December 20, 2017

The end of this image you make of yourself is the Awakening

In these meetings, you turn to the recognition about who you are, and you have kept away from this for a long time. It is all a matter of self-forgetfulness! You need to turn to That what you are, which implies coming home. This estrangement from self is this self-forgetfulness.

Your Real Nature is not something. The thought in your head and the feeling in your body make you feel "something." You feel yourself like someone, you feel yourself like something, you feel yourself like something inside many things. Your experience of body and mind is the experience of someone - that is the experience of something. All this happens because you forget who you really are. This way, you feel one thing among many others; you feel one person among many. You forget this “I Am”, to be confused with the body and the mind, and thus, you see yourself as a thing.

It is like all this space in this room: you are this space, but as you forget this, you get confused with any object that appears here. You get confused in this trust, in this belief that you are something, whereas, in reality, you are all that space!

When you arrive in Satsang at first, you believe that you are going to solve your problems that you are going to end with your sufferings. You believe that Awakening, Enlightenment is the end of your troubles, of your sufferings. You are very concerned about this issue of Enlightenment. Before, you had several other problems, and now you have a bigger problem than everyone else. A problem that when solved, it solves all the others!

People write to me, and say: "I want Enlightenment!" And I ask: "Why do you want Enlightenment?" And they say: "My parents now are going to understand me!"… "My wife is going to love me!"… "I am not going to suffer anymore!"... But let me tell you something: Enlightenment is not the end of your problems, it is not the world at peace with you, it is not your problems all solved. Enlightenment is to come out of this position: "I am something", "I am somebody"... You forget your Real Nature, and you get confused with a belief, an idea, an image, and that image has problems, it has enemies, it wants the salvation... This image is this "something".

Awakening, Realization, Enlightenment, is the end of this image you make of yourself, the image of being someone, the idea that you are an object in that space. When that falls, the space remains! And of course the space has no problem. At that moment, you are this space and, as such, you are not stuck on experiences; they happen in the body and the mind. In the same way, anything can happen to one of these objects that are in this room, but it does not impact that space, it does not injure, it does not scratch this space where objects appear.

Therefore, Realization, Enlightenment, is not the end of your problems; is the end of the illusion that there is someone present to have problems, that there is someone present to suffer, to be hurt, to feel offended or rejected, to become depressed or to feel euphoric... Realization has nothing to do with what you believe because all this is still part of the mind... It is, then, when you move from that position in which you believe and feel that you are something to something entirely new, entirely unknown. You recognize who you are, your Real Nature, the Truth about yourself, the Truth of that impersonal space. Your True Nature is Pure Consciousness, Pure Space, Nothingness.

As long as you consider yourself a person, you are going to see the world as a person sees it; you are going to feel the world as a person feels it. Realization is to come out of this dream! When someone who is awake sees you moving in bed, crying, moaning, screaming, and realizes that you are in a dream (which is a nightmare), he/she sees your suffering, he/she feels pity for you and touches you saying: "hey you! wake up!" When you wake up, the dream ends immediately. Note that it does not take a second for the dream to end; it is immediately. Because of it, those who realize the Self say that it does not take time, because it is an immediate change; the change here is from the dream, of the ego-identity to your Being, to your Real Nature. This, in fact, takes no time, it is not a matter of time.

We cannot deal with this subject here. At least not now, for this is a very paradoxical thing for the mind that lives in time, that sees itself in the time, which created the illusion of time; everything takes a lot of time for the mind. It happened in time, it is the past; it is happening now, it is the present time; it needs the future, then there is another form of time. The mind is addicted to it, and all our work here is for you to become aware of who you are, here and now.

Here and now, there is no time, but the mind there is not going to not say it! For example, a work happened here, for twenty-one years; this was the stint the mind asked to leave its desire for continuity. It fought to continue for another twenty-one years [after Ramana appeared]. This does not require any time - what is here now, it has always been - but this only became clear when the mind was gone. You do not have to worry about that. This is something greater than you, greater than the mind... all this is a mysterious action of the unknown, a divine action, an action of Grace. In this action of Grace, this space reveals itself as your Real Nature. So, the sense of being someone, of being something, being an object in that space, instantly disappears.

It is like water to reach the state of vapor (in physics we know this): it has to heat up, heat up and heat up... it does not evaporate with ninety-eight, ninety-nine degrees... it has to reach precisely one hundred degrees Celsius. When this happens, it loses its state of water and becomes steam immediately; but it took a while to get to one hundred degrees. Awakening is something like this, it is a ripening, it is a flowering, it is a realization, it is when there is no longer ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine degrees of temperature. For the time being, this body-mind mechanism is in this position of identification with the illusion of an ego-identity, of a person in the experience, being confused with its moods; and working the recognition of this, the liberation of this, in this investigation, in this surrender, in this looking at this, again, and again, and again...

All of this seems very desperate today, but the day will come when you are going to laugh at all those efforts, all those trips to Satsang - heat in the Northeast and cold in the Southeast, thousands and thousands of hours of flight – and, in fact, you have never left the place, you have never stopped being who you are, you could not be what you are not. This is the greatest of all mysteries: you, being Reality, are looking for It. Then, the day will come that you are going to laugh at all this.

The problem is not in the desire for Reality, the problem lies in what the mind has told you about Reality, and it is in this you are trying to find it. What we are doing together is to see what not Reality is. You have been deceived by yourself for a long time, by this own mistaken movement of the mind over the Nature of Reality. So, you seek Reality in love relationships, material possessions, professional accomplishments, physical beauty, or all sorts of things...

Here, I find you in this nightmare and shake you to wake you up from this dream; I push you from the bed if necessary... if I touch your arm and it does not work, I push you from the bed to get you out of this supposed reality, for you to liberate all these desires. So, you do not want to marry again, for example, because you see that everything is the same; you are no longer worried about making a fortune, making money to get things, because you see that Reality is not there... that Happiness, Freedom, Love, Peace is not there. So, I shake you on the bed to wake you up, for you to abandon this nonsense...

That was my guru's job with me, and it is my job with you. How do I do this? The same way he did to me: He came into my room and pushed me from the bed. Twenty-one years is really a matter of shove! It is not enough a light touch on the right arm to take the other out of his dream, out of his nightmare; he has to really get a shove. How did He do this? The same way I do with/to you! You see a picture of mine on Facebook and you dream of me... You have never seen me on Facebook, but after coming across my picture, you look in my eyes, and I am looking at you and saying: "Where are you boy? I am waiting for you!" That is how He did to me! You log on here in Paltalk; listen to my voice for three minutes, and say, "Who is this guy?" You are browsing YouTube, come across a video of mine, and say, "Who is this guy?"

I am the end of your nightmares! I am not saying that it will be easy to show you the uselessness of continuing to trust this dream as something real to yourself; but I am telling you that I can do my job. When you stop believing in everything, you stop being someone, you stop being something, you stop being an object in that space, to be the space itself... the sleeping ends, the dream ends and the nightmare too!


* Originally published in English on September 11, 2017
** Transcribed from a talk on an online meeting at the night of July 28th, 2017 - To participate to our online meetings just download Paltalk App on your computer or mobile device. Get Involved!

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