February 26, 2018

The illusion of the pursuit of happiness

In general, the view you have about the world, the life, and everything around you is something driven by choices, desires, and fears, something that you are constantly trying to manipulate; this is the basis of human conditioning. We do not remain with the reality of the present moment, and that means that we do not remain with the truth of what is, what is here. Thus, the totality of the events is always being mentally interpreted. That is, we are constantly interpreting the life, the reality through the thought, the ideas. We are always trying to fix, to adjust the totality of the events.

We cannot approach the Truth through the thought. There is no reality in the thought, for it is just a phenomenon happening, like any other, which can give no meaning to anything. The thought cannot interpret what happens, nor can interpret life, this thing so vast and mysterious, and yet this is what you have been trying to do through the thought.

All knowledge and information always involve the notion of time, space and a perceiver of the things. So, perceiving the things is always in this notion of time, space and a perceiver, with the thought and his ideas about what happens. What I am saying is that every notion you have, for example, about family relationships, is something that you, as a perceiver of what is happening or seems to be happening, are always evaluating in time and space. You are always creating a personal history about all of this, and, of course, you are very involved with this history.

Your personal identity is inside this history. You are the perceiver, in time and space, and this falsifies completely the reality of the phenomenon, of this simple event. You are always judging, comparing, accepting, or rejecting, and this is producing suffering for this false "me" present, because this is the perceiver of time and space inside the events. This is completely false, for it is not possible for you to know the totality of the events as the perceiver, identified with the illusion of this false identity.

All of this information involving time and space is only a creation of the thought itself, and, consequently, this mental representation you have becomes necessarily dualistic. In other words, the mind is judging what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong, and it is within this thing of like or dislike. See how interesting this is: this is duality and that is exactly what sustains the illusion of a sufferer; and suffering is only possible when there is a "sufferer". This is the world that you know when you are lost in the mind, identified with this belief.

The mind creates a psychological time and space - it tries to evolve within that space and, in order to evolve, it needs time. It is never satisfied with what is arising at this moment. It is immersed in all sorts of knowledge, experiences, and trying to turn "what is" into something else. So, it creates all sorts of illusions, the greatest of them is the pursuit of happiness; it projects a "happiness" that it idealizes and goes in pursuit of it, through a personal, professional, loving accomplishment ...

This is the model, supposedly logical and true, of the reality in which you were educated to live, but, in fact, it is only a psychological representation of life, a mental interpretation of a purely subjective, imaginary reality. Now it is clear to you why we call it "sleep state", in which the "dream" of separation, of an entity separate from God is happening; as if there were you and God, you and the Truth ... This is the "dream" happening in this "sleep" of the ignorance about who you truly are

There is such a beauty in this moment called Satsang, where we can talk about it, not with words, but through self-inquiry. There is something that can break all this up: a life of surrender and dedication to the investigation of the Truth. You were born just for this. You were born to discover that you had not been born, that there is no any separate entity present in this one reality that is God.

So, this intellectual, verbal, mental, imaginary representation of the world, which is based on this belief of time, of space, and of a perceiver, is completely false. This ends up inducing the appearing of this state of unconsciousness, known as "sleep”. The basis for all this is the identification with the thought.

How can you follow this? After all, what does hearing this mean to you? How does that touch you? How does it sound to you, that you are not this personal consciousness, that you are not who you believe to be, that there is no individual present at this moment?

The thought is always the basis of time and space; the basis for this false identity to "move".

OK people. Let's stay here and until our next meeting. Namaste!

* Originally published in Portuguese on November 14, 2017 ** Transcribed from an online meeting on the night of September 18, 2017 - Online dating every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm – Local time: Brazil, Brasilia BRT.

February 21, 2018

Consciousness is Love

This identity is present because it is supported and sustained by a basis, which is basically the thought. If you seek the Origin of thought, if you go to the Source of thought, if your gaze turns to find the Essential and Substantial Nature of thought, you find the Void. The Void is the end of this base that sustains this illusory presence of somebody. Your Real Nature is the Void! In your Real Nature there is no such basis; although thought may appear, it is only a phenomenon. What gives identity to this phenomenon called thought, is that inattention in which you were created.

All of you are inattentive, everyone is sleepy; you are not really awake, you are all sleeping. This drowsiness is this inattention that makes the thought be the basis the basis that sustains this identity. But in fact, there is no such identity, all that exists is the Void, which is your Essential Nature, and which, curiously, functions as the basis of this identity... A divine game.... You are free from this game when you are not entangled in the midst of it, lost in the midst of it, this is called Consciousness. This Consciousness is Attention.

You need to "develop" this Attention! What they gave you since childhood was inattention; that is this modus operandi, which is this way of acting, of moving idealized, planned, calculated and executed by thought. We might call it unconscious, but this division between conscious and unconscious is a very arbitrary division - there is no division in thought. Every thought happens in this inattention - we could call it unconsciousness. When it is happening in this Attention, it is happening only in this Consciousness... then there is no unconsciousness, when there is no unconsciousness there is no mechanism, there is no such thing calculated, idealized, planned and executed by that ego-identity, that person-identity.

