January 10, 2018

When you search outside, you forget who You are.

In these meetings I am pointing What I consider to be the principal thing, which is not the speech itself. Your experience with the world of the senses, with the sensory world, is the experience that the mind knows and appreciates. You have an education, such a conditioning that makes you always look at the outside world, at the world of the senses.

My emphasis in these meetings is always to point out to you what I consider the main thing: your own recognition, What you are inside; not the experience you know, but the Nature where those experiences are arising from, where they are appearing… The Nature of the experience itself, which is this Consciousness that You are.

Your whole existential frustration is based on the orientation you have been experiencing from the senses. In other words: you are forgetting who you are and you are losing yourself on the experiences from the senses. For the egoic mind, all that matters is the experience of the senses. So, if you observe it closely, you are very impressed with what you see, what you listen to, what you touch, what you perceive. For you, the sensory perception is something very important and is always at ego identity’s service, which is this person you believe to be. So, you do not see from What you are. You look from the mind, you hear from the mind, you speak, you touch, you feel from the mind... Here, I mean this separatist’s mind, this egoic mind.

That is why there is no beauty in your life, because there is no depth. The nature of the person is to be superficial. It is the nature of the ego. However you have very beautiful things around you, you remain in the shallow, looking at people like a person. You talk to people as if you were a person. You listen to someone as if you were someone too. So, all your contact with the external world is only a reflection of that internal superficiality of the egoic mind, because there is no depth, and when there is no depth, there is no Wealth, there is no Grace, there is no Beauty, there is no Truth.

It works like this: you see yourself as someone and want to be fulfilled by the other; you want to be rich in the other, to become deep in the other, full, happy... You want to live the love, you want to live the freedom, but always in the other. What do we do in these meetings called Satsang? We investigate the illusory nature of this "me" that you believe to be, which is fundamental, because this frees you immediately from expecting some form of fulfillment in the "outside world”.

The ego lives in a very needy, very frightened, dependent... quite unhappy way. It needs appreciation, recognition, love coming from the other - always from there to here, from the outside to inside. It is a constant search for being someone to the other. This is the nature of the ego and you have to go beyond that, beyond this illusion of being someone, this one that has made your life so superficial. Boredom is born from it, loneliness, depression, anxiety, shyness and all forms of fear arise from this, because there is no depth.

One basic thing that you need to understand to go beyond the egoic mind is that you need to discover the Love that does not depend on the other. The Peace that does not depend on the other, the Freedom that does not depend on the other. For that, you need to get rid of the mind, to leave aside those images that the mind produces all the time in your head about who he or she is to you. You cannot depend on it! Only then, you will begin to be serious about yourself, to enjoy Life as it is.

You need to look at what it is presented at that moment, not lose yourself on it, not be impressed, not look at life in a romantic way, believing that something on the outside or someone outside will give you what you already have therein. When you search outside, you forget who You are.

When you begin to listen me, I destroy your relationships, because I want you to find the Love in yourself. Only then, you can go to the outside, date, marry, have children, friends, because nothing else can make you suffer, including - especially - boyfriends, friends, husbands, children... What you call "my world" and that is just the story of a character you believe you are.

Is it hard to follow this up?

This history is your misery. It is not your happiness. First, you find yourself and realize Happiness; then, you go outside. This is completely different from what you have learned. You have heard phrases like "you will never be happy if you do not make the other happy!" This is a lie! You are not here to make the world happy. You are here to realize that there is no world and, therefore, there is no other but You.

Your liberation and happiness are the liberation and happiness of the world. But the world and the other are not separate from You. Therefore, you realize who You are, not what the other is, when you realize Happiness. This way of thinking "the other and I" is totally wrong, pure duality.

The mind lives all the time bound to this imagination. This is what produces your dream, the dream of your life, this history of the ego identity, the person who has a name, who has a father, who has a mother (or has had), who has brothers, has friends... The person has so many things and lives deeply lost on the midst of everything he or she has. The person lives worried, scared, jealous, trying to control, trying to hold, to protect, just not to be unhappy when it all goes away.

To be someone, to see yourself as someone, is very miserable. When you see yourself as someone, there is  always something new coming into your life, and this "new thing" gets old and you want to replace it with something new, which later on you want to replace with another thing, because that one is old too... Then, there is no freedom.

In Satsang, I invite you to disappear, to be only What you were born to be. So, everything is gone and curiously everything is already present!

Here, it works with a different "math": when you have nothing, you have everything. In the ego, in the mind, it is another "math": you have everything, but you have nothing, because you do not have yourself. It is very miserable to be someone ...

OK? Let's stop for now! Namaste!

* Originally published in Portuguese on September 19, 2017

** Transcribed from a speech at an online meeting on the night of August 11, 2017
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