biting the apple, because only then the hunger can disappear.

So, come to Satsang, in person. When you are in this room, stay in Satsang. If you are in Satsang, there is no effort to silence and no need of understanding. This is the end of the fear, of the anxiety, of the future. Anxiety is the expectation to get, to achieve, to arrive, and this is future. All we are saying here, at this moment, is not in the future or in the past, but beyond this present moment. It is in your Real Nature, which is timeless. It is out of time.

OK? Come to Satsang! Let's finish here. Thanks for the meeting. Namaste.

Originally published in Portuguese on November 20, 2016
** Transcribed from an online meeting on the evening of October 26th, 2016 via Paltalk
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