December 14, 2017

It is necessary to go beyond the mind, beyond the world, beyond the sense of the "me"

It is wonderful to be together in this meeting where we can work on it. We are working on the realization of what we are. Our great demand is only one: we are looking for ourselves, for the Happiness we already are. We seek outwardly, but the whole Thing is here and now as our own Self, our own Consciousness, which is not a thing to be achieved.

In fact, you are always this Happiness, but you are looking for It in relationships ... This is basically what we are dealing with in Satsang. You travel to find It in a "relationship" with the place visited; you make great journeys, literally. People love to travel, to get in touch with new, unfamiliar places, in pursuit of Happiness on the outside, literally. So, they seek It and want to find it in places, in achievements and in people.

Ramana Maharshi (Bhagavan), while He was in the hall, He was there alone, but two little birds used to come into the hall and to lay by his side and stayed there. There was also a small dog that enjoyed doing this ... They used to enter the hall and stay there. One day Bhagavan realized that one of the disciples had expelled the dog hardly. As He observed this, Ramana said, "Just because you have a human body you think you are human, and because it is in a dog's body, you think it is an animal. Why do not you treat animals like they really are?" Ramana continued to say, "You have a human body and they have an animal body, but they are What you are: Consciousness, Happiness."

Therefore, basically, this is the point: the realization of the Truth about yourself is the end of the illusion "I am a person" (a person surrounded by people or surrounded by animals). Your True Nature is Happiness, and this is the Nature of the manifestation. All that your senses experience, touch, is just an appearance of this unique Reality - the Reality of Being, the Reality of Consciousness, which is Happiness. The realization of God, the realization of yourself, is the realization of your True Nature.

All thoughts and feelings that appear seem to exteriorize the phenomenon. Thus, you stand before the perception in which specific things are perceived, but you cannot lose yourself on these appearances. You should ask, "Who sees them? Who feels it?" Then, when you do this, you are not identified with these appearances and return to your Essential Nature, return to your Self-Consciousness-Happiness. So, the work is to recognize yourself as Self-Consciousness-Happiness.

This search for external Happiness in the experience of perceptions is born from this feeling of incompleteness. Now, to whom is this feeling of incompleteness? For this "I", which is the fake me! Notice that in deep sleep you have no misery.

So, what is present between that Happiness, that Peace, which you enjoy in deep sleep, and the non-Happiness that you have in your daily life? What is it that interrupts the natural Happiness of Being that you are here and now? Your beliefs, this loosing yourself on thoughts, the feelings and the image you have of yourself. So, you see yourself as a "person" with a name, a separate identity, a history, and when you see yourself like this, you do it – you forget about your Real Nature.

This work of self-investigation, of surrender, of Meditation walks toward the release of this illusion. By being identified with the mind, you assume this illusion, which is the illusion of “me”, of this false “me”, when you are quite stupid, confused, disoriented, stressed and full of fantasies about love, freedom, peace and happiness. Suffering is an imagination of the "me". There is neither suffering here, at this instant, nor in your Being, in your Real Identity, in your Real Self.

So, do not look outside, do not lose yourself on the mind – that is what Ramana meant. Because you see yourself in a human body, you believe you are a "person", a "human being", and because of that belief, you look at the animals and say, "There is an animal". However, in reality, there is only God, there is only Being, which is Consciousness, Happiness, and This is Love, Freedom, Peace, Truth.

Thus, when the mind stops going after objects, things, people, places, there is the end of desire, and when it ends, suffering ends. Therefore, when you turn to That which is here and now, within, to your Reality, to What You are, you are free ... it is Freedom! When the world disappears, the mind disappears. It disappears in the Heart and returns home. Therefore, you are Happiness!

However, as long as you stay in the mind, attached to it, you will be chasing after shadows, seeking for rest on the outside. So, it is necessary to go beyond the mind, beyond the world, beyond the sense of "me". It is needed to stop confusing Reality with apparitions.

* Originally published in Portuguese in August 22, 2017
** Transcribed from an online meeting on July 19th, 2017
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