December 7, 2017

Remembering God is remembering yourself

You are not going to change the outside, you are not going to save, fix, reform anything. You are not going to change the destiny of humanity, of man; you are not going to stop wars, end hunger, spiritualize humanity, nor save flora or fauna. People care about it; they live in their exteriorities, in a world projected by thought. Happiness does not! Happiness has already saved the world! It is like a picture, in which the image of the world appears. Once Happiness is present, the world is safe! So, do not worry about saving the world in the mind. Work the end of the mind and Happiness takes care of the world. I know that you have been taught to be good people, and it is possible to be a good person after much training. But a good person is still part of a lost world, without salvation. Without "person", that is, in Happiness, the world is safe, but it was not you who saved it. When you disappear, the world is free, because you are the disease, you are the virus, the bacteria. The illusion of "being someone" causes pain, it makes the world sick - this is the disease of the world!

You are the wickedness of the world, of this world that exists only for people, in people and with people. There is nothing wrong with the world! In the vision of Happiness, the world is what it is, but in the person's view the world is miserable, sufferer, it is sick, lost, it is in need of salvation. Leave the world alone! Leave the other alone! As long as there is "you," there is the other. One philosopher said, "Hell is the other!" I do not know if that is what he meant, but at least that is what I am saying ... As long as you are present, the other will be hellish; when you are no longer present there will be no more hell. Love is invincible, unpolluted, unbeatable. Love is the Nature of Being, which is Happiness. There is no hell, disorder, chaos, nor confusion, when there is Love, which is Consciousness, Happiness.

So, the lesson that is left for you is: do not wait, do not search, do not try to find, disconnect. You are connected all the time, accessing a specific world. Disconnected, this specific world disappears and Life is as It Is: Real! The world stands as it is: Real! Just disconnect! In India, they call this Samadhi ... Being, Consciousness, Happiness! It is the disconnection of the illusion, of the apparitions of the mind and its imaginary creations, of the illusory sense of a present "I". Disconnection ... Samadhi! That is Beatitude, Bliss ... That is What It Is, That is Happiness, that is when the world does not need to be saved; when there is no sick world in need of healing.

How does it sound to you? To me, it sounds something like this: Silence, Stillness ... Do not interfere, let as it is, do not get involved, do not get into these matters! "Be still and know that I am God!" - it is in the Bible, Psalm 46, versicle 10. Disregard the "person" you believe to be when it is offended, hurt, upset, distressed, abused, scorned, discredited, rejected ... Disregard the "person" you believe to be in those moments. Look how practical this is! Stop invoking your power, your royalty, your power to change what others think and expect from you. This is all fear, suffering. Disregard this, nullify yourself! Accept being nothing, being without ego. Ego, here, is the response that reacts very quickly in a frightened self-defense, that wants to impose its will, its desires, its controls, its determinations ... Pure ego! This sustains and maintains the misery, illusion. This makes the world be sick!

You need some time in that. You go to the gym once in every six months and expect some results ... It will take much time! Perhaps, before you see any result, the body may already have suffered an "attack", because the frequency is not this; the counseling is not to go every six months. This observation of what goes on there "inside" and of what goes on there "outside" should be done moment by moment. It is at this moment that you should observe the language that comes out of your mouth, the thoughts that appear in your head, the way you look at someone, the way you talk to someone, what you think about someone or about a certain situation, what your reactions to what happens are ... It is at that moment! It is moment by moment and not six months from now! You have to train this, work this, put your heart in this, sleep and wake up with this.

You wake up and remember God - to remember God is to remember Yourself. You sleep, wake up and the first thought in the morning is to observe the thought. The thought is: watch the thought! Then you take a step back and observe the thought that watched the thought. In the morning, you wake up like this; you spend the day like this, and then you have a sanctuary where you are devoting your life to God.

I remember when I was a child, I was always praying. I knew nothing about Meditation, about this attention, about the movement of the mind. I became curious and my father said: "That is the way it is! Close your eyes, put your hands on your knees and put your mind on God!" So, he taught me to meditate, even though we did not know what it was. I used to get on the bus, by that time, and I used to maintain my mind on God, because the mind was very noisy, full of ugly thoughts and I used to feel bad about it. I knew there was something wrong, but I did not know what it was.

Then you wake up in the morning and begin to set your mind on God, on prayer, on supplication, on the remembrance of the Divine ... Putting your heart on that image that remembers God, on What is beyond it, beyond the mind itself. Then the mind begins to become pure. In India they call Sattva, this power of making the mind pure. The mind, originally, is full of sins, full of desires, always turned to the outside, to external things, to objects. She wants a new purse, new shoes, a new house, a new boyfriend ... It is always something new! The mind is always bored of itself, but it thinks that it is bored of the old objects that it has. In fact, the mind is bored with itself, it does not endure itself, and then it wants something new. She stays in this replacement game, always facing the outside. So, you wake up in the morning and already put your mind on that observation. When you do this, you already put your mind on God, facing the observation of its movement.

* Originally published in Portuguese on August 11, 2017
** Transcribed from a speech at a face-to-face meeting in João Pessoa, on July 2017. Access our agenda and schedule to be with us:

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