January 2, 2018

In your Natural State, you are Reality itself!

Getting in touch with a speech like this is more than approaching to words. Words are symbols. Thus, everything you perceive through the senses can be communicated through a word. Speech, therefore, describes perceptions, what the eyes, the ears, the smell, the touch, and the taste perceive.

Our interest in this encounter is to discover That which is beyond words, beyond perceptions, beyond the senses. Satsang means to investigate the nature of Reality. Reality is where everything arises, where everything appears, where everything is perceived. Identified with the mind and body, you can spend a lifetime getting confused with the illusion of the existence of "someone" present in the experience of perception. To the mind, perception is Reality, but I want to tell you that Reality is beyond perception.

You need to understand the difference between perception and Reality. When you are identified with body and mind, experiences happen to a supposed "identity" present, to this "me", to this "I". Without identification with the body and mind, you may be in touch with the direct Reality, which is the Truth about yourself. This means living free from the sense of the ego, the "me", the "I". Realize the importance, the beauty, the grace that exists behind it!

You, in your Natural State, are not a person, not an ego identity. In your Natural State you are Reality itself! What is the implication of this? The implication of this is to live without conflict, without fear, without suffering, in this indescribable state of Freedom, Happiness. Some call it Enlightenment. I prefer to call Natural State because you are not a special being, someone who has a light bulb lit over the head. You do not shoot lightning from the fingertips; neither have super-powers like the superman or the wonder woman.

Therefore, in your Natural State, you are not special, you are not superior to anyone, you are not greater than anyone else. You are no longer confused with the sense of separation, no longer identified with the sense of duality. There is no longer "you", God and the world, as the mind made you believe before. This is the end of confusion, of all emotional, psychological disorder, because it is the end of illusion.

This Natural State is the Reality of God! You were born to accomplish This, only This, uniquely This, and nothing more! It is when, then, you are at "home", in Peace... You are Wise! You are healed! You had been stung by the serpent of ignorance and now you are healed, there is no more poison in the body!

You cannot find the Truth of God, this Truth about You, at the marketplace, pay a bargain for it and take it home. It is not like this! The price of Reality, Truth, Awakening, is your life, your history, your world ... You will have to surrender it all! If you still have desires, dreams and still want to do a lot of things in this world, it is a sign that you still like it very much. Forget this world or forget God! To remember this world is to forget Yourself; to forget this world is to remember YourSelf. I talk about this world that your mind has built, with your desires and fears, with your dreams and hopes. This is the only world you need to get rid of - the imaginary world created by this presumed identity present.

All this is sheer conditioning! You were conditioned to believe that Happiness is for "someone" - that "someone" you believe to be. A "someone" who will find this Happiness outside, in the imaginary world created by thought itself. So, you believe that a marriage will give you Happiness; success in a professional career will give you Happiness; having a family, a dozen children, will give you Happiness; driving an imported car - a Lamborghini or a Ferrari - will make you meet the supreme Happiness...

Happiness lies here and now! It is your Being! Your Being is Love, Peace, Freedom, Intelligence, Sanity, Completeness, and This is here and now! It has nothing to do with sensory experiences, sensations, perceptions ... When I talk about perceptions, I am referring to physical and non-physical perceptions (called spiritual perceptions). All of this is within the mind. The most sublime of spiritual perceptions is still a mental experience; the ego is still there. I am sorry to have to tell you that. If you are still clinging to these things, I am very sad for you, because they are worthless, whether in this world or the "other world."

*Originally published in Portuguese on August 04, 2017
**Transcribed from an online meeting at the night of May 12th, 2017 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. - To participate download Paltalk App on your smartphone or computer.

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