August 13, 2018

Your Impersonal Reality

In Satsang, you are working on this issue of your Impersonal Reality. This is your Divine Reality. Your entire history revolves around a pattern of conditioning, and that is your imprisonment. The thought revolves inside your head around an imaginary character, who you believe you are. It is this imaginary character that is attached to these elements of its own imagination, which are the external achievements, educational background, family, relationships ... You have been mistaking yourself for the imprisonment of this “me” that you believe you are. That is your dilemma, your drama,  your problem, your fear, and you are protecting them. Notice what I am saying, the gravity of this thing: you are protecting this imaginary character you believe you are.

The interesting thing is that everyone expects you to remain that way, because that will not endanger his or her imagination about him or herself; it will not create any discomfort. In other words, you live the illusion, and illusion gets “comfortable” with you. So, the other accepts you in this game of acceptance and rejection. You are a fraud, because "you" are not Yourself. In the mind, your behavior always fits this model.  So, you are always ceding, selling yourself out.

Why do you do that? Because you do not want to be alone; you do not want to take a trail, when everybody is on a road. You do not want to take a trail, because there is almost no one in it, and if there are some, they are so far apart from each other that it is like they would not even exist. They do not give to you any internal, psychological support, any recognition, no "slap on the back," or any congratulations. We are speaking, here, about this Natural and Impersonal State of Being.

How is this impersonal Natural State of Being possible, if there are so many people on this road, all interacting on the same level, speaking the same language, communicating in the same way? Envy, desire and jealousy are commonplace, as well as the protection of this self-image, and everyone is speaking the same language, living in the same way. Therefore, how could you get out of the road and take a trail to be alone? In the ego, you are very afraid that things do not come to you, and since everything only comes to fulfill you, being fulfilled means, exactly, being “at home” on a road common to all.  

Even so, you come to Satsang, trying to figure out the real path to Happiness, to Peace, to Wisdom, to Freedom ... One day, Christ said that this track, in His language, was a narrow path,  like going through a narrow gate. You left the common road and get the trail.  My job here is just to say, "Stay there!"  The pressure on the outside  is very large, so I enter this space, in that room, and I say, "Stay there!"

Who here feels that is loved? Does your husband love you? Does your wife love you? Do you feel you are loved because he or she is taking care of you? Do you feel you are loved when someone wants to know with whom and for how long you have talked on the phone, or with whom you have been, and why it took so long to get home?

Participant I: Ah! Deep down, I think we like it. We feel important, appreciated...

Master Gualberto:  That you are loved...

Participant I: Yes. I could say yes... special!

Participant II: Deep down, it brings a certain pleasure, because we normally say like this: "Ah! He misses me!"

Participant III: There are people who say that if a person is not jealous, it means that he or she does not like us. We think that this is love. We have this preconceived idea that this kind of stuff comes with love. But deep down, we are not interested in Love; we are interested in being importante some how.

Master Gualberto: How is it to feel you are loved by an image that represents possession, control, domain, desire, neediness, fear of losing, anguish? How do you feel being loved by "someone" who represents all this? How is it? Is it good?

So, this road is an ordinary road, everyone is very comfortable in it, and this is acknowledged as something very natural. So, your freedom to say "no" to it, whether by speaking, by silence or by attitudes, will be interpreted as lack of love, insensitivity, indifference – that is one side. The other side is that you also feel fulfilled, as it has been said. You have pleasure in that, because that is also within you, isn’t it? If the other does the same thing, you will feel the same ("Who were you with?"; "Who were you talking to?"). Inside you, there is a very strong need to know what the other is thinking, feeling, if he is missing "you." Do you see the whole game?   You do not understand, do you? You have been addicted to this model for a long time...

* Originally published in Portuguese on July 2, 2018 ** Transcribed from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in Cabedelo - PB - Intermares Beach, Brazil

July 30, 2018

A Great Misconception

Human beings live in a constant search for pleasure, mistaking the fulfillment that it gives to you for real Happiness. You are in Satsang to investigate that, not only verbally but also existentially.