It is fundamental undress yourself of all conditioning, and this is only possible at the end of this inattention. When you come to Satsang I give you fire for this bonfire - the bonfire of Consciousness - I give you fire by putting firewood. Firewood are the tips... it is what in India they call Upadesa - the teaching. The quality of my teaching is not to teach you, it is to awaken you, it is to bring you to Consciousness giving you Attention, feeding this flame. Then, in this bonfire of Consciousness, the flame is nourished by Attention, and what makes this fire of Attention burn are the tips I give you. This is my Upadesa, my teaching...

And my teaching, basically, is that there is nothing to learn. Being, you do not learn! Being is like Love: It happens; you do not make It happen. It is something that explodes inside you in a natural and spontaneous way. Love is neither learned nor cultivated; it is not like a relationship that is cultivated by agreements, by dialogues, by this thing of discussing the relationship... thus cultivating relationship. But, relationship is an ego thing, this is not Love.

Love is in the relation, not in the relationship; Love is not cultivable, and relationship is cultivable. You spend years in a relationship called love - I would call it a sleeping relationship. The agreements that are made to maintain the relationship, a relationship asleep and not loving. Love does not know relationship and thus it cannot be cultivable.

Just as this Consciousness, as this Attention, as this teaching, you cannot cultivate this, you can awaken to it and you awaken to this in a natural and spontaneous way. It is a happening, just as Love is a non-cultivable happening. God is only recognized in this realization of Love, and this is not cultivable, you cannot grow in that direction, you can awaken to it. In the field of science, religion, philosophy, psychology, or any area of ​​the human knowledge, or of the so-called divine knowledge, of this so-called spirituality, in these fields, you can cultivate something, not here.

Meditation is not cultivable; Meditation is Consciousness, which is Attention that receives all material for fire to smolder this flame of this teaching, of this Upadesa, that is why Satsang is fundamental. Satsang means to be in good company, in the company of the sacred, of the divine. This has been known for thousands and thousands of years in the East, the importance of being near to a man or woman who is a bonfire - an incendiary bonfire, on fire. In the East, they call it Guru. 

To be in good company is to be with the Guru, the One who is out of the game, this game that is the whole movement of thought inattentive, unconscious, habitual, mechanical, planned, idealized and executed. Out of the game you are wise, inside the game you are stupid; out of the game you are Bhagavan - Indian term for blessed, that one who lives free from the misery of the ego mind. Bhagavan is the sage, it is you in your real nature, it is to be out of the game, a bonfire on fire, heating everything, giving shine and warmth around Him.

In the game you are a fool, stupid and mediocre, you are miserable, no matter how much luxury you live surrounded, no matter how much health there is in your body, or how much wealth you have or believe you have, in your stupidity and mediocrity, you remain a wretch. This is only in inattention, in unconsciousness, not in the basis of the Reality present; this is still the periphery, the surface, the movement of the game, the movement of the unconsciousness of thought.

That is why my invitation to you is: Awaken! Take a leap out of the mind, go beyond duality, this duality is what starts with the personal pronoun I, when you refer to yourself, signaling the presence of the present body there. This is not mechanical, it is not unconscious, it is not learned; this is to awake, this does not require time. In fact, this is the end of time. For agreements, for contracts, time is needed. Once again we are seeing the fraud, the lie, the illusion, anything happening in time, this is taking the place of Happiness. What happens in relationships: a contract, a settled thing, I give this to you and you give me that, it works that way.

You are already complete, you are not making an agreement with life, you are not in a relationship with it, you are not separate from it as Consciousness. Therefore, Consciousness is Love, there is no agreement there. You cannot have a relationship with God, you cannot make a deal with Him, you cannot enter into a contract, you cannot control it. It is so simple... you cannot do it in time, you cannot negotiate, make no mistake about it, you cannot negotiate with me, it is not an agreement, it is surrender, surrender in this awakening.

This is very uncomfortable, you get out of control, everything you come into contact with, you transform it into a relationship, a possibility for you to trade, bargain, basically control. It is impossible to awaken like this, it takes a vulnerability, which implies having no power, no control and this is very frightening. As if there was no fear in control, as if control was not exactly a need for a security that fear itself produces. You are conditioned to live in fear, so you have to control everything.

When you come to this space called Satsang, you only get here because you are tired of relationships; you are tired of all this game, then I can give you Upadesa. You are tired of all this inattention, all this unconsciousness, all this control, all this sense of being someone; there I can give you something to feed that flame, that flame of Attention, which is possible in this Consciousness. Then your fire burns, and when it burns you are out of the limitation of time, space, an "I"... there Bhagavan is present, the blessed, the Buddha, the Awakened!

* Originally published on December 10, 2017 ** Transcribed from an excerpt from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in João Pessoa on August 2017

February 18, 2018

The immersion of the mind into the heart

Welcome to Satsang! We are once again together in this wonderful purpose, which is the approximation to the recognition of this moment. Our Natural State of Being is right now, at this moment, of absolute Happiness and that is what has escaped from us. What obscures the flow or expression of this Happiness are these constant thoughts occurring inside the head, in a rapid succession.

