January 25, 2018

The Awakening to Meditation

In Satsang, we come across a limitation, which is the limitation of the language and the speech. The purpose in these encounters is for you to go beyond the speech, and if we are silent, go beyond that silence, too - that is because both the silence and the speech cannot really help.

When you accept the limitations of the language, you understand that, nothing that is being talked about here is ultimately something true, something final. However, at the same time that the words can be born from a theory, from a belief, they can also be born from an experience, from a direct experience, and because of that they are loaded with a Power, a Real Presence. In this sense, words become more than mere verbal notes; they come in as powerful bombs and can have a completely destructive effect on this ego structure, which is all this conditioning that everyone brings into Satsang. The same thing happens in this silence, for those who know how to remain in this silence, who know how to enter into that silence.

Our interest here is not to study a philosophical, spiritual system. Here, we do not worry about not making a mistake. Wisdom does not care about it, Truth does not care about it, but a philosophical system does. When you acquire a certain knowledge, you have the concern to remain in it, in that what is only a new doctrine, a new belief system, something learned; this is not Wisdom.

So, the power of this encounter is not exactly in the speech, but in the effect behind it, in what can be felt there, in that explosion that can occur there, this instant. A speech that is born from the real Silence touches the real Silence; a speech that is born from the real Wisdom, touches the real Truth present within you. Therefore, do not worry about the knowledge here in this space. Liberation, Realization, Enlightenment, is not born from knowledge; This happens to the end of this egoic sense, of that sense of separation.

At this moment, you are not listening to someone who knows things, who knows something that you do not know. Here, the point is another! All my purpose in this meeting is to show you how to live without conflict, without suffering, and not to give you any new knowledge. I want to show you that it is possible to live free from the sense of duality, of separation, which means living in Happiness, which is when there is no more fear, illusion, suffering. This has nothing to do with knowledge, to know something that others do not know, to know something that others do not know; it is not about this! It is basically about not being confused with the mind anymore, with its creations, with its beliefs, with its ideas. Therefore, when you are in Satsang make this already very clear to you: do not try to learn something here! You are here exactly to unlearn everything! It is the emptying of all that content, all those beliefs, experiences ... of absolutely everything!

Wisdom is Meditation and Meditation is absence of content. This is you in your Being, in your Natural State. We are always facing something new, unknown, of life in its movement. So is Wisdom, Truth, and this is Meditation! Another name for Meditation is Love. In India they call it Samadhi. It is not a trance, it is not a mystical experience, it is you in your Natural State. In it, you eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy. You have a normal life. Externally, you are like everyone else, but there is no more "person" there, there is no longer the "sense of someone" present in a professional occupation, dealing with business or taking care of the routine of the day.

Do you realize that there is nothing to learn here? You do not learn Meditation, you awaken to It. I am telling you that you get out of sleep and awaken! You investigate the nature of the illusion, surrender it, and thus the Meditation flourishes. This self-inquiry, this self-observation, happens with this surrender, this rendition. This is part of the devotion to God, to the Truth. When that happens, you awaken to Meditation!

* Originally published in Portuguese on November 02, 2017 ** Transcribed from a talk on an online meeting at the night of June 30th, 2017 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. (Brasília time) - To participate you just have to download Paltalk App.

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