January 7, 2018

Stuck on the illusion of being someone

Here, it is not like listening to a teacher, listening to a teaching ... It is about listening to the Truth, dealing with the Truth. So, my speech reaches you in a direct way, but it is not about the words. While you were listening to me yesterday, a change began to take place inside you. It was not my words; it was the power of this Truth, the power of this Presence.

So, notice that in these open meetings, there are several "firing", several "shots", but the others do not know where this is going to, what it is going to affect. If there is someone ready to be touched by This, he/she is going to be touched. When that happens, the signal is this: the mind gets silent, something inside you opens up and you get to see something beyond my words, beyond these speeches – it is this Truth, the Truth treating with the truth. You are the Truth, I Am the Truth, there is only the Truth!

The illusion is a mirage in the desert ... The mirage is an illusion of something, like a landscape appearing in the desert. But the Truth is the Truth, and it is the Truth impact that reverberates in your Real Nature. Realization is the Truth, and in this Realization there is not "someone". There is only the Truth. This is the Truth of a Master. This is the Truth of the Guru, which is the Truth of the disciple, of Consciousness, of Being. The sensation is clear; it is the clear sensation that This is already being awaited for a long time.

When you find me, you find yourself! When the truth finds itself, It recognizes Itself. No one needs to tell you what you are seeing, hearing, perceiving, feeling... You know! This encounter with God is a loving encounter, it is an evidence of the present Truth, of this Love, of this Freedom, of this Happiness, of this Silence! This cannot be described. Can you describe? Huh? Can you describe what you feel when you look at me? Does someone explain? Isn't that beautiful?! It is not Me, it is You. There is only You here. This I Am is You. This is the sign that we are before the Master: the Master is that one who reveals us what we are!

The Master is that one who reveals us that there is only one Master, that are ourselves. The sign that we are before the Master is that He is Real. We were targets and were hit, and we do not know where the shot is coming from. We were targets... targets hit by this Grace, by this Silence. This encounter with the Master, with what we are, silences the mind, pacifies the heart, and pierces, interpenetrates, invades, fills our whole Being with Love. God is the Beloved. This is the Guru. This is the Reality of our Being, the Truth of our Divine Nature. You were born to Realize That.

In the mind there are many thoughts, many beliefs and ideologies, there are many concepts, theories ... There are ... There are ... There are so many things ... But, there is something in you beyond the mind, and this "something" is not a theory, it is not a concept, it is not a belief. The intellect cannot nurture This, it cannot prove the existence of This, it cannot prove the nonexistence of This. These speeches are not saying something to the intellect. This space of pauses between words, this Silence between each spoken word, this singular "Thing", this deep, absolute and extraordinary Silence is communicating "something" to this "Thing". And this "Thing" recognizes Itself in this Silence - that is the language of this "something", of This present.

The Truth has the sound of a beautiful music, that we do not need to understand, there is no reason to understand and there is no way to understand, but it is possible to live, feel and perceive This, beyond words... to feel that melody, this musicality… to feel this singular Truth present in This. Notice that there is a song in my speech ... It is a song... Every song is my speech; the music without lyrics, that reverberates in this unknown Space, in this unfamiliar place. It is this unique thing that you bring there, inside you, and it is what you Are in your Real Nature ... That you are, that is You.

My invitation to you is: live without the mind, live without the ego, live without the sense of "someone" present in this moment, right now, at every moment, moment by moment, in the next moment, the next and the next, too.

Your Being, your Real Nature, carries no need, no shortage, no conflict, no problem. Remain in your Being. Remain in the heart. Remain out of time and space, out of the illusion, this illusion of "being somebody". So, all your needs and lack disappear, all your desires and fears disappear, all your choices and concerns, too. These desires present in there are the proof of immaturity.

A fruit that has not matured is not sweet yet, it is not ready to drop off the tree; it still needs the tree for a while. In the existence is how it works. Filled with this illusion, the illusion of "being someone", there is not Nirvana, there is not the Kingdom of Heaven, there is not Samadhi, there is not Liberation, there is not Happiness, there is not Freedom, there is not Truth.

When there is no mind, there is no desire. When there is no desire, there is no immaturity. When there is no immaturity, you are ready. So, this ripen is essential. Satsang gives you this, gives you this condition to live as, in fact, you were born to live: free from the illusion of the "I", of "me", of the ego, of the "person".

With this immaturity, with these conflicts, desires and fears, with this connection to the existence, it is like the fruit that begins to grow on a tree, it remains stuck in that tree, but it takes some time until the day it ripens and can get loose, to drop off the tree. In the ego you live like that, stuck to the illusion of "being somebody". You live like that, but it is not you, it is the illusion of this "being you" that it is been a long time you believe to be. That is what I have just named immaturity.

There is not this tree, there is not such fruit growing and maturing, there is only this illusion ... the illusion "I am the body", "I am here, in this world, living my life, doing my choices, making my decisions, choosing all the time, wishing all the time, wanting to be happy all the time" … "Going out, meeting people, becoming acquainted with them, finding places" ... And we think this place or that place will give us this happiness, this house. This place, this connection with objects, too, several objects (new car, apartment, sofa set, pictures to hang on the wall, a plasma TV, necklaces, earrings ...), these things do not give happiness. As there is the illusion that this is going to give you happiness, you acquire these things, or you are going to live in that place you dream of, or you marry that guy (or that girl), you have those children you wish to have, and then, you continue to find out that nothing was solved. That is what I have just called immaturity.

There is no happiness out there, because the whole Thing is inside there, in this Space, in this Consciousness, in this disidentification with the external world of objects; with the world of thoughts, sensations, feelings, emotions; with the world of external achievements.

So, you are back to the Master, the Guru, the Awareness, the Presence, the Being, your Real Nature, your Essential Nature - it is when You find me, it is when I find You, it is when You find Yourself. Do not think about it, do not take conclusions about it, do not learn my words, do not repeat this, do not intellectualize this, do not believe this, do not make this a belief. Go deep and discover This, the fact that This Is ... This as a fact.

* Originally published in Portuguese on November 18, 2016
** Transcribed from a meeting in Fortaleza City on September 2016

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