Thoughts are like clouds obscuring our Natural State of Happiness. The habit of the mind is this restlessness... The "egoic mind" is extremely agitated and in this state we are unable to experience this inherent Happiness. Unhappiness is this agitation of the mind - too much occupation, worryness, anticipation - and all confusion is a consequence of that. The truth is that the mind is constantly being driven by its old habits and conditionings. So this movement of identification with thoughts, which produces desires and fears, is something very constant.

Thus, the mind is constantly urged to move outward, always moving towards its externalities, always toward things that it imagines to be important for itself. If you observe, the mind is always occupied with particular subjects, always involved with stories connected to the sense of personality, personal. The purpose of the mind is to accomplish something for itself, as the sense of "person" is very important to it. The mind is, basically, this sense of "person". Thus, this Natural State of ours, of absolute Happiness, present in this instant, it is being obscured by the constant movement of the mind and its thoughts. The greater is the activity of the mind, the more obscure this State becomes; the faster is this restless movement of the mind, the more is anxiety, stress, nervousness, worryness, suffering.

Right now, in this room, you have an encounter with a speech born of this Natural State of Happiness. So, the Master is the one who shows us that it is not possible to realize or to reach Happiness, because it is something already present here and now, in this instant. All we have to do is turn ourselves to the right direction, which is not the exterior; the correct direction is the immersion of the mind into the "Heart" and this is the space or place of Happiness.

Perhaps your question is: "How to lessen this agitation? The mind and its agitation, the mind and its thoughts, the mind and its plans, projects, worries, anticipations"? Maybe that is your question, and this is why our emphasis is on Meditation. The art of Happiness is the art of Meditation, but it is not what you mean by meditation, for quiet the mind temporarily, so that it will stir again, it is not Meditation. This kind of meditation has been taught around the Planet.

What I understand by meditation is to be quiet, not to be still physically, nor to force the mind to stillness. This, in a certain way, with some exercise, some practice and time, you can do, learning to focus the mind on one single point, to breathe in a certain way; there are several techniques that can give you this, in this format. Our emphasis here is completely different. Basically, Meditation is the flowering of your Natural State and the "terrain" for the flowering of This, of this Meditation, your Natural State, is the careful, patient, applied observation of this moment-to-moment movement of the mind. So this self-observation is the Real way of investigating the illusion of this false “self”. Therefore, self-inquiry is self-observation.

If you are driving your car or walking somewhere or sitting watching TV, this is the time to observe this false "I". Just watch! Observe the thoughts that come up, what are the concerns, the motivations, what are the memories of two hours ago, from a previous day. So, in front of the TV, driving the car or walking, you are watching the story of a false “self" revealing itself. When that comes, it tries to capture you in time, which is created by thought, by that imagination, which is memory. Thought is always imagination, which is knowledge.

This knowledge, which is thought, imagines the past and the future. When you get lost in this time created by thought, you are identified with a character, with the story of that false “self”. As you drive the car, walk or watch television, it is not this moment that matters to the "ego-identity", but the story that arises at that moment. When you are captured by the story, you are in the illusion of the false “self”, agitated by this "ego-identity", and there is no Freedom, Peace, Love, Happiness.

So, Happiness is not present in driving the car, walking or watching television. You are identified with a character, trapped to the story of the "I", of this false identity. This is the illusion of this character, your illusory state of being; it is the absence of your Natural State of Meditation. Therefore, Meditation begins when this space is completely clear from this mental agitation, memory, imagination, of these thoughts.

It is necessary to discover the Happiness of your Natural State, which is Meditation in that instant, in this present moment. This is Real Meditation: to completely dissociate yourself from this illusory "I", this character. This fundamental Presence of our Being is pure Consciousness, pure Freedom, Truth, Happiness.

Notice that in our lines, we never separate "Being" from "Happiness", because Being is Happiness and Happiness is never separated from Meditation! This is the truth behind everything. When, by an action of the Grace, you are attracted to Satsang, when you come to Satsang, the only purpose of this encounter is the encounter with God, which is Being, Consciousness, Happiness. So, the Guru, or Master, is the one who attract us exactly to show us the irrelevance of the mind, the illusion of this character that you believe you are.

It is quite interesting... Everyone is drawing your attention to exteriority. When the Master comes up, he captures your attention so that you turn inward - hence the importance of the Guru. He is the one who tells you: "You are not the mind, you are not the body"; "You are not these feelings, nor these thoughts". My understanding of this is that you are in no condition to discover this alone, otherwise you would already have. The Master is the one who points you this, who signals, who shows you this, because in a true Master this work is already finished. What I am talking about is that a true Master is the One who has already realized This; I am not talking about a teacher, a mentor, someone who still feels like a "person" but speaks theoretically of this "non-person". Therefore, sharing the Truth is sharing the Being, the Happiness, and This is Meditation!

OK? Let's stick around. Thanks for the meeting! Namastê!

