January 5, 2018

What is Reality?

Hello guys! Welcome to Paltalk! It is great we are together in this opportunity to investigate the Nature of Self.

What is your reality? The Thought, like the feeling, has created a reality: the experience of that moment by thought and by feeling ... The mind manages to give a reality to it - the reality that the mind creates and imagines.

The question for you is: What is Reality? There is the Reality and the "reality" that the mind creates. Knowing about this inquiry opportunity and assuming it as something real to your life is what, here,  is fundamental ... It is about dedicating your heart, all your energy, availability, to this great discovery of the truth about yourself, about the discovery of Reality.

Today, my days are days of Reality. I realize how much people live in distress in the mind, trying to create something to fulfill themselves and to provide them "peace and freedom", "love and happiness". However, they are falling again and again into this trap of "reality" that the mind creates. This is like the experience of drying up ice ... You can try this, as far as you want, as long as you want, but the ice will never dry out. Nobody, until today, has been able neither to dry up ice, nor to be happy by being "someone", making choices, making decisions, working for their projects.

You have ever attended college, gotten a fiancée or a fiancé, married, rented or bought a house, had two children or half a dozen. You have already become a businessman, had a Rock and Roll band (or discovered that you have a good voice to sing and then you became the lead singer of a band), have become popular and now you have many fans, you travel around the world, but you are still trying to stifle this unhappiness by using drugs and other things.

It is not possible to dry up ice. It is not possible to be happy. Happiness is not a thing that you achieve, that you work for, work for and accomplish it. In fact, the more you look for it, the further you get away from it. The "ice" is always on the outside and there is no way you can realize the Truth on the outside - what I have just called the "reality" of the mind. It is necessary to go beyond the mind, beyond your personal experience.

The sense of person is a great limitation. It is the only self-limitation. Your dreams are based on this, which are part of the mind, of this illusion of being "someone". When you move, you move away from yourself, because all movement is to the exterior, on the outside. There is no movement at this moment. So, this is not a thing to be achieved, conquered; it is something to be witnessed in that instant as the only Reality that is here and now. 

This is not the reality of the mind, because the reality of it lies in the notion of space and time. The things that the mind creates and seeks to achieve are in the space. The notion of achievement and the process to get there are within time. This is the reality of the mind, the reality of the "I", of the "me," of the person you believe you are. So, you need time and space.

That is why the mind is very greedy - it loves having things. It seeks to fill itself with objects, friendships, relationships ... It lives surrounded by a large crowd. The behavior of the mind is always toward this direction: multitude of things, of people and of information.  It is always escaping, in its limitation, and it is always seeking to fill this limitation with infinite things. This movement only creates confusion, because the more things it has, the more afflicted and limited it feels.

One curious thing about the mind is that everything it touches, it ages, and then it wants to replace that, because that does not fulfill it anymore. When you find something new, like a car, a house, a boyfriend, a husband, a few weeks later, or days, or hours, or minutes, that becomes old. Everything the mind touches, it ages and then it wants to replace. At first, it is euphoric, feels fulfilled, valued and fulfilled, trying to "dry up ice", that is, to find happiness in its things.

When there is no mind, there is no anything old, there is no anything new. Listen to this: when there is no mind, there is no room for things, no time for projects, for desires, for dreams.  When there is no mind, there is only the Unique, True Reality, which is not the reality of the mind (time, space, objects, accomplishments, dreams, desires). When the reality of the mind is not present, the Reality of this instant is this Consciousness, is this Presence, is this Love, is this Peace, is this Happiness, is the Reality of Being, is the Reality of God.

Is this simple or complex? You are here to find out you are Here. What I want to say is the following: being here is the only Reality. Being Here Is To Be! Now is Here, beyond time and space. Beyond the mind is Here, and there is nothing beyond That. So, this is God's Realization, the Realization of Happiness.

When you are in Satsang, something happens and the notion of time and space disappears. What happens is that you are here. Maybe, it means three seconds on the clock, but you do not need three seconds to realize that the only place is Here and that the only Real thing is Here, where the sense of a "me" is not present, making choices, having desires, having its small or big things, and so on.

The message to you has this purpose: to make you realize that the only Reality is here. “Here” is the place where your Being has no notion of space and time ... Here! We can use any word in place of that expression, yet we are pointing to that which is non-spatial and timeless ... Here! 

OK! Until the next meeting! Namaste!   

* Originally published on September 07, 2017
** Transcribed from an online meeting on the night of July 21st, 2017  Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm (Local time: Brazil Brasilia BRT) - To participate, just download the Paltalk App

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