February 7, 2018

Conscious Immortality

Consciousness does not speak; It is in silence! The mind speaks. Consciousness is beyond sound and silence. You cannot hear my voice. But you can enjoy my Silence. In the mind, you express thoughts. Consciousness is only Silence, it has no expression. What differentiates an Advaita teacher from a Master is that the latter never speaks, while the former speaks a lot.

With a teacher you learn because he has what to teach. With a Master you unlearn; he only does one thing: he destroys your knowledge, because it serves no purpose. Knowledge deals only with the known. Knowledge that is known only serves to dream. Through knowledge, you build a rocket and launch it into outer space. Then the rocket leaves the earth, breaks through the law of gravity, and goes into outer space. However, the rocket, the earth, the law of gravity and outer space are part of the dream; they are of use to nothing else, just to that. If knowledge does not serve to realize Happiness, it is useless. It is going to put a satellite in space, and now the GPS is going to work, the channels of the televisions will transmit the signal, but nothing that the TV channels will be showing will give happiness. So, knowledge is of no use.

Here, there are doctors in this room. Through medical, scientific knowledge, you can heal your patients. They will be with healthy bodies; they will live longer, miserably. Sorry doctor, your knowledge is of no use! It only prolongs misery. I have just proved you that the knowledge is useless. It is just to prolong the dream.

Silence destroys the dream; It represents Conscious Immortality, Supreme Bliss. So Silence is important, knowledge is not. Sorry doctor, your knowledge is garbage. Atomic science, quantum physics, nuclear knowledge are useless. None of this can make your eyes shine happiness.

I am not a doctor. I am only what I am. And you are just what You Are. That is enough. You do not need to know anything in this world. Just know yourself. This is the only valid knowledge. If you know who You Are, you know that you are not there, that there is no one to know oneself. So, you know that everything is Him, and He is revered in everything. Then you contemplate Him and enjoy Him everywhere, and He is your joy. So, the only knowledge that matters is to know who You are. You were born for it.

It is not my words that are making "this thing" work. This thing called Satsang happens by itself. There is no one there. You do not come back because of the words. There are many writers, philosophers, many scientists... and they are impressive. Admirable people. There are many wonderful people in the world. Is not it? You have to learn to have fun with all this; you cannot take it too seriously. They are playing with important people. Let them believe that they are impressing you. But do not be impressed. They do not know Conscious Immortality. After death, they all become ghosts. And you know how ghost life is, some ghosts are comrade and some are not.

And what is it that changes? Nothing changes! If you do not live your Real Nature here and now, anything there is still the mind, at a time created by itself. Reality is here and now. Everything else is constructions of the mind: spiritual planes, heaven, hell, umbra... If you are identified with the mind, you are in time, you will stop at one of these places, it is unavoidable. But if the mind has disappeared, if it has immersed in the source, the material and immaterial universe disappeared.

That is beautiful, is not it!? The end of the dream!

Is there anything that distresses you more than that? To desire what is not here and now? To want something to be different than it is? Understand the peace of the Wise: He wants nothing; He is just having fun, laughing at all this madness.

Do you understand that?

God is flowing abundantly. Life is Grace, it is Joy, it is God, there is only God! His game seems very cruel for you, some are being born, and others are dying... Yesterday, I saw a bird eating an insect; it was flying and the bird was faster than it. It is a game. There is nothing wrong with your life. You have no personal life because there is no person. There is only the game. So, whoever has come and has already gone is all right, do not demand anything that has already gone, and do not demand anything that has not yet come. Everything will come, and everything will go away. But it is a game. Do not make it personal. Then, you learn to live as a Wise, without attachment, without desire, without fear.

When people ask me, "How can you live like this?" Then I ask them the same question back: "How can you live like this?" That is the same question. The Sage is asking the same question as the fool. How to explain this? It is a mystery. Your certainty about everything is very big. Abandon this. Abandon what you believe you know. You know nothing!

There is an expression that is used out there in a pejorative way. The expression is: "holy ignorance." Have you heard the expression? But it is a wonderful expression, because it accurately portrays the Natural State. It is of complete ignorance and of an unbelievable sacredness. Your Natural State is of holy ignorance. It is quite paradoxical. He who shares the real knowledge, knows nothing!

Is not it paradoxical?

* Originally published in Portuguese on December 03, 2017 ** Transcribed from an excerpt from a speech, on October 2017, during a retreat at Ramanashram Gualberto in Campos do Jordão.

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