* Originally published in Portuguese on November 28, 2017 ** Transcribed from a talk in an online meeting on the night of September 20th, 2017 - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm - To participate, just download the Paltalk App and enter the room that is open only on the time of the meeting.

February 15, 2018

The Meeting with the Truth

These meetings are encounters of discovery, of direct finding. Satsang truly means the encounter with the Reality, the encounter with the Truth. Unlike an encounter with a teacher, here you do not need any preparation. It is not a matter, for example, that you are a little behind the others, because you are here just for the first or second time.

This is an investigative speech of a present reality that you may have forgotten, but it is not a subject you are not aware internally. This is already there. But you have to be careful about that. It is important that you follow it patiently, carefully, with your heart turned to that, to this finding, to what we are putting forward for you.

You intend to realize Happiness... Happiness is the end of suffering. However, we have already begun to face a rather paradoxical aspect in these meetings called Satsang. Happiness is the end of suffering, but, in fact, the pursuit of happiness and suffering are synonymous. The search for happiness itself feeds and sustains suffering, because another name for the search is "someone" in the search. "Someone" in the search is the person, who is the entity that suffers. The suffering entity, who is the person in the search, means suffering.

Then, the suffering tries to get rid of suffering; this is what the person does. This is not the pursuit of the Truth, it is the pursuit of happiness. That is, the pursuit of happiness is, in fact, the search for suffering. All that is done in pursuit of happiness is to feed the "person", the "entity" in search for this thing. So, we stay in a circle, in a closed circuit. The first strange thing to hear in Satsang is that "person" is synonymous with suffering, and suffering means the pursuit of happiness. In the search itself, there are the "person", the suffering and the unhappiness. So, the happiness that is sought is unhappiness.

Everything you have done in your life in pursuit of happiness has been sustaining unhappiness, because all you have done in your life is to seek suffering in pursuit of happiness. This is a very singular, rather odd, fundamental subject. All that you do is to be happy, but in fact it is to be unhappy, for when you take action in this quest, in this search, there is the "person", who is so confused and knows nothing about happiness, because the nature of the "person" is to be unhappy. There is not a single happy person in this planet. Moments of joy and pleasure are not being happy, moments of personal fulfillment and satisfaction are not being happy.

Being happy is Being, and being is only possible when there is no person. When there is no "person", there is no quest! When there is no "person", there is neither search for happiness nor the liberation from unhappiness. When there is no "person", there is no search; when there is no search, happiness is present. Happiness is present when there is no "person", when there is no search. Happiness is present when "you" are not present. When "you" appear, you turn any pleasure into a personal acquisition, and you want it to repeat over and over again. This is the very own search, the search for happiness, which produces misery, which is the search for suffering.

Another thing about this is: do not be fooled. It is quite naive, unreasonable and stupid that this "person" speak about a non-person, saying, for example: "I have nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, nothing to achieve and nothing to seek." Then, this apparent and illusory separate entity speaks of itself as if it did not exist, only because it heard the phrase "apparent separate entity", "illusory separate entity". Notice the old trick of the mind: one time the mind believes in the "person", another time it does not believe in the "person", but it is the same old mind; one time the mind believes that it is not enlightened, another time it believes it is already enlightened.

It is necessary we understand this with our whole heart, otherwise you will fall into the old trap of the "ambition of the enlightened", of the desire to attain enlightenment. If your desire to attain enlightenment is too strong in a wrong way, this Presence does not establish there in a definitive way, but the thought creates enlightenment. So, if the person says there is nothing to do, to find, to seek; if the "person" says that "there is no person speaking about herself", she is lying on a hammock, this hammock is called Advaita Vedanta. When this hammock swings to one side, it speaks of "non-duality; as it swings to the other, it speaks of Sat-Chit-Ananda (Happiness-Consciousness-Being).

This is an extraordinary and comfortable belief, something like drinking a milkshake, a very comfortable thing. Something delicious before the crisis, but it is just a belief-feeling present while all this verbosity lasts, this speech, this “blah-blah-blah”. But sooner or later, in the privacy of the heart, something will prove to be insufficient. Sooner or later, the extraordinary, unknown and stupendous movement, that is life, will declare that this belief-feeling is not enough.

Suffering will resurface again, again and again, and again. And this suffering will impel this so-called "non-person", which is still very personal, to seek happiness, and this quest for happiness will produce even more misery.

Worse than not having any teaching about it, it is to know this deeply. If the person says there is nothing to do, she is in a much worse situation than anyone who knows nothing about it. If the person feels that there is nothing in fact to do, to find, to seek, to accomplish, she is in a worse situation than that person who has never heard about Realization.

This is because Realization is not a matter of intellectual understanding; it is a matter of Presence, Consciousness, direct perception. If the person believes she does not need it, but still carrying the illusion of being a person, she is in great need of it. If she believes she does not need it, her condition is much worse than the one who is willing to investigate it, because she denies herself the possibility of going beyond this illusion, which is the illusion of believing she does not need it, but needing it.

