December 3, 2017

God is not spiritual, God is Natural!

To approach the Truth about yourself is the contact with Reality that transcends the limitations that thought has produced or is beyond them. Everything you know is inside what thought has produced. The contact with the Reality is the contact with the Divine in you, which is not "Him and you". The Divine in you is Him without you, because everything is God... Everything is this Reality, this Truth.

My difficulty with you is to help you to give up all that the thought has produced there about how your life should be. First, there is no "your life", there is only His life, and His life is Him. For us, life has opposites. So, there is life and death - this is the concept we have about life in which "the living beings are alive", but for the Reality, which is God, Life is the very nature of the forms... It is the ultimate nature of the forms, which are like soap bubbles that explodes. Then, you see the form, but you forget the void present in the bubble, internal and external to the pellicle. The form is like this pellicle, which hides the emptiness ("inside" and "outside").

 Nature is the emptiness and this is neither inside nor outside... It is only emptiness. The pellicle is the form, only a temporary appearance, and you name this temporary appearance as life, "my life", "my existence", "the person I am." There is no person! You fight for this "bubble". By mistaking yourself for the pellicle you say to other "pellicles" around you: "I am a more important person than you", "look at how beautiful I am", "look how big I am, how cute I am." So, all the confusion you have in "your life" is based on the concept of a soap bubble... A bubble that is there now and right after is not there anymore, that appears and right after disappears, that assumes this or that form according to the reflection of the sun... It is also like the tail of the peacock, which opens and shows a lot of beauty, but, soon, that tail falls - the peacock is without the tail, looking like a big chicken, that whole beauty has gone... Or it gets worse than a chicken, because you look at its feet and say, "What awful feet!" This is all vanity, vanity, vanity...

When you come to Satsang, I look at you and say, "Come on! Let it all go; let go of this illusion of being a peacock's tail, a soap bubble layer”. I say even more and a little more: "Release it! You are too attached to it!” So you say, "But I have so much... Look at my shine before the sun." All this is artificial, reflecting the environment, nothing internal and real ... Just a social, cultural byproduct.

This is your shine of the "soap bubble" - a social product like your culture, your education in the university, your doctorate, post doctorate, your imported car, your bank account. This whole brightness is like the artificial and temporary beauty of the peacock when the tail opens, but that closes and, in a certain month of the year, it falls all the way down, so the peacock loses its tail and hopes to shine next year again in the next manifestation of Consciousness. However, everything is this Consciousness manifesting Itself... There are no you in It!

So, your life is not "your life"; it is your vanity, your arrogance, your presumption, your illusion; it is your fear! What would you be without your "tail"? What would you be without the things you have accumulated for so long, that give to you so much brilliance and can even make you float?

Realization is the recognition of your Real Nature ... It is the Real wealth!

People get annoyed with me when I say that spirituality is also part of that artificial shine of the soap bubble, which is part of that huge peacock tail performing the mating dance to attract the female. They become annoyed when I say that all this spirituality is also something apprehended, cultivated and inherited from human stupidity, from ignorance and from the desire of the mind to get where it cannot have, to achieve the unlimited being the limited, to touch the unknown being the known. People get annoyed with me when I say they have to give it all up, because God is not spiritual. God is Natural!

God is the nature of the manifestation, which is only a playful expression of His Presence and Grace. He does not do this to show Himself, trying to draw attention to Himself by saying "worship me, be spiritual to know Me…" He does not do it. It was the mind that has built it, the priests, the fathers, the gurus have built it. The Reality is the nature of the Self, is the most hidden, secret, silent and intimate thing in you. Holiness is the reflection of this hidden, silent and intimate Grace and Presence inside you, which has nothing to do with spirituality, with this educated, ethical thing based on a learned behavior.

Holiness is the expression of the loving, silent, divine, sacred and wise Heart that you bring inside you! When It flourishes, Love blossoms, Freedom blossoms, Compassion blossoms, Bliss blossoms, Wisdom blossoms.

In India, they call Jivamukti that means "the one who is free in life"... Free from the self-identity and fear illusion, which carries judgment, comparison, prejudice, partiality and favoritism vanity, which carries all that. The fear carries all this. This is not about words; the books are full of them. I do not need words. I am not a speaker. I am not a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher... I am God! You are God! Satsang is Consciousness, is Presence! Satsang is Freedom, is Wisdom. Satsang is to know yourself all the time.

* Originally published in Portuguese in August 29, 2017
**Excerpt from a talk on a face-to-face meeting on July, 2017 at Ramanashram Gualberto in the city of Campos do Jordão, Brazil - For more information about our meetings, visit our website:

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