January 27, 2018

A Devotee of The Truth

Hello guys! Good evening! Welcome to another meeting here by the Paltalk. It is wonderful that we are together again in this online meeting.

Whenever we are here, your inner disposition must be that one of intelligent curiosity, because it is needed for you to discover That what You are. We do not have to waste too much time trying to prove you that life without this Realization has no meaning at all. It seems to me that this is where all the work begins in earnest, in the objective, applied and dedicated format. Perhaps this is the real meaning of the "devotee" word.

The devotee of the Truth is the disciple of the Truth; it is when you start to ask yourself: "After all, what is the meaning of all this?". So the real devotee is the one who is the true disciple, the disciple of the Truth. Some people come to these meetings and they give me the impression that I have to convince them that their lives has any meaning. That is, they have not yet realized that, in fact, there is no meaning in their lives.

I am not here to convince you that you are unhappy, even because the mind has a fairly strong self-defense movement. So, if I have to convince you that you are not happy, it means that you still cannot see for yourself that your life has no meaning. It means that you are not ready to be a devotee of the Truth.

A disciple of the Truth is one who does not need to be convinced that he must discover a meaning in the midst of this "non-meaning" of life. So, the work begins! So the only thing that matters to you is to discover, amid of this meaningless life, some sense for all of this. It seems to me that this is the real meaning of the "disciple" word. Then, passing it on: the disciple is the devotee of the Truth, is that one who does not need to be convinced that he must have an encounter with God, with his own Truth. The Real Intelligence appears from that point on.

In these lines, I make a very clear distinction between "intelligence" and Intelligence. The Real Intelligence is that which is born from the work of Awakening, of Self-realization. No matter how smart you are in any area, in any model of life, this is not the Real Intelligence. Your ability to deal with any area, model or level of existence, in particular, does not represent Real Intelligence. So, this True Intelligence is the Intelligence of the Sage, of that One who discovers, amidst this meaningless life, the reason for his own existence.

The beginning of the Intelligence or the Awakening of the Intelligence is in self-knowledge. The word "self-knowledge" has also been very poorly understood, because it is not a question of knowing the particularities of the personality, the particularities of the "I". There are several courses that favor this kind of "self-knowledge" - which is nothing more than a psychological approach to this "self".

Here, when I use the term "self-knowledge", I mean something completely different. Self-knowledge is the realization that there is no "self" to be understood. Therefore, it is not about a psychological approach through introspection, self-analysis or any other technique. Self-realization, which is the beginning of the Intelligence, is the fruit of this Intelligence and it begins in the investigation of this false “self”. The disciple is the devotee of the Truth, and the devotee is the true disciple. This is where the Intelligence begins, and this flourishes in Self-realization.

The investigation of the Truth about oneself is the principle of Wisdom, this Something that is present at the end of this false “self”. When it ends the illusion of this "I" (and this is for the disciple, who is the real devotee), the Sage - who is the very Guru, the very Master - manifests itself. Notice that there is no separation between the disciple and the Master - both are only one. One who devotes his life to the Truth is a true devotee - this is the real disciple and the true Sage.

So when you come to Satsang, it is not to be convinced that your life does not have any meaning without this Realization. You are in Satsang because all this is already clear to you. What I am meaning is that I am not the Guru who will convince you to become a disciple of the Truth or a true devotee. When you get here, it has to be within you. Now the expression becomes clear: "When the disciple is ready, the Master appears!"

I have noticed that some of you, here in this room or even in these face-to-face meetings, you have no real interest in this. It is just an intellectual interest, it is just another interesting meeting, where someone has a very interesting sepeach to be heard. You must be willing to go beyond the illusion of this false “self” and this is the sign of the true disciple or devotee.

As already stated, the real disciple is the true devotee; is the one who looks at his life and realizes that, in fact, nothing makes sense without the Truth. For the true devotee, all acts, actions, thoughts, undertakings, goals, have no meaning without this Realization. The only thing that matters for the disciple-devotee is the Realization of the Truth. Everything goes to the background and, in the reason that this work deepens inside him or her, this goes to the third or fourth plane. Nothing makes any sense, because there is no meaning in life without the Realization of that what You are, of the Truth about yourself.

Only one more thing here for you: The only thing that matters is this surrender, this resolution; it is when the Truth can express Itself as the Real Meaning. It is not about the real meaning of life, because Life itself is its own meaning.

Ok, guys! Let's stick around! Thanks for this meeting!


* Originally published in Portuguese on October 04, 2017
** Transcribed from an online meeting on the evening of September 8th, 2017.
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