It is fundamental that you perceive what is being proposed to you in Satsang directly. We are proposing to you the end of the quest, but not the illusion of speaking at the end of the quest. The end of the search is when the search ends, and it is not when you say "there is no search". Verbalizing "there is no search", while the search does not end, is very comical, is very hilarious, is quite funny.

So, what needs to be done until no longer needed to be done, in fact, needs to be done. As long as there is the illusion of an entity present in that experience, which is the experience of the "person", of "being someone", it is a great illusion to speak about a "non-person", yet being "someone"; about a non-work, a non-doing, a non-surrender, a non-surrender, but still feeling yourself as "someone", still feeling yourself as a "person". Why do not these so-called Advaita speeches speak about this?

While only the shadow is known, to speak about the light is imagination. In India, they call this the "illusion of ignorance". There is, in fact, no ignorance, but there is the illusion of ignorance. This illusion of ignorance can pass itself off as clarity; the clarity of non-ignorance, the clarity of non-illusion, and it is still the illusion of ignorance. "There is nothing to do, there is no one to do anything" - that is the truth, but it is the truth for Buddha, for Ramana Maharshi, for Jesus, for Krishna, for Marcos Gualberto. When people come to me and repeat these lines, I say "ok, that is wonderful, it is just like that", and I ask them: "But is that your understanding or is it the repetition of my speech or the speech of others?"

It is so comfortable to repeat what others say... But be honest, check it. When you leave the hotel, you have to check out. So, I would tell you to "check in and then check out. Be honest and check your real life." Look at yourself, moment after moment, not only when you are enthusiastic about a speech like this, listening and repeating, or writing and reciting poetry. Look at this in a direct, first-hand way, check out... Observe if you can leave already, if you really "checked out". Observe whether this is the truth of your own experience, or it is a belief, one more thought and idea, one more belief about it.

The direct experience is the proof! It is not a proof to others, but to yourself. Wherever you are, there will be this Presence, which is this Consciousness, which is this Grace, which is this Truth. So, check out. Do you really want the Truth or do you want the theory about it? Theories you get in books and in listening to speeches like this one in Paltalk, or in watching videos of Marcos Gualberto, of Eckart Tolle, of Mooji. The existential proof of this realization is not the speech, is not the expression.

Do you know how long a seed remains in the earth until it can germinate? I will tell you: it is the time that is necessary for each seed. Each seed is under the earth, in the darkness of the earth, hidden from everyone's eyes and sunlight, until at the right moment it germinates, it sprouts. The time for each seed is the time it needs, but during this time it remains quiet, does not appear, remains hidden in silence, in deep silence, until, at the right moment, life, existence impels it to the germination. The seed explodes and ceases to be seed when it germinates. It is no use trying to force it.

When will you be mature? When you will be mature. Before that, it is a fraud, it is just another illusion, it is just “pushing it”. So, children, be still, submerge yourself, close your mouth... Leave that seed there, let the silence take care of it. Here, time is the thing that matters least. Here, what matters is fecundity, is the intrinsic power, is the inner potential, is the present truth in that seed, the power it has, the power it brings, its potential to bring That out, to manifest it.

OK? Namaste!

* Originally published in Portuguese on September 14, 2017 ** Transcribed from an online meeting held on the night of November 25, 2016 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm  (Local time: Brazil – BRT, Brasilia)- To participate download Paltalk on your computer or smartphone

February 13, 2018

The Beauty of That Realization

You do not need to learn what you already know, you just need to remember, but you are so busy that you have no room for it. The space is being taking by activities of the mind and its desires, its vanities, its whims, its search... The mind is taking all the space that you have for Being. So, you get married, you have children - or you still want to do that - what implies work, the necessity of working, the necessity of building a life to attend all your desires. Desire has many consequences. Some may look good and others may not, but these consequences are either good or bad for the one who is busy with it, and when you are busy, your space and time are taken. Thus, there is no time and space for Being, for Happiness, for Realization, for Completeness, which is this Love, that is this Freedom.

When you come to Satsang, you are willing to be unoccupied and find some time for Being, to investigate the Nature of Being, the Nature of Reality. But, you cannot investigate the Nature of Being, the Nature of Reality, and come across that Wholeness, that Completeness, that Freedom, that Love, that Happiness, while you are dealing with the "person" and its desires – the desire of being a father, of being a mother, of being the head of the family, to accomplish something... The "person" will never have time and space for anything else than itself, but when the “person” is there, there is not Truth, and if there is not Truth, the illusion operates, and illusion is suffering.

Ignorance is not real; the Truth was just not remembered. The Truth is not remembered while the illusion of ignorance remains. The illusion of ignorance is this remoteness to other things, which occupy the place of Truth, of Divine, of God, of Consciousness, of Wisdom, of realizing your Divine Nature, your Real Nature. That is why sages speak of the importance of going beyond the world, of renouncing the world. Now you understand the implication of this! To renounce the world is to live without conflicts that desire produces. To renounce the world means to be "dead"!