The whole thing is that pleasure is never alone. It is like something you want to buy, but you must pay a very large amount of money – the price for pleasure is pain. Therefore, you will never dissociate pleasure from pain, because in order to get one, you must also have the other. So, mistaking Happiness for pleasure fulfillment, and this is what human beings do, is to be in a great misconception. Very different from that, the Sage considers Happiness as the Contentment, which differs from pleasure. 

In the Ego, there is never contentment! When things go bad, there is a pain there, and when they go well, even among pleasure, pain is also there, watching, waiting for the next opportunity to show up. So, you always face this matter of duality and it is basically this way that ego’s mind works. I want to show you the beauty and the importance of the Natural State, which is Contentment.

Notice the difference: the Natural State is free from worries, from accomplishment of desires, from the burden of duality, from this matter of pleasure and pain, which is something that will always be present in the manifestation. The human body is biologically prepared for pleasure and pain, but since in the Natural State you are internally and psychologically free from ego’s sense, you are also free from duality. That means that you are free from the need of searching for pleasure or escaping from pain, and that’s the beauty of the Natural State.

In the duality that you live, there is always this search for something, in the attempt to escape from another one. In other words, in the ego you live classifying what you like against what you don’t, what you want against what you don’t want. This way, there is never contentment and therefore there is no Happiness. The subject here is the basic and natural matter of Happiness.

It is interesting when you observe nature: living beings have no problem with this issue of handling with pain, because pleasure and pain are inherent in manifestation. We see this among nature, animals and nowadays studies have shown that in plants too.

However, when you look at a human being, you see this confusion in identifying oneself with the mind and, this way, one is always translating the experience of pleasure and pain based on a personal point of view of this false “me.” Thus, there is no Happiness, no Contentment. For a Sage, the acceptance of Life as It shows, as It is, is Contentment. So, there is Happiness, because there is no search for pleasure by escaping from pain.

Human being carries a very strong sense of the doer, which is pure vanity, suffering and frustration. Have you ever found yourselves complaining about the lack of some pleasure fulfillment in your lives, saying: “How miserable I am! Everything goes wrong in my life!”? Just because there was no pleasure, which was denied, you were frustrated and angry, very angry, and that means being attached to this wrong view of life.

I have something to tell you: you will always feel, physically, pleasure and pain. However, you are not doomed to live forever in this duality of frustration, of desire and of fear. You just have to awake! When you are out of this inner feeling of duality, of the search for fulfillment in pleasure, fighting against pain, you are free. This way, it is possible to recognize your Real Nature, which is Contentment, Hapiness; and This is Peace, Freedom!

From birth to death, you will always have situations of pleasure and pain, and it will always be determined by external things. Physically, you will always experience this, but internally, you are able to live free from this personal sense in experiences of pleasure and pain.

The Sage lives his life just like any other person, from the external point of view. But, from an internal perspective, the Sage is in Contentment, in Happiness, in Freedom, because He knows that it is God who determines everything that happens. As He no longer mistakes Himself for the body, the Sage no longer has any problem, because He is not in favor of pleasure and against pain. This means that all of your problems only appear because you see yourself as a "person," as a separate identity, "someone" who might control something by getting rid of another.

If your true goal is Happiness, forget about the search for happiness and realize your Natural State of non-duality. Stop mistaking yourself for external experiences, let them on God’s hands. I will be practical now with you: if someone does not like you, this is not your business. You are getting involved in completely wrong situations! Your business is to get rid of this “someone” who you believe to be, it is not to care if someone likes you or not. I am giving you an example of how you care about what goes on outside, ignoring the Reality of who you Are inside.

This sense of “I” cares about what seems to be happening outside. This way, you will always be unhappy, for you will always be trying to protect yourself, to defend yourself, to justify, to improve this self-image. The search for pleasure is, in itself, pain, ego’s importance. Let things outside where they belong to. Do not search for pleasure or run away from pain, and when one or another appears, don’t mistake yourself for the experience, because it comes and goes.

