January 30, 2018

Remain in your Real Nature

This is a moment of Consciousness, of Presence, of Silence, of contact with the Reality. Wherever something is present, it is present in this Consciousness. This moment is something like this. When something disappears, that Consciousness is still there. When something is present, here it is Consciousness. When something is happening or appearing, it is this Consciousness, but when it disappears, it is also the same Consciousness. There is no change! It is something that remains unchanging, ever present.

The objects, the feelings, the sensations and the thoughts appear, but they are not separate from the Consciousness, and, when they disappear, the Consciousness remains. We are dealing, in Satsang, with this Consciousness, with this unique Reality that holds all things. The Reality of the objects, of the apparitions is the Reality of Consciousness, and That is something undeniable.

This Consciousness is Meditation, is Presence, is the immutable Reality, beyond the mind and the body. Therefore, when we are dealing with the end of the illusion, we are dealing exactly with this Consciousness. Right now, you are there, and that is the only certainty! It is not you as the body or as the mind. It is You as Consciousness. Consciousness is aware of apparitions, such as thoughts, sensations, emotions, feet, hands, body... What we usually conceive as objects is, in fact, only names and shapes that change, which are overlapped by the mind and the senses in this ever-present Consciousness.

Therefore, when we speak about this Reality, we are dealing with God, signaling this Truth present here and now, beyond the body, the mind, the sensations, the experiences, the feelings, the objects and all the apparitions.

The basis, the substance of all experience is one: Consciousness! It is like the screen on the cinema, on TV, or on a painting in which only the images change. The screen on a frame is always the same. You can throw paint on it, paint an image, and then clean it to put other paint and to produce another image, to paint a new painting, but it will still be the same frame! You are the screen! You are the Consciousness!

When you identify with an image, you become that image. You are being invited to stay in your Real Nature. So, you are welcome to your Natural State, which is Meditation, which is Presence, which is Consciousness. Get disidentified from the images, and do it at this moment! Do not transfer this, as if it were a responsibility of the Guru, of God. You are already This! Knowing yourself in any apparition is Love. This is possible! You are here just for this: to know yourself; to know your Real, Essential Nature.

However, I am observing how much you lose yourself on the apparitions. When a feeling, a thought and a physical sensation appear, you follow them, as if you were the body, the mind, that sensation, or that feeling. When you do it, there you are back to the old game, the old egoic mind. Then, you go back to Satsang, have an encounter with the Guru, and he makes you remember again that Silence, but right after you forget Him once again.

But as soon as you turn to Consciousness again, you take a small step away from this mental world of conflict, of fear, of suffering, of problems, and of difficulties. So, you are back home! However, when the mind arises, you become unquiet again, for your appeals are very seductive and you are addicted to think, to feel, to be "someone". You are addicted to the world (the world is these creations that thought produces there to that "you" that you believe to be).

Satsang invites you to go beyond this limitation "I am the body", which makes the idea "I am in the world" disappear. When the idea "I am the body" is not there, the idea "I am in the world" is not there either, and when you are not in the world, there are no more problems of any kind. What remains is your Reality, which is Love, Peace, Happiness, the Free State of the “me” and the conflicts created by this illusion. The "I" is an illusion, a convincing fraud.

This cannot be intellectual. Do not keep and repeat these words, because this will not work out! You must experience It! It is like getting into a driver training: you have a theoretical basis and then you go into the car beside your instructor. He is not so foolish to get into the car and to leave everything exactly under your control. So, he also has a brake pedal just for him. He has his own a brake pedal, because you are very agitated. You will think that you already know how to do everything by yourself; you will get muddled a little bit and will put the driving school’s car in risk. He knows this, so he goes very quietly, very carefully besides you.

Participant: Master! Is it necessary to be aware at various moments of the day?

Master Gualberto: It is necessary to awaken, which means assuming Consciousness. So far, your life has been being about remaining identified with thoughts, with sensations, with emotions, while your Real Nature is Consciousness, in which all this just comes and goes. I recommend coming to in person Satsang to investigate this deeper.

* Originally published in Portuguese on October 20, 2017 ** Transcribed from a talk in an online meeting on the night of November 28, 2016 Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm Local time: Brazil - BRT Brasilia  -Download the Paltalk App and get involved!

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