February 21, 2018

Consciousness is Love

This identity is present because it is supported and sustained by a basis, which is basically the thought. If you seek the Origin of thought, if you go to the Source of thought, if your gaze turns to find the Essential and Substantial Nature of thought, you find the Void. The Void is the end of this base that sustains this illusory presence of somebody. Your Real Nature is the Void! In your Real Nature there is no such basis; although thought may appear, it is only a phenomenon. What gives identity to this phenomenon called thought, is that inattention in which you were created.

All of you are inattentive, everyone is sleepy; you are not really awake, you are all sleeping. This drowsiness is this inattention that makes the thought be the basis the basis that sustains this identity. But in fact, there is no such identity, all that exists is the Void, which is your Essential Nature, and which, curiously, functions as the basis of this identity... A divine game.... You are free from this game when you are not entangled in the midst of it, lost in the midst of it, this is called Consciousness. This Consciousness is Attention.

You need to "develop" this Attention! What they gave you since childhood was inattention; that is this modus operandi, which is this way of acting, of moving idealized, planned, calculated and executed by thought. We might call it unconscious, but this division between conscious and unconscious is a very arbitrary division - there is no division in thought. Every thought happens in this inattention - we could call it unconsciousness. When it is happening in this Attention, it is happening only in this Consciousness... then there is no unconsciousness, when there is no unconsciousness there is no mechanism, there is no such thing calculated, idealized, planned and executed by that ego-identity, that person-identity.

It is fundamental undress yourself of all conditioning, and this is only possible at the end of this inattention. When you come to Satsang I give you fire for this bonfire - the bonfire of Consciousness - I give you fire by putting firewood. Firewood are the tips... it is what in India they call Upadesa - the teaching. The quality of my teaching is not to teach you, it is to awaken you, it is to bring you to Consciousness giving you Attention, feeding this flame. Then, in this bonfire of Consciousness, the flame is nourished by Attention, and what makes this fire of Attention burn are the tips I give you. This is my Upadesa, my teaching...

And my teaching, basically, is that there is nothing to learn. Being, you do not learn! Being is like Love: It happens; you do not make It happen. It is something that explodes inside you in a natural and spontaneous way. Love is neither learned nor cultivated; it is not like a relationship that is cultivated by agreements, by dialogues, by this thing of discussing the relationship... thus cultivating relationship. But, relationship is an ego thing, this is not Love.

Love is in the relation, not in the relationship; Love is not cultivable, and relationship is cultivable. You spend years in a relationship called love - I would call it a sleeping relationship. The agreements that are made to maintain the relationship, a relationship asleep and not loving. Love does not know relationship and thus it cannot be cultivable.

Just as this Consciousness, as this Attention, as this teaching, you cannot cultivate this, you can awaken to it and you awaken to this in a natural and spontaneous way. It is a happening, just as Love is a non-cultivable happening. God is only recognized in this realization of Love, and this is not cultivable, you cannot grow in that direction, you can awaken to it. In the field of science, religion, philosophy, psychology, or any area of ​​the human knowledge, or of the so-called divine knowledge, of this so-called spirituality, in these fields, you can cultivate something, not here.

Meditation is not cultivable; Meditation is Consciousness, which is Attention that receives all material for fire to smolder this flame of this teaching, of this Upadesa, that is why Satsang is fundamental. Satsang means to be in good company, in the company of the sacred, of the divine. This has been known for thousands and thousands of years in the East, the importance of being near to a man or woman who is a bonfire - an incendiary bonfire, on fire. In the East, they call it Guru. 

To be in good company is to be with the Guru, the One who is out of the game, this game that is the whole movement of thought inattentive, unconscious, habitual, mechanical, planned, idealized and executed. Out of the game you are wise, inside the game you are stupid; out of the game you are Bhagavan - Indian term for blessed, that one who lives free from the misery of the ego mind. Bhagavan is the sage, it is you in your real nature, it is to be out of the game, a bonfire on fire, heating everything, giving shine and warmth around Him.

In the game you are a fool, stupid and mediocre, you are miserable, no matter how much luxury you live surrounded, no matter how much health there is in your body, or how much wealth you have or believe you have, in your stupidity and mediocrity, you remain a wretch. This is only in inattention, in unconsciousness, not in the basis of the Reality present; this is still the periphery, the surface, the movement of the game, the movement of the unconsciousness of thought.

That is why my invitation to you is: Awaken! Take a leap out of the mind, go beyond duality, this duality is what starts with the personal pronoun I, when you refer to yourself, signaling the presence of the present body there. This is not mechanical, it is not unconscious, it is not learned; this is to awake, this does not require time. In fact, this is the end of time. For agreements, for contracts, time is needed. Once again we are seeing the fraud, the lie, the illusion, anything happening in time, this is taking the place of Happiness. What happens in relationships: a contract, a settled thing, I give this to you and you give me that, it works that way.

You are already complete, you are not making an agreement with life, you are not in a relationship with it, you are not separate from it as Consciousness. Therefore, Consciousness is Love, there is no agreement there. You cannot have a relationship with God, you cannot make a deal with Him, you cannot enter into a contract, you cannot control it. It is so simple... you cannot do it in time, you cannot negotiate, make no mistake about it, you cannot negotiate with me, it is not an agreement, it is surrender, surrender in this awakening.

This is very uncomfortable, you get out of control, everything you come into contact with, you transform it into a relationship, a possibility for you to trade, bargain, basically control. It is impossible to awaken like this, it takes a vulnerability, which implies having no power, no control and this is very frightening. As if there was no fear in control, as if control was not exactly a need for a security that fear itself produces. You are conditioned to live in fear, so you have to control everything.

When you come to this space called Satsang, you only get here because you are tired of relationships; you are tired of all this game, then I can give you Upadesa. You are tired of all this inattention, all this unconsciousness, all this control, all this sense of being someone; there I can give you something to feed that flame, that flame of Attention, which is possible in this Consciousness. Then your fire burns, and when it burns you are out of the limitation of time, space, an "I"... there Bhagavan is present, the blessed, the Buddha, the Awakened!

* Originally published on December 10, 2017 ** Transcribed from an excerpt from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in João Pessoa on August 2017

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