* * Originally published in Portuguese on June 08, 2018 ** Transcribed from a speech in an online meeting on the night of May 25, 2018 - Online meeting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm (Local time: Brazil – BRT)
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July 9, 2018

What does “turning inwards” mean?

Turning inwards does not mean behaving in a certain way, breathing in a certain way, sing a kind of music, recite a few words ... Turning inwards means not to trust in the mind, in what it says there. Do not trust in thoughts, in any of them!

There are no Truth in the thought, only the "truth" of its own. If you spend some time near me, you will discover this: I do not trust in thoughts! If I do not trust, you may begin to mistrust it, too. That is all I expect from you. But I can take another step with you. The first step with you is to show you that no thought, feeling, sensation or perception is real in your Being, in your True Nature. Do you want to know what the second one is? Take that first step with me and I will reveal you the second.

Awakening is to assume the Truth that there is nothing but God! So, we trust nothing but God, or we trust that all is God, which is the same. God is another word for the supreme Bliss, supreme Happiness. There is only the supreme Happiness! This is where I live, this is where I Am that I Am, that You Are What You Are. You forgot that and I am here just to remind you.

Do you think I suffer? No! Why? Because there is no imagination. To suffer, you need the thought. And what is thought? It is imagination, and it is always associated with objects, with images of things, of people and of situations. So, notice how simple it is to live without suffering. The only thing that matters is to abandon the exteriority, which is created by the thought.  Thought is also exteriority.

Notice that Meditation, which is your Natural State, is something simple, although for the mind it is not something easy; it is this attention remaining in the Now, in which the Totality of Truth is present, which is Peace, Freedom, Happiness. There is no "person" in that attention! The Now does not carry the "person"! In all Satsangs, I am dealing with Meditation. I do not teach a meditation practice, but I emphasize the art of Meditation, the beauty of Meditation. In the mind, you live in the imagination, so my job is to bring you back to that Space - which is not contaminated by the thought, by the time, by the history - and thus to show you the importance of this moment - which is not "a moment", since in it, What is out of time is revealed. It is the core of the experience, to which we can give various names: Consciousness, Presence, Being, God, Truth... It is "Anything" where "you", the "person", is not present.

So, my work with you is to bring you to this moment, which is not an "instant", it is the Heart of the experience, that we can give various names: Consciousness, Presence, Being, God, Truth ... It is any "Thing" where "you", the "person", are not present.

So, do not get attached to the identity, abandon it, for it only belongs to time. When you assume an identity in the experience, that is, when you assume to be living in the world as a "person," then you have preferences, choices, fears, desires, and stories to tell. When you are Consciousness, you are this Presence that empties all the content of personality, of the ego-identity.

When you are this Presence, there is no longer "you," and then there is only something very beautiful, like one of those roses ... a very beautiful thing, very attractive, with a higher beauty! However, those things are not what your desires and your choices reflect ... It is exactly the absence of all that, which is the Void, this Vacuity, what reflects all the Beauty!

* Published orinally in Portuguese on June 14, 2018 ** Excerpt from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in the city of João Pessoa, Brazil, on May, 2018

July 7, 2018

Just wake up from that dream

Happiness lies in remaining disidentified from the experience. There is no happiness in the experience when there is an experimenter. Remaining disidentified from the experience is happiness. In the experience, whatever it is, the present experimenter separates from what happens; if it separates from what happens it is a present entity. Then, there are two: he and the thing, he and the event, he, the experimenter, and the experience; in this division, the conflict. When there is conflict there is no happiness, there is no peace.

The basis of all the war conflicts in the world is the idea of "the I and the other": "my country and your country", "my interests and your interests", "I want one thing and you want something else" , "My God is stronger than your God", "my country is more beautiful than yours, it is richer, it is more powerful, it has more guns, it has more bombs and I can destroy you because I am stronger." This division... conflict. Where there is conflict, there is no Love, there is no Peace, there is no Happiness. If you sitting here on this stone do not separate your butt from the stone, there is no conflict. In God there is no division, in God there is no war!

