January 15, 2018

There is no distance between you and the Truth!

What are we doing in these meetings? What is it to be here in Satsang?

First, you need to ask if there is any real distance between you and the Truth. Every time I come across exactly with this difficulty in Satsang: trying, through the words, to show that there is no distance between you and the Truth!

After all, what is the distance between this Consciousness and the objects of which It is conscious (body, mind and world)? Is there any distance? What distance is that? Where is this distance created, produced?

If you investigate this, in a simply and direct way, you will see that there is no distance; that this separation is not real; that this Consciousness is always present, and the mind, body and world are appearing in It - they are not separate things.

In other words, you only look through a belief, an idea from the thought about that experience happening. You never dive deep within this experience. However, if you do so, you will find that there is no one present in it; there is only the experience happening in the Consciousness. In this way, the mind, the world, the body, the sensations, the emotions, the feelings, and the thoughts are happening without the illusion of separation, of duality.

Duality means two things happening: the "consciousness" witnessing and the mind, body and world appearing in an independent way... but this is not real! The mind is not independent, the body is not independent, the world is not independent! There is no separation, there are not two things! The thought is not independent from the thinker! In fact, the thinker is only a belief, an idea, another thought as well, that does not work in an independent way from that Witness, that Consciousness.

There is no thinker, thought, body and world as a separate thing, with an independent life. All this is real, but only in this Consciousness. You do not need to get rid of the thought, nor the mind or body. Who would be trying to do that? Only the illusion of separation, of duality; the illusion of someone who is present as the thinker, separated from the thought; the observer separated from what it observes; the one who feels separated from what is felt.

All problem you have lies on the idea that there is a life of yours, a particular life happening; the idea that this life is someone's life - someone and their choices, desires, determinations, intentions... So, whom are you fighting with? Discussing with whom? Complaining with whom? All your problem with others is a problem with whom? All your problem with the world, all your problem with the very mind, with the body, is a problem with whom? Is your conflict with your girlfriend, your wife, husband, neighbors?

You like some fews, but do not like some others... So, whom do you like? Whom is important to you? Whom do you get along with? Notice that it is the same duality, it is the same sense of someone present. "Someone present" has always friends and foes; it is the same illusion: if you have friends, you have enemies too; if you do like someone, there is someone you do not like of; if you are loving someone, there is someone you are not loving. You can not have one thing without having the other. This is the duality, the illusion of separation!

So, who makes you annoyed or happy? In a moment you are happy, but in just another moment you are sad, but whom is turning you this way? Who is this that feels happy or sad? Why is that he feels this way? Why is there something outside that makes you happy or sad? To whom does this separation exist? To whom does this duality exist?

That is very clear, isn’t it?

All this is happening in this illusion of getting confused with the belief of being someone separate, in the control of this moment, of this experience, that is, of the thought, sensation, emotion, world, body, of the "other"...

Notice that I am always pointing to the Natural State, outside the duality, outside the illusion, outside this separation between subject and object, between observer and object of observation. Notice that in this Silence, which is Consciousness, which is Presence, there is no separation. It arises only as a belief, when you, as an entity, separate yourself from what is happening. It is always a belief, an idea, the illusion of someone present creating a distance - "me and the body", "me and the mind", "me and the world"... As if there were two things!

Here, before you, is the challenge of this work, which is to closely approach this realization; the challenge to not get separated in order to not produce conflict, suffering, illusion. When you get separated, you create the conflict. To not get separated means to stop this war, with the fear, the suffering. You must do this work now, in this instant, until It begins to take shape, until This begins to take Its place over there.

Remember that you are going in the opposite direction - the illusion of separation, the illusion of the egoic mind is going in one direction and you are going in the opposite way; the egoic mind, the separatist mind, the illusory mind, it is going and you are coming back. You are leaving this route, this way, this hand, you are getting off this road! You are coming out of the ego, duality, illusion, Maya, sleep, unconsciousness, egoic mind, person's history... You are very used to this road, to this way, and now you are taking an another way: the way back… back home.

Home, here, means Happiness, Freedom, Consciousness, Wisdom.


* Originally published in Portuguese on September 21, 2017
**Transcribed from an online meeting on the night of February 13th, 2017
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