That is why Satsang is scary! That is why some people come and then they give up! Satsang is for everyone, but, in fact, it is only for some because, deep down, no one wants to die. Everyone wants Happiness, Peace, Freedom, Truth, Love, but they want the way the mind wants. In short, you want to have everything you have acquired and everything with which you identify, but you want to remain without conflict. So, Happiness is an impossible thing!

Being "someone" means having things, which makes you feel "alive", and "someone alive" is not in peace, because dealing with what you have gives you a lot of work, a lot of worry, it takes a lot of space and time. Have you understood the whole question? That is why one speaks about renunciation ... It is indeed a death! It is not basically abandoning everything from the outside, because this is relatively easy. If you dare to say no to everything and everyone, you can do it. Some have already done! But "death" is not in this! It is something much more radical! It is an inner matter!

This space and time that is needed for this Awakening begin and end here and now. They begin with the reminder that you are not a body and that this body is not yours, or that which it comes into contact with - people, objects and places. So, the center of the question is, "Who am I?"

Perceive the beauty of Awakening, the beauty of this Flourish, the beauty of this Realization ... It is not about what is outside the body, nor about what is inside the head, but about this realization of your Real Nature, of this innate "Thing." The recognition of This, the remembrance of This, is the death of the illusion of ignorance, it is the death of the "person," it is the death of desires, and when desires end, fear also ends. I am not talking about a real death, but an illusory death, because only that which is an illusion can die. What is real does not die! Only what has appeared can disappear, and what has appeared will disappear, this is a matter of time. So, it does not matter what you love; it is not yours!

Notice how beautiful it is! There is nothing that is permanent that remains unchanged, untouched by disappearance. Impermanence is the nature of apparitions, but there is something there that cannot disappear, because it never appeared! You know it is there, but you have never seen it! There is something that is present, it cannot be denied, but it will never be found, because it will never be seen! It is like the eyes: you know they are there, but you have never seen them. To see them, you have to look at the mirror. But, when you look at the mirror, do you see your eyes or the mirror? Do you notice this? You will never see your eyes! At most, you will see something that reflects something. Likewise, your Being cannot be seen, your True Nature cannot be seen, cannot be captured, be picked up, but It is there. You have forgotten of Being, you have forgotten what you are, and now you are with objects, you are with mirrors. You will never know who you are! Remembering is possible, knowing is not!

The only thing you have done wrongly, erroneously - and that is why you are entrapped, suffering, confused, disoriented, scared, full of problems - is to get confused with what you are not, forgetting who, in fact, you are. You are doing this by looking at mirrors, finding things you cannot hold. You cannot hold your material wealth, your emotional riches, your possessions ... People are psychological possessions, psychological images and things are physical possessions, but you cannot hold this. You cannot hold the body, because it is also a wealth that does not belong to you. When you get sick or your body starts to fail, you become very desperate, you become very scared, but the body will disappear. You have to use this time and this space to remember that you are not the body and that the best place to be is in Satsang, especially when the body is failing because it is where you discover that you are not the body.

In India, it is appreciated very much the opportunity to stay before a Jnani, before a Sage, before a Master, who is the one who lives in totality, unidentified of the body and, consequently, of the world and the apparitions. Then trust is in Grace, in Presence, in Sanity, in the Holiness of a living Master, because, perhaps, a look will be enough to leave the form serenely, without cries of despair. If you surrender your life to God, then also surrender your death to Him! You do not control your life, so you cannot control your death. But if you surrender your life, God takes care of your death. So, the point here will always be this: Who are you?

If you ask a Sage, "Do you know who you are?" He will answer, "No! I do not know who I am ... I Am!" With this Realization, who is left to know? Nothing is left! You may ask, "Are you an Enlightened One, a Realized One?" I do not know! I only know what I am not: I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the world, I am not the experiences, I am not a father, I am not a mother, I am not a grandfather, I am not a story tied to this body. So, if you say that I am handsome, this is your business, not mine; if you think I am ugly, that will be an issue for you and not for me; if you call me Guru, that will be your business; if you call me fraud, it will also be your business, not mine.

It is simple, is not it? I am anything you want me to be right now, because the next moment you will want something else and you will also have this freedom to see me any way you want. I will not care either, because I know what I am not; because I am only what I am.

* Originally published in Portuguese on December 13, 2017 **Excerpt from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in the city of Cabedelo - João Pessoa - on December 2016

February 7, 2018

Conscious Immortality

Consciousness does not speak; It is in silence! The mind speaks. Consciousness is beyond sound and silence. You cannot hear my voice. But you can enjoy my Silence. In the mind, you express thoughts. Consciousness is only Silence, it has no expression. What differentiates an Advaita teacher from a Master is that the latter never speaks, while the former speaks a lot.

With a teacher you learn because he has what to teach. With a Master you unlearn; he only does one thing: he destroys your knowledge, because it serves no purpose. Knowledge deals only with the known. Knowledge that is known only serves to dream. Through knowledge, you build a rocket and launch it into outer space. Then the rocket leaves the earth, breaks through the law of gravity, and goes into outer space. However, the rocket, the earth, the law of gravity and outer space are part of the dream; they are of use to nothing else, just to that. If knowledge does not serve to realize Happiness, it is useless. It is going to put a satellite in space, and now the GPS is going to work, the channels of the televisions will transmit the signal, but nothing that the TV channels will be showing will give happiness. So, knowledge is of no use.