All I want to show you is Life as it is. In It everything happens without division: prosperity, wealth, abundance, as well as poverty, lack, scarcity, everything... without division. Some are poor, some are rich, some are healthy, others are sick, but there is no division. The division lies in the interpretation of thought about what is presented, about this experience, about that experience, about what is here, about what is happening. Abandon the mind, then the conflicts end, because the divisions end.

Is not that simple? Why do you make it so complicated? Why do you want to change everything? Why do you want to alter everything? This is God's plan. God is playing with contrasts, with hunger and with satiety. When I am hungry, I eat. There is no division between eating and hunger. It is a wedding, a game, a divine game... the food is for a hungry stomach. There is no problem in being hungry, the body needs hunger, this is a problem of the body. When thought enters, it complains about hunger, but hunger has its place, everything has its place. Hunger is not misery, lack is not misery, poverty is not misery, scarcity is not misery, lack of something is not misery. It is the thought about it, and about what should not be so, that creates conflict, creates suffering. The mind revolts and says: It could not be so. There could not be that, that is wrong! There should be no hunger, there should be no poverty, there should be no disease, death is a wrong thing. My father is dying..., but you forget that your grandfather has already died too, your great-grandfather has already died too. Everybody dies! Whoever is born, dies! It is the game of life. You have nothing to do with it. 

So do not meddle, do not intrude in it, do not interfere! Let everything there as you have found, just wake up from that dream, from that dream where the food is to the stomach, the death to the living ones. Let it all there, let everything as you have found. Millions have died and you do not miss them, because it is a dream. What is the problem? It is all very funny, very amusing because there is no suffering, there is no interpretation. This is wisdom... to see things as they are!

You are here to find God! But you cannot find God... you are fighting with life. You want to change things. You want to own His things; you want to control God's business. You are also part, your body, your experiences, the events related to that shape, every time you perceive your mind generating conflict, observe... you are separating from what is happening, you are demanding, you are requiring, you are imposing your person over the situation, this is ego.   

I want to show you how it is possible to live without ego, naturally. Paying tuk-tuk, walking, drinking water, eating, smiling, even crying, there is no problem in crying, if the ego is not behind that tearful face. Having a tearful ego is ugly. Crying is a beautiful thing. If the ego is there, even a smile becomes ugly, but if there is no ego and there are tears rolling down the face, it is very beautiful. It is God crying, God is smiling. God loves it!

God is very good-humored. You will never find a bad-humored sage. You will never find yourself as wise if you continue to carry that burden, the weight of conflict, the weight of separation, the belief that you are one and what is happening is something else. All that is happening is a divine game, you are within that context, just one piece, just a little thing, inside a larger context, bigger than this one you believe you to be.

Sometimes I ask myself: what do I have to say to you? Everything is so natural. You force me out of the silence and then complain that I talk too much. You do not know how to be silent and blame me. You blame me because I say. Speaking, you do not pay attention; you do not give attention to that. If you cannot listen to my speech, how will you listen to my silence? It is not lack of maturity to speak; lack of maturity is to listen when there is no hear; immaturity lies in not listen to the silence.

What is today's lesson? Do not think! Do not draw conclusions... about nothing, absolutely nothing!

*Excerpt from a speech during the retreat in India in the city of Tiruvannamalai on September 2016

July 4, 2018

My whole focus is to show you what Real Meditation is

In Satsang, we are working together on this matter about Realization. Realization is the encounter with the Truth in ourselves. What we call as human mind has proved to be an extraordinary mechanism, but it carries an aspect, within its movement, that has produced (in you) the state of separateness - you and Reality, you and God, you and Truth.  

The mind has this chaotic movement of thoughts, of feelings, of emotions, of perceptions, wishing to break the mind off. All this suffering, all this inner confusion can be stopped, but not by you.         

It is better to put it this way: interruption  may take place, but you cannot interrupt it. Thought can stop, but you cannot stop it. Suffering may end, but you cannot make it end. Fear can end, but you cannot end it. You are the fear, the confusion, the inner talking, this inner chaotic state, and this "you" is the illusion of the false "I". You are too much attached to this movement to be able to interrupt it. You are entangled with that. You are too identified with the thought to be able to interrupt it. You are too identified with internal confusion to be able to get rid of it; too identified with the imagination to interrupt fear.

Your work is to Awake, because all of this is the "sleep state," but you do not know you are sleeping. This is similar during the dream without realizing that you are dreaming. All you seek is Love, Peace, Freedom, Happiness, Truth, but as you have been mistaking yourself for the mind since so long time, you try to find This  inside the mind itself. You have to awaken, so  Love, Truth, Freedom, Happiness and God can be real there. As you are "sleeping," "dreaming," you are seeking Peace, Love, Happiness, Freedom, God externally, that is, you are seeking That inside your "dream," in the "sleep state."

You are seeking Peace and, simultaneously, producing confusion in relationships, against the very own Peace you are seeking. You want peace, but you do not want Peace. You do not know what Peace is, so you are not able to find It, that´s why you seek This outside. That also applies to Freedom, to Happiness, to Love. You do not know what Love is; you know what pleasure is, fulfillment by affective, emotional and sentimental pleasure, but this is not Love. That´s why you seek this in relationships and then you want to get married, to have children...

You seek happiness in objects. You believe that the more objects you get, the more happiness you have (in order to have the objects, you must have more money; the more money you have, the more objects you have, the more objects, the more comfort; the more comfort, the more happiness). However, comfort is not Happiness and object does not give Happiness... Nothing on the outside, absolutely nothing, provides That!

Everything on the outside produces pleasure and pain. Love, Peace, Freedom, Happiness, God is something that is inside, not outside. My job with you is to show you what You Are, because you only need to be alone. Everything You Need Is Already Present In What You Are. It is not outside!

So, my whole focus is to show you what Real Meditation is. You need to find out What is present, What is already there... Just find This out! You will not produce it, nor bring from outside, you will only find This out. My job is to help you remember how to access this discovery.

As long as there is any form of dependence - and dependence is to be connected to the external world that the mind produces in its dream, in its fantasy, in its desire to express - you will remain outside yourself, outside your Essential Nature, and there will be no Love, no Peace, no Freedom, no Happiness... There will be no God! All that you were born for is to realize the discovery of What is there, but it is not this body, this mind, nor objects, places, people, things, images, that is, it is absolutely nothing on the outside.

When your Being, your Real Nature, blossoms, everything remains in the same place, but now everything is in a new place. What I am saying is that it is not the external world that has to disappear, it is the illusion that the mind makes about the external world, what it projects over all this exteriority, people, things, places, objects, sensations, perceptions.

It is like there were a cake with a topping. Nobody knows what that cake was made of, it is not known what kind of cake is there underneath that cover, whether it is an orange cake, carrot or chocolate. In fact, we do not even know if it is a cake, because, due the topping, it may not be a real cake, but something with a very beautiful and quite convincing cover. The mind has created this covering over your Real Nature. You do not know what "cake" is, because you are enchanted with the topping. All of your experience called "life" is about the “topping” and not about the "cake."

So, when you come to Me, I say, "This is not real." People get angry at first, it is true. They get furious when I say, "You are a fraud!" I am not saying He or She is not Real, I am saying “he”or "she" is not real; everything he or she knows about him or herself is not real. People live in constant internal tumult, inner tumult, in a complete contradiction inside. This “inside” is still the "topping," the surface.

So, I say there is no way for you to stop it. The mind is this, this confusion; it is this "topping." This is discouraging... There is no way to stop this mind. But now, there come other news that is not so that bad, it is good news: there is no need to stop the mind; it stops! It is possible to break this model, this pattern, to get rid of it, but no action is necessary on your side. Look how interesting! There is in you an element able to break with this pattern, but it is not "your effort," in the way you understand this matter about effort. So, you do not need to try to destroy it, to stop the mind.