Here, there are doctors in this room. Through medical, scientific knowledge, you can heal your patients. They will be with healthy bodies; they will live longer, miserably. Sorry doctor, your knowledge is of no use! It only prolongs misery. I have just proved you that the knowledge is useless. It is just to prolong the dream.

Silence destroys the dream; It represents Conscious Immortality, Supreme Bliss. So Silence is important, knowledge is not. Sorry doctor, your knowledge is garbage. Atomic science, quantum physics, nuclear knowledge are useless. None of this can make your eyes shine happiness.

I am not a doctor. I am only what I am. And you are just what You Are. That is enough. You do not need to know anything in this world. Just know yourself. This is the only valid knowledge. If you know who You Are, you know that you are not there, that there is no one to know oneself. So, you know that everything is Him, and He is revered in everything. Then you contemplate Him and enjoy Him everywhere, and He is your joy. So, the only knowledge that matters is to know who You are. You were born for it.

It is not my words that are making "this thing" work. This thing called Satsang happens by itself. There is no one there. You do not come back because of the words. There are many writers, philosophers, many scientists... and they are impressive. Admirable people. There are many wonderful people in the world. Is not it? You have to learn to have fun with all this; you cannot take it too seriously. They are playing with important people. Let them believe that they are impressing you. But do not be impressed. They do not know Conscious Immortality. After death, they all become ghosts. And you know how ghost life is, some ghosts are comrade and some are not.

And what is it that changes? Nothing changes! If you do not live your Real Nature here and now, anything there is still the mind, at a time created by itself. Reality is here and now. Everything else is constructions of the mind: spiritual planes, heaven, hell, umbra... If you are identified with the mind, you are in time, you will stop at one of these places, it is unavoidable. But if the mind has disappeared, if it has immersed in the source, the material and immaterial universe disappeared.

That is beautiful, is not it!? The end of the dream!

Is there anything that distresses you more than that? To desire what is not here and now? To want something to be different than it is? Understand the peace of the Wise: He wants nothing; He is just having fun, laughing at all this madness.

Do you understand that?

God is flowing abundantly. Life is Grace, it is Joy, it is God, there is only God! His game seems very cruel for you, some are being born, and others are dying... Yesterday, I saw a bird eating an insect; it was flying and the bird was faster than it. It is a game. There is nothing wrong with your life. You have no personal life because there is no person. There is only the game. So, whoever has come and has already gone is all right, do not demand anything that has already gone, and do not demand anything that has not yet come. Everything will come, and everything will go away. But it is a game. Do not make it personal. Then, you learn to live as a Wise, without attachment, without desire, without fear.

When people ask me, "How can you live like this?" Then I ask them the same question back: "How can you live like this?" That is the same question. The Sage is asking the same question as the fool. How to explain this? It is a mystery. Your certainty about everything is very big. Abandon this. Abandon what you believe you know. You know nothing!

There is an expression that is used out there in a pejorative way. The expression is: "holy ignorance." Have you heard the expression? But it is a wonderful expression, because it accurately portrays the Natural State. It is of complete ignorance and of an unbelievable sacredness. Your Natural State is of holy ignorance. It is quite paradoxical. He who shares the real knowledge, knows nothing!

Is not it paradoxical?

* Originally published in Portuguese on December 03, 2017 ** Transcribed from an excerpt from a speech, on October 2017, during a retreat at Ramanashram Gualberto in Campos do Jordão.

February 5, 2018

The Real Meditation

These meetings deal with something essential, fundamental. We are talking about the recognition of our own Being. We are dealing with the recognition of this impersonal Being, which is Consciousness, of this unlimited Truth that we are, of That which is always present. Some call this recognition of Awakening or Enlightenment, which is, actually, the simplest, clearest, and obvious fact of life. However, the paradoxical thing is that this has been neglected, because all the education you receive, since childhood, is to neglect What you are. You are so busy with a history, that you are forgetting, neglecting, where it is, in fact, been unfold, emerging, appearing, happening, because all the conditioning we receive is to deal with the "history."

Therefore, our interest in Satsang is in this recognition of our own Being, this impersonal, boundless and ever-present Reality, called Awakening or Enlightenment, a simple and obvious fact, something really intimate of each one of us. However, attached to the imagination, to the "story", we neglect THAT, which is present as an unimagined Reality, where this "story" unfolds, appears; where the thought, imagination and the story, appears.

You can spend your whole life studying this subject theoretically, verbally, listening to speeches like these that we have done in Satsang, or reading books that deal with this same subject. However, this will still be a part of the imaginary story of a present "I", of a present "entity", whereas, in fact, this is pure imagination, for there is no entity, no present "I". You need to go further, beyond that, which means stopping this imagination. In other words, you need to explore this Presence, this Consciousness, this Space where all this unfolds, where all this happens, That what, in fact, intimately, is yourself. You are conscious now... So this Consciousness is not strange to you. You know about this Consciousness, you know that you are It.