Now we touch the matter of Real Meditation. The problem with traditional meditation, which people know, is that it tries to stop you from thinking, and you do not have to do that. The mind may even hide, but it will not stop; it will return again. You do not need to try to stop the mind, it stops, but it is not you who stops. The mind stops by itself when there is room for Consciousness. Give room for Consciousness and the confusion of mind disappears!

How do you give room for the mind to stop by itself? Attention! Only that. Just be aware of its craziness. Is it crazy or is not? You look at its movement and then the dream ends. And this is because you naturally are not identified with its madness, with its inner chatter. It is not the mind trying to stop the mind, it is patient observation, careful, unhurried one... deep interest in observing. So, the confusion ends, the identification with that crazy thought that you have disappears, because the dream is over, the sleep is over - You awake! When you awake, there is no more mind. The mind is unconsciousness; it is the dream that happens during sleep, because you do not observe the craziness. Then, the crazy one goes together with the craziness, the madness drags the madman, but if there is attention, disidentification, there is no madman, there is no craziness.

What does to be awake mean? It is to be disidentified from body and mind. So, there are no beliefs or conditioning patterns about family culture, politics, religion. You are in your Being, in your Real Nature, which is Intelligence, Love, Truth, Peace, Happiness! You do not seek This; This reveals Itself as your ever-present Nature.

You do not try to control the mind, the desires, the fear, the anxiety and the ego identity with its craziness. All this goes away. Do not try to stop thinking, feeling, desiring, being afraid. Do not try any of this, just bring awareness, observe it. When you observe it, you realize that this is not you, but rather a crazy, addictive, repetitive, mechanical, unconscious impulse that comes and drags you. But now you have got it, you see, and, as I am used to say, you are weaning yourself off being miserable. You are turning back to God! In a religious language, you are becoming a saint, ceasing to be a problem.

Your work is to awake! It is totally your job, but it is not "your" job. It is a Work of Grace, of divine Love, of that inner Consciousness, which is the Guru.

* Originally published in Portuguese on June 4, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online talk meeting at Ranashram Gualberto, in the city of Campos do Jordão, on April 2018 - To participate, download the Paltalk app - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm (Local Time – Brazil BRT)

July 2, 2018

All the Beauty is already present!

This Realization is not something new that should be added to you. It is like an abandoned palace, which has no dweller for hundreds of years. It is forgotten, lost, like a hidden treasure in some corner of the world. This palace is housing the cockroaches, rats, bats and spiders. The floor, the walls, the furnishings, the mirrors and all the furnitures in this palace are covered with dust. In it, rats and cockroaches multiply.

This palace has been there for thousands of years and, behind all that dust, there are furnitures made of the strongest and most beautiful wood that can be found on Earth. The mirrors frames - which are many - are of the finest, most exquisite, most delicate material. There are large halls, large bedrooms, and the floor, like everything there, was placed very carefully. There are many details of great charm for the eyes, of great beauty, but everything is covered with dust. The amount of insects is huge! Unless this palace is found, discovered, and all that dust on the furnitures, the dirt and the insects are removed, its beauty will remain hidden. Realization is something like that: it is already there, but there is a lot of things covering it!

The palace was not built for the dwelling of rats, cockroaches and spiders. The purpose for building this palace was much more noble. They are the kings, princes, monarchs, who live in palaces.

The purpose of these lines is always the same. They are not meant to teach you something new, but to make you discover the old, to perceive That which is already present. You are a palace, but you are busy with too many dust, rats, cockroaches, spiders and various other insects. You are a palace with large and beautiful spaces, beautiful furnitures, but very busy.

You are like a huge ocean mistaking yourself for a small wave, a small ripple, living in a narrow piece of the sea, crashing against the rocks at all times. With small variations, the same wave repeats. Time after time, it hits the rock, vanishes, comes back and vanishes again. It gets "born" at a certain point and "dies" when it hits the rock, and then returns with a small difference in shape. Thus, months, years, centuries, millennia goes by, and you, who are all this immensity of the ocean, inexplicable, indescribable, remain mistaking yourself for a small ripple, a small wave.