So, if you explore this Consciousness, which is, in fact, intimately known, you will discover that there is no limitation in It, for It is not located, personal, and It is not in time. The thought and the body, with its sensations, imaginations, feelings, emotions, which can be remembered, explained, translated into words, those are part of the time, but That what is witnessing all this happening is not limited, is not personal and is not part of the time, of the imagination, of thought.

The nature of the Reality is the nature of that Consciousness, which is Freedom, Truth, something outside, beyond limitation - this is the subject in Satsang. Only That which is aware and present, now, as Consciousness, cannot be limited, located. Only this Consciousness can know of Itself and, therefore, only It knows itself boundless, without location, independent, present and aware. Thought, sensation, emotion and imagination cannot do this, but can only appear due to this Consciousness. That is why I said it is something simple and obvious, and an intimate experience of each one.

In this way, the relation between Consciousness and these appearances is that they all appear in It. You, as Consciousness, are present and aware of these appearances. It is not these appearances that are aware, present, and aware of you. You are conscious of the body, mind, emotions, objects and sensations, such as the touch, smell, taste, and so on. It is not these what is are aware of you, but it is you who is are aware of those. Do you understand?

Thereafter, Awakening, or Enlightenment, or the Realization of God, is the recognition of this non-spatial, non-temporal, non-limited Consciousness beyond the body, mind, and world. This awareness, this recognized Presence, is Meditation. It is not the practice of meditation. I am talking about the Real Meditation, in which there is no "someone" in a certain practice (this is still the movement of the thought, in this illusion of "someone" present in the experience of meditation). The Real Meditation, which is the recognition of this aware Presence, non-limited, non-spatial, non-temporal, is the Nature of the Being, of Freedom, of Enlightenment.

Is it really weird to hear that?

Participant: Master, even the idea of the world must disappear in this experience?

Master Gualberto: The nature of this mind-body-world experience is Consciousness. So mind-body-world is the way this Consciousness is presented and it is not separate from It; it is an appearance in That. This separation between Consciousness, mind, body and world is only produced by the thought,  it is an imagination, for there is no separation. These appearances come and go in this Consciousness, which is your True, Real Nature. 
The real meaning of this Liberation is to be disidentified from the illusion of the body-mind-world experience, from the illusion of these appearances, from the illusion of an experiencer within them. There is no "someone" in this experience, there is only the Consciousness, as body, mind and world. The illusion of this identity, of this experiencer, of "someone" present disappears, and if this disappears, suffering, conflict and fear will also disappear. All your experience of suffering lies in this illusion of being "someone" within the experience, trying to do things right or trying to change, to modify or to transform what is being presented into something else. That is, there is the illusion that there is "someone" who can do this. Here is about recognizing that there is no "somebody" present, what I have just refered here as recognizing this Presence, as being aware of this Consciousness, which is spaceless, unlimited, timeless.

Participant: So all perceptible objects are creations of this Consciousness?

Master Gualberto: No. All objects are this Consciousness. Consciousness creates nothing. It manifests Itself, as appearances that are present here now, and, in the next moment, disappear. Everything is It, in Itself. There is no separation in this Consciousness. Therefore, it does not have a point, a line, a demarcation, a border, where the Consciousness ends and the objects begins. Everything is this Consciousness, without separation, without division; everything appears and disappears in It. It is this Real Nature of your Being. You are Consciousness. You are not a "person" with decisions, choices, desires, and fears. You are not a "person" in the search of peace, freedom, happiness and in the seeking for God. This "person" is the illusion of an experiencer in life, which comprises body, mind, world, thoughts, sensations, emotions, feelings, and so on...

This, basically, is the end of the sense of separateness, of duality; the end of the conflict and fear. If we look simply and directly to any and all experience happening at this time, we will realize that there is no distance between this perception and that experience. Distance is created only by a belief, an idea, a concept, of an "I" separate from the "non-I", which is the experience; the "I" experiencing the experience, which is the "non-I". But this separation, division, is created only by the imagination, by the habit of thinking that way. This habit of thinking this way produces the "feeling this way”, which is an illusion, because there is no border, there is no division between "I" and the experience. It is like the illusion "me in the body", "me and the body" (the body as the experience and "me" in this feeling, experiencing the body). This is only a belief, because there is only the body, there is not the "me"; there is no "me" within the body. So, this "I" that has a name is an illusion... This name is only memory, it is only a thought, which does not have an owner; it is just an event in the machine, in the mechanism. This movement of memory, in the illusion of the imagination, it is an "I" thinking, whereas, in fact, there is only the movement, the thought itself, and not the thinker with his thought or the "I" with his body.

If you are willing to see this in a direct and real way, as a Realization, not as a theory, a belief, a concept, come to Satsang face-to-face meetings.

* Originally published on October 28, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online meeting on the night of February 15th, 2017 - Download the Paltalk App and join our meetings that take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10pm (Sao Paulo-Brazil time)