* Originally published in Portuguese on May 30, 2018 ** Excerpt from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in Ramanashram - Campos do Jordão, in February 2018. Check out our agenda and schedule to be with the Master in our face-to-face meetings.

June 27, 2018

My technique is:

Happiness is not a denial of life, but it is not an affirmation as well, the way the egoic mind wants it to be. The egoic mind desires an affirmation of life that Happiness does not know.

Then, what is the problem?

The problem lies on living addicted to the guidelines that thought has for you, all programmed by culture, by society, by the model implanted in the world. Over this model, you have been educated, you growed, and now you are there, allowing yourself to be driven by the thought to move in this or that direction, acting in a programmed way, cultivated by fear and desire.

So your goals, with your model of existence, are fated to failure, to produce more and more suffering, more and more lies, more and more confusion, more and more misery.

Due to this absurdity of uncontrolled thought inside your head, there is no Consciousness, there is no Intelligence, there is only this chaotic, confused and disorderly movement.

Basically, you think; that is the problem! You only think because you accept this inner gossip as truth, as part of your reality. It happens there an objective and essential thought for the body, such as: "I am thirst, I want water", in the midst of a billion thoughts like: "It is horrible", "I do not like her", "I do not like him", "They are lying to me", "I can do it", "I can", "I do"... That is, a billion thoughts involved with the self-fulfillment of a supposed present entity living within the body.

How there will be no misery, no suffering, this way, if what you call "life" is the lie, the programming of lying? It is not Life! How there will be God, Truth, Intelligence, Happiness? It is not possible! How there will be Realization, completeness of Being, now, at this moment?

Within this chaotic movement of thought, the idea of ​​evolution is also created: "Today I am not, but tomorrow I will be", "Today I have not, but tomorrow I will have", "Today I am not enlightened, but tomorrow I will be."

The sages say that to be here with the only Truth it is not required time nor effort. Then the thought does a philosophy over that, it starts to explain what it has seen about it and distorts everything. Then, the mind begins to practice to "stay here and now", and also to teach this: "Stay here and now"; "It is just about be here and now"; "Do this or that exercise to achieve this". And there is the movement of the old self, still engaging in some form of practice, some meditation technique. You all have been practiced various meditation techniques to try to get somewhere.

What I call Meditation is to look at this that is in this instant, without jumping over it, without giving credibility to it, without trusting it, without holding on to it. You do it exactly in this second and, in three days, you do it in this very second and, in three years, in the same second. You only have one second to do this, and it is now, here! So, notice that it has nothing to do with practice, but with Attention, with Presence, with Truth… The Truth to not trust this inner voice, to not trust this inner feeling, this inner disposition, that says you are this or that, that needs this or that. That is why I never put you into practice; I place you in the art of Meditation, but not in the practice of meditation.

Look carefully, listen carefully, feel carefully... When the thought arise, keep your attention on this inner madness, to not be a thinker. The thinker is also just a thought. There is no thinker, only thought, repetitive, continuous, programmed, invader. Every thought is invader! You do not have a single original thought; no thought is!

Thought is not your nature, it is not real in your Being, it is only real as a phenomenon, just like that couch. You were never born! Since this too is a phenomenon, it is not real in your Being.

Your Being is not what you think to be! He is outside the thought! Thought is not your Being! So, you just say this: "It is not". Your job is: "It is not". Do you want a technique? People come to me and ask for a technique. My technique is: "It is not". This feeling? It is not! This thought? It is not! This sensation? It is not! This certainty? It is not! "But, Master, Silence has come!". Then I say: "It is not!". In Zen that is very common. The monk listens to the Master for a while and then says: "Master, I have reached Silence". Then the Master says: "It is not. Throw away!".

* Originally published in Portuguese on May 26, 2018 ** Excerpt from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in João Pessoa in